Kipling's Back: Charley Reese
Disengagement Not What It Seems: Uri Avnery
Bombers Turn to Butterflies Again: Norman Solomon

UK Court Approves Torture: Sanjay Suri

Whose Loose Nuke Are You?: Gordon Prather
War is not an independent phenomenon, but the continuation of politics by different means.
– Carl von Clausewitz
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Updated August 14, 2004 – 9:30 pm EDT
Peace Talks Fail in Najaf
Sadr Vows Death or Victory Over US
US to Cut Europe, Asia Forces by 70,000
180 Congo Refugees Killed in Burundi Camp
Najaf Attack Risks Boosting Indestructible Enemy
Al-Qaeda Showing Signs of Life
Not All Reservists Going Willingly To Iraq, Afghanistan
Tenet Warned That White House Terror Center Hurt Intel Operations
Sharon's Disengagement Not What It Seems  by Uri Avnery
Whose Loose Nuke Are You?
by Gordon Prather
The People Must Reclaim the Military  by William Pfaff
 Kipling's Back  by Charley Reese
Goss Is the Best We've Got?
by Christopher Deliso
Is Catastrophe in Iraq Inevitable?
by Fred Kaplan

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Justice Dept: 'No Legal Rights' for Gitmo Detainees
Fed. Judge Orders Release of Prison Torture Files
Protests Erupt in Five Iraqi Cities Over Najaf
Sadr Sets Conditions for Withdrawal
Six Days of Fierce Battle
US Allies Disappointed by Najaf Assault
Military Families File Suit Against 'Stop Loss' Draft 
Plame Ruling May Debase First Amendment
Terrorism Fears No Longer Helping Bush, Study Finds
Iraqi Oil Exports Cut in Half as a Result of Threats 
Sadr in Charge
Sadr Urges Supporters to Keep Fighting
Sadr Aide In Southern Iraq Urges Police To Join Militia
Sadr Demands Interim Government Resign
Flashpoint: Najaf
Human Chain Formed to Guard Shrine, Injured Sadr
Thousands Descend on Najaf After Sadr Urges Shi'ite Militia to Fight On
Rebel Army Waits for Martyr's Battle
Tension Rises With Friday Prayers in Iraq
Iraqi Militiamen Warn They Could Become Suicide Bombers
Symbolic Struggle for Iraq
Many of Nation's Shi'ites Taking Attack Personally
Thousands of Sadr Supporters March Through Baghdad
Symbolic Struggle for Iraq in Najaf
In UK Awaiting Surgery, Top Shi'ite Calls for Truce
Papers Urge End to Najaf 'Bloodbath'
Battles Around Iraq
Two GIs Killed in Western Iraq
US Soldier Killed in Najaf Fighting
Six Iraqis Including Two Children Killed in US Bombing of Fallujah
US Continues Fallujah Bombing Runs
Seven Iraqis Killed in New US Attacks on Kut
US Troops, Guerrillas Clash in Embattled Baghdad
Mehdi Army Surrounds Polish Troops
Two Hostages Freed
UK Journalist Kidnapped in Basra Is Freed
Ransom Paid, Jordanian Businessman Freed in Iraq
Iraq Government
Iraq Conference to Pick Legislature
New UN Envoy Arrives in Baghdad
UN Envoy Holds Talks With Allawi, Yawar
The New Iraq
Graveyard Tells Tale of Iraq's Tragedy
Beware of Growing Kurdish Displeasure
Surviving Basra: One Journalists Tale
Young Intellectuals Try to Bring Objectivity to Iraq Reporting
Iraq's Insurance Industry Resurgence
Iraq's New Focal Point
Global Iraq Fallout
Thousands of Iranians Protest US Action in Iraq
Costa Rica Attorney General Urges Court to Reject Support for Iraq War
Ukraine to Maintain Iraq Force
Good-faith Effort Goes Bad When Afghan Officials Take Off With Donated Trucks, Phones, Cash 
US Soldiers Fear Being Drawn Into Afghan Drug War
Blame Shifts Over Aid Killings
Pakistan Manhunt for Libyan al-Qaeda Chief Continues
US Warns Citizens in Pakistan to Be Careful
