The Bush Betrayal: James Bovard
Bush-Bashing Done Right: Michael Ewens
Defying Despair: Nebojsa Malic
Israel Must Rethink Prisoner Policy: Uri Avnery
Darfur's War of Definitions: Ramzy Baroud
It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.
– George Washington
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Updated Aug. 26, 2004 – 9:20 pm EDT
Sistani, Sadr Agree to Peace Deal
74 Killed in Mortar Attack on Kufa Mosque
Sadr Loyalty Grows, Even as Sistani Returns
Army General: US Forces Tortured Iraqis
Blame Extends to Top for 'Faulty War Execution'
UK Soldiers Arrested After Iraqi Beaten and Drowned
Pentagon Official: 'Half of Govt Secrets Shouldn't Be Secret'
Russia Downplays Terrorism as Cause for Dual Air Disasters
The New Antiwar Veteran
by Robert J. Lifton
Atrocities Denied, From Vietnam to Fallujah  by Fran Schor
Euroskeptics Are Diverse but Democratic  by Anthony Browne
Darfur's War of Definitions
by Ramzy Baroud
Israel Must Rethink Prisoner Policy
by Uri Avnery
Doomsday Scenario  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Army Report on Abu Ghraib (.pdf)
Report of Independent Abu Ghraib Panel (.pdf)
Defense Challenges Tribunals' Legitimacy
Rumsfeld's Torture Panel Clears Rumsfeld
Najaf Under Heavy Shelling
Sistani Return Forces Rethink
Najaf Battle is Struggle for Leadership of Shi'ite World
Web Site Shows 'Beheading of American Spy' in Iraq
Feds: McGreevey Extortion Claim Bunk
Plame Investigation Eyes Judith Miller
US: No Cause Ruled Out in Russian Crashes
Russia Torn Between Unacceptable, Unbelievable
Experts Doubt Russian Plane Crash Was an Accident
Man Torches Himself Inside Marines' Van After They Tell Him Son Killed in Iraq
Flashpoint: Najaf
Iraqi Police Round Up Journalists in Najaf
US Planes Bomb Najaf for Fourth Night in Row
US Missile Crashes Meters from Najaf Shrine
Senior Sadr Aide Arrested in Najaf
Smell of Burnt Flesh, Blood Smeared on Streets of Najaf's Old City
Najaf Ambulance Drivers Fight Losing Battle
Violence Continues
Brother-in-Law of Iraqi Minister Reportedly Kidnapped
Two Killed, Five Wounded in Iraq Demonstration
Four Killed in Latest US Bombing of Fallujah
Marine Who Dreamed of Being a Soldier Killed in Iraq
Central Iraq Oil Pipeline Attacked, Shut Down
Mortars Hit Polish Embassy in Baghdad
Freed US Journalist Found Solace in Philosophy During 'Moments of Terror'
Iraq Occupation
Army Intel Struggles in Iraq's Guerrilla War
Off to War: Story of the Arkansas National Guard's Journey to Iraq
Civilian Translator Tells Story of Saddam Capture
GI Dies in Truck Crash in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Islamic World's Hatred of Occupiers of Iraq on the Rise
Welsh MP Trying to Impeach Blair Over Iraq War
Britain to Deploy Fighter Planes to Afghanistan
Karzai Rival Accuses Govt of Failure
Corruption Gives Oligopoly to Afghan Drug Lords
US: Bounty-Hunter Had Delusions of Grandeur
South/Central Asia
US Warns of Uzbekistan Attacks
Nine Sentenced for Karachi Attack
Top Indian Nationalist Politician Jailed for Inciting Religious Violence
Trial of Bombay Blast Militants Begins Next Week
East Asia
North Korea Spurns Future Weapons Talks
Koizumi May Reopen Territorial Row With Russia
Violence Erupts in Chinese Corruption Case
Japan: No Plans to Send Fischer to US for Now
Southeast Asia
Thai Soldiers Order 1,500 Hmong From Refugee Camp
US Military Officers Training Malaysian Marine Police
Indonesian Cleric Faces Terror Charges
Sudan Agrees to More African Troops
Aid Workers to Get More Access to Darfur
Darfur Deadline Looms
