Buchanan Against the Empire: Justin Raimondo
A New War to Erase the Old: Pat Buchanan
The Demise of the GOP: Paul Craig Roberts
The Persistence of Bigotry: Charley Reese
Poor Choice for Fake Casus Belli: Gordon Prather
All government wars are unjust.
– Murray Rothbard
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Updated Aug. 23, 2004 – 9:50 pm EDT
Abu Ghraib Report Faults Commanders
US Bombs Najaf, Peace Hopes Fade
93 Senior Muslim Figures Back Iraqi Insurgents
Najaf: The Iran Factor
Child Soldiers Versus US Tanks in Najaf
Iraq Considers Plan to Fire 30,000 Police
GOP Intel Proposal Shocks White House
With US Consent, Israel OKs More West Bank Settlement Homes
Army Investigators: Abu Ghraib Abusers Also Involved in Afghan Deaths
Neocons Seek Vindication in Escalation  by Patrick J. Buchanan
How Do They Get Away With It?
by Paul Craig Roberts
When Marines Make Policy, Iraq Burns  by William Pfaff
Poor Choice for a Fake Casus Belli
by Gordon Prather
Persistence of Bigotry  by Charley Reese
Hippocratic Oath a Casualty of War
by Michael Cook

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Man Appointed by NJ Governor as Security Chief Is Former Israeli Intel Agent
Abusive GIs in Iraq Allowed to Avoid Trials
Militia Found a Gap in US Armor
Iraqi Security Forces Desertion Rate Over 80%
US Official Wrote Letter Getting Idema Into Afghanistan
Karzai Goes to Pakistan to Seek Afghan Refugee Votes
The Call Is Cheap – The Wiretap Is Extra
Iraqi National Guard Members Reluctant to Fight Mahdi Army
Flashpoint: Najaf
Five GIs Killed as Fierce Fighting Continues in Najaf, Elsewhere
40 Killed as US Advances on Najaf Shrine
Phantom Moqtada Inspires Sleepless Shi'ite Militiamen In Najaf Fight
Najaf Police Find Themselves With Few Allies as Fighting Resumes
Welsh Aid Worker Inside Besieged Najaf
Sadr Beyond Najaf
US Journalist Held in Iraq Is Released After Sadr Appeal
Sadr Men Break Open Amara Jail, Free Prisoners
Sadr City Sings Praises of Cleric
City of Death
Violence Continues
40 Killed in Battles Around Kufa
Bomb Kills Two, Hurts Iraqi Official in Diyala
Suicide Bomber Kills Two in Baghdad
Two Killed in Baquba Car Bombing
Kidnapped Iraqi Intel Officer Found Dead
A Heavy Toll on Civilians
Iraq Occupation
US Soldier Marries Iraqi Love
Soldiers Face Abu Ghraib Hearings
Security Company Broke Own Rules in Iraq
US Spends $1 Million to Renovate Baghdad Park
UK Military Can't Locate Reported Iraq Oil Pipeline Attack
Global Iraq Fallout
Poland Wants Out of Iraq as Soon as Possible
Blair Refuses US Award for Supporting Iraq War
'Antiwar' British Soldier Gasses Himself on Return Home
UK Army: Underfunded?
Egyptian Cleric Warns US of Najaf Fallout
US Kills Three Civilians at Afghan Checkpoint
UN Office in Afghanistan Is Bombed, Six Hurt
Afghanistan: Returning Refugees Halted by Fighting
New Afghan Army Asserts Itself
Pakistan Foils Assassination Plot
Pakistan Outlines Plot Linked to al-Qaeda
Opposition Leader Offers to Help End South Waziristan Fighting
Militants, Pakistani Scouts Trade Fire in Wana
Pakistan: bin Laden Still Untraced
Nepalese Struggle to Break Maoist Rebel Hold on Capital
Maoist Rebels Launch Attack on Nepal Troops
Soldier Dies as Maoist Rebels Choke Kathmandu
Maoists Storm Mountain Town
Nepal: Kingdom Ruled by Fear
19 Killed in Bangladesh Rallies as Mob Sets Trains Afire
Bangladesh Tense as Opposition Leader Escapes Assassination
Ordeal of 'Deserter' Who Didn't Desert
Putin Visits Chechnya Ahead of Elections
North America
Post-9/11 Govt Contractor Mergers Causing Problems
Peace Activists Reach Out to Students
Canadian Muslims Divided on Sharia
'Homeland Security'
US Farmlands Seen as Fertile for Terrorism
Getting Off the No-Fly List: Hard for a Senator, Virtually Impossible for Average Citizens
9/11 Commission Formally Disbands
Gitmo 'Justice'
US Decides All Reviewed Gitmo Prisoners 'Properly Classified,' Can't Leave
Military Defense Lawyers Protest Guantanamo Trials
Gitmo Tribunals to Start Tuesday
Aussie Gitmo Detainee's Parents to Visit
Gitmo Military Trials Condemned as 'Grossly Unfair'
'War on Terror'
Al-Qaeda Recruiting in Latin America?
9/11 Study: FBI Lacks Info on al-Qaeda Cash
American Bounty-Hunter Says He Was on bin Laden's Trail
Inside the Mind of a Terrorist
Settlement Expansion
Palestinian Leaders Criticize US Support of Israeli Settlement Expansion
Is Alteration of US Policy Toward Israeli Settlements an Attempt to Gain Jewish Votes?
Israel Opens Settler Compensation Office
Is Sharon Losing His Grip?
Lack of a Successor Clouds Future After Arafat
Non-aligned States Want Sanctions on Israel
114 Refugees Who Land in Italy Claim to Be Palestinians
Palestinian Carries Tune and His People's Dreams
In Jenin, Gunmen Are Law
Jerusalem Bus Explosion a Mechanical Failure, Not an Attack
Iranian Reformers Divided Over Strategy
Iran Nuclear Plant Faces More Delays
Iran Looks to Russia for Reactors
Middle East
US Accommodates Israel: Won't Sell AMRAAM Missiles to Egypt, Jordan
Jordan's Abdullah Flies Flag of Mideast Reform
Jordan's King Calls for Muslim Reforms
Sudan Arrests Seven for Fake Rape Video 'Organized by Foreign Group'
Nigeria Wants African Troops to Disarm Darfur Rebels
UK: No Option Ruled Out in Darfur
UK Foreign Secretary to Fly to Sudan for Darfur Talks
Parties Meet for Talks on Darfur
Religion Feeds Sudan's Fire
Residents Return to Darfur
Arab Militias Destroying Darfur Schools

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