Fear Stalks Pakistan's Anniversary
Pakistan PM Offers Balochistan Talks
Pakistani Commission Expresses Solidarity With Kashmir
US-Trained Soldiers to Hunt Militants in Philippines
Philippine Court Sentences 17 from Rebel Group to Death
Nepal Army, Maoists Fight for Prized Aphrodisiac
Nepal Army Offensive Continues
Nepalis in Limbo
Powell Urges Japan to Rethink Pacifism
State of Emergency: Mass Protest in Maldives as Constitution Suspended
Tigers Kill Three Renegade Rebels
Koreas Partner in Building Industrial Park
US Helicopter Crash in Okinawa Injures Three
Oil Soars to a Record $46/Barrel
Analysts: Oil Supply Cushion Is Tenuous
Oil Prices Caught in a Global Storm of Angst
Reactions to Torture
Military Not Moved by Oregonian Report on Iraqi Prisoner Abuse
Prison Abuse Report to Urge Discipline
The War at Home
Iraqi-Americans Demand US Pullout From Homeland
Bombers Turn to Butterflies Again
3,000 Texas Guard Troops Headed to Iraq 
Franks: Iraq's Lack of WMD Sure Surprised Me
Bush Ready to 'Take Rap' Over Iraq
Nader Defends Israeli 'Puppeteer' Comments
Libertarian Says He's the Last Antiwar Candidate Left Standing
'Homeland Security'
Security Beefed Up at Texans-Cowboys Game After Terror Warning
Watchdog Groups Oppose Federal Watch Lists
UN Report Details Abuses by US Airport Inspectors
US to Increase Deportation of Immigrants
Bush Defends Reaction to 9/11 Attacks
4 Detainees Affirmed As 'Enemy Combatants'
In the UK, a 'Terrifying' Judgment on Suspected Terrorists 
UK Lawyers Unite to Denounce Guantanamo Prison Camp
'War on Terror'
Charities to Contest US Terrorism Screening Requirement
Italy PM an 'Enemy of Allah'
Italians Shrug at Terror Threats
Rome on Edge Over al-Qaeda Deadline
Terror Alert for Pope's Pilgrimage
Hamza Supporters Prevent London Mosque From Opening
Israel Could Leave Golan Heights
Syria Doesn't Take Israeli Offers to Withdraw From Golan Seriously
Israeli Official: Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike Can 'Starve to Death' as Far as He's Concerned
Settler Killed in West Bank Attack
Middle East
Iran's Missile Test Stirs Concern
American Detained in Iran
US Diplomats Return to Saudi Arabia
African Union Troops Set to Arrive in Darfur
UK Military Team to Investigate Darfur Aid
Informal Darfur Peace Talks Held in Libya
Tanzanian Troops to Sudan
Sudan President Orders Darfur Militias Disarmed
Darfur Rebels Brace for Attack
Aid Worker Accused of Janjaweed Links Stabbed to Death
Deal Reached to Send UN Aid to Darfur
Caspian Separatism
Georgia Demands Withdrawal of Russian Troops From S. Ossetia
Children Evacuated From South Ossetia
Breakaway Ossetians Set Tough Demands
Georgia Bloodshed on the Rise
Overnight Russia-Georgia Talks Yield No Results
Abkhazia Is Counting on a Cavalry From Moscow
Russia: UK Charity Teaching Chechens to Make Bombs
In Other News
Caring for Victims, War Zone by War Zone
Mugabe 'Plans to Starve Voters Into Submission'
Two Hurt as Basque Separatists Bomb Spanish Resorts
US Troubled by Chavez Ties With Castro
Armed Squatters Raid Brazil Rainforest Homes
Aussie Intervention in Papua New Guinea

Reinventing the War Party

Parsing the Libyan Myth

Bringing Back Saddam (Almost)

Sino-Japanese Grudge Match

Nebojsa Malic
Summer of Discontent

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Hope Gives Way to Uncertainty

Ran HaCohen
Don't Call it a Wall

Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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