Rights Group: Sudan Arresting Darfur Witnesses
UK: Too Early to Judge if Sudan 'Deserves' Sanctions
Sudan Refugees Trying to Adapt
Sudan Militias Accused in US Study of Violence
UN Hails African Union Efforts to End Darfur Crisis
Equatorial Guinea
Thatcher's Son Arrested Over Equatoguinean 'Coup Attempt'
Oil Rich Equatorial Guinea Crushes Its Terrorized People
Russia & Her Neighbors
Air Crashes Put Chechen Poll Under the Spotlight
A Glance at Chechnya and Its Conflict
Russia Tightens Airline Security
Putin's Hands on Oil Pumps
In Other News
Cuba Visit Restrictions May Be Further Tightened
Riggs Bank Probe Spotlights Pinochet
Body of Frozen WWI Soldier Goes to Research
Torture Tales & Probes
Report: Abuse Worsened Over Time
Army Report Casts Wide Net
A Trail of 'Major Failures' Leads to Rumsfeld's Office
Prison Scandal Puts Interrogators on Defensive
Army Report Implicates 35 in Prisoner Abuse Cases
Govt Continues to Stonewall in Lawsuit Over Torture Documents
Army Report Says Three Civilians Participated in Abu Ghraib Abuse
Human Rights Watch: Prison Abuse Panel Doesn’t Go Far Enough
Today's Army
Pricey War for Grunts' Families
US Army Surgeon Questions Effectiveness of New Helmets
Auditor Criticizes Iraq Contract Oversight
Army Zeroing in on New Rifle
Clock in Times Square Counts Iraq War Costs
NYPD Spying on Protest Organizers 24/7
Republican Armada in NYC
The War at Home
A Farcical Vietnam Reenactment at the Bush Ranch
Iraq, Afghan Vets Get Stint at Home if They Sign Up Recruits
Preemptive Backlash Against the Draft
Teacher Says He Lost Course for Using Abu Ghraib Photos
Gitmo 'Justice'
First Tribunal in Gitmo to Try Yemeni
Rights Groups Observing Gitmo Tribunals Denied Access
Aussie Gitmo Detainee Meets With Parents
US Military Detainees Will Be Tried in Afghan Courts
'Homeland Security'
Terrorist Plotting or a Family Vacation?
Immigration: Jailed Iranians Affiliated With MEK Not Terrorists
Civil Libertarians Decry Police Intelligence Squads
Judge Relases Albany Muslims Due to Lack of Evidence
TSA Readies 'Less Intrusive' Screening System
US Border Security Gets Ratcheted Up
US Criticized Over Denying Visa to Key Muslim Scholar
'War on Terror'
Terrorist Stocks?
Jury Sees Tapes of NY Lawyer Meeting With Terrorist Client
Burma Investors Under Scrutiny
Strapped for Cash, Terrorists Turn to Petty Crime
Palestinian Officials Call for US Clarification of Its Settlement Position
Israeli Labor Party Blames Likud for Failure of Coalition Negotiations
Israeli FM Urges Europe to Pressure Iran
Israeli Arabs Fast in Solidarity With Strikers
Settlers Plan High Court Blitz Against Fence Route
Palestinian Intel Chief Wounded in Convoy Attack
Gandhi Grandson Seeks Nonviolent Solutions in Palestine
Between Violence & Nonviolence
Thousands of Gaza Settlers Ready to Leave
Israel to Expel Held UK Journalist
Israel Plots to Stink Up Palestinian Protests
Rights Groups: Turkish Army Expelled Kurds From Village
Kurdish Rebels Say Open to Bilateral Truce With Turkey
Turkey: When State Rules, Church Dwindles
Middle East
World Community Frets Over Yemen
Iran Says Next IAEA Nuke Report Will Clear It
US Warplanes Violate Iran's Air Space
First Women's Jihad Magazine Released

The Neocon Civil War

Defying Despair

Being Pro-War Is Not Necessarily Patriotic

Repositioning on the Titanic

Sascha Matuszak
Sino-Japanese Grudge Match

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Hope Gives Way to Uncertainty

Ran HaCohen
Don't Call it a Wall

Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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