The Grand Illusion: William S. Lind
Who's Defending the Constitution?: Gordon Prather
Terrorism, Justice and You: Jim Rissman
Even Neocons Agree: Kerry Won Debate: Jim Lobe
Homeland Security: A Bad Joke: Charley Reese
The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
– Albert Einstein
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Updated Oct. 3, 2004 – 10:10 pm EDT
How They Lied Us Into War
Militant Cleric Discussing Plan for Iraq Politics
Doubt Over Zarqawi's Role as Ringleader
Bush Tempers Argument for Preemption
Goss Pick Quit CIA Under Fire in 1982
US Commander: 'Thousands of Terrorists' Target Afghan Poll
CIA-White House Tensions Being Made Public to Rare Degree
US Army to Call up 5,000 More Ex-Soldiers
Who's Defending the Constitution?
by Gordon Prather
Terrorism, Justice and You
by Jim Rissman
British Conservatives: The Poodle's Poodle  by Paul Robinson
The Grand Illusion  by William S. Lind
Homeland Security: A Bad Joke
by Charley Reese
The Debate Was a Rout
by William Rivers Pitt

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More Than 50 Dead in Gaza Invasion
Influx of Wounded Strains VA
Guantanamo Has 'Failed to Prevent Terror Attacks'
At Large, Material to Make 15,000 Nuclear Bombs
Challenging the CIA's Case on Iraqi Tubes
Are Children Terrorists in Fallujah?
6 US Soldiers Implicated in Killings of Iraqis
At Home With the Mossad Men
Hospital Says 12 Killed in US Attacks on Sadr City
Assault on Iraqi Cities
US to 'Flatten Fallujah' Before Iraq's First Vote
US Pounds Samarra, Fallujah
Samarra Onslaught Is 'Dress Rehearsal' for Major US Assault
'Women, Kids Among Wounded' in Fallujah
US Claims Victory in Samarra
Stalking Insurgents in Sadr City
Former Saddam General Captured in US, Polish-Backed Raid
Iraqis React
Casualites of Samarra Offensive Overwhelm Local Services
Massacre of Iraqi Kids Stuns Baghdad
Mourning Iraqis Blame US Troops for Massacre of Children
Violence Continues
Another US Soldier Dies in Iraq
Nine Civilians Killed by Gunmen in Baghdad Suburb
Hostage Crises
Group Posts Video of Beheading of Iraqi Contractor
Iraq Kidnappers Demand Freedom for Bali Bomber
UK Police Examine 'Swap Detainees for Bigley' Offer
Bigley 'Will Survive,' Says Negotiator
Group That Took Italians Barters for Bigley’s Release
Italian Secret Agents Try to Save Bigley
Release of French Hostages Fails, Mediator Says
Lebanon Firm Urges Release of Hostages in Iraq
Egypt Firm Says Two Hostages Still Held in Iraq
Iraq Militants Threaten to Kill Jordanian Hostage
Pope Denounces Iraq Kidnappings
The New Iraq
Kurds Demonstrate for Autonomy and Kirkuk
Many Iraqi Children Miss School Over Violence Worry
Global Iraq Fallout
Italy Hints at Iraq Withdrawal
Crude Oil Closes at Record High of $50.12 Per Barrel
France, US Entrenched in Iraq Debt Dispute
Iraqi Woman Who Begged UK Not to Withdraw Has 'Strong Connections' to CIA
How Tony Became Untouchable
Americans Keep Dying
A Soldier (NC) Falls: Ebert Was Six Days From Home
North Dakota National Guard Soldier Killed in Iraq Identified
Area Soldier (PA) Killed in Iraq
Small-Arms Fire Kills West Texas Marine in Iraq
Portland (OR) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Family of Tucsonan (AZ) Killed in Iraq Proud of His Sacrifice
Family Lays Soldier to Rest, 21 Guns Salute Fallen Guam Marine
Marietta (OH) Soldier Dies From Injuries Suffered in Iraq
Mt. Juliet (TN) Marine Remembered for His Smile, Loyalty
Valley (AZ) Man Dies of Wounds
Army Was 'A Love, Not a Duty' for Slain Soldier (TX)
US Army Sgt. Soram (Micronesia) Killed in Blast Near Baghdad Post
Abilene (TX) Soldier Killed in Iraq
War Claims Long Island (NY) Marine
Marine From Pana (IL) Killed
Highland (IN) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Illinois Marine Is Killed in Iraq
Local Soldier (TN) Killed in Iraq
Fort Drum Soldier (PA) Dies From Injuries Suffered in Iraq
Soldier From Groton (MA) Killed
Marine From Apple Valley (CA) Dies in Iraq
Small Town Grieves for Fallen Son
Former Army Soldier (PA), Joined National Guard in '91
Memorial Service Honors Fallen Marine (NC)
Foster Harrington, (TX) EMT/FF, Killed in Iraq Action
Schofield Soldier (IL) Wanted a Career in the Army
Friend Says Hope (AR) Soldier's Family Heartsick at His Death
In Other News
At Grozny's School No. 7, Survival 101 Is a Requisite
Turkey Insists on Equal Terms in European Union
Two Police Beheaded in Haiti
Demonstrators Oppose Canada's Involvement in US Missile Shield
The War at Home
Bush Hammers Kerry Over 'Global Test' Remark
After Debate, Bush to Continue Hitting Kerry on Foreign Policy
North Korea Dogs Bush-Kerry Debate
Dan Rather, in the Eye of the Storm
Fox News Sorry for Posting Kerry 'Joke' Quotes
Congress Moves to Protect Federal Whistleblowers
New Bill May Boost Wounded GIs' Pay
Inquiry Stymied on Company With Air Force Ties
Judges Hear Nuns' Appeal
'Homeland Security'
Disarray Thwarts Terrorist List, Inquiry Finds
Spotting the Airline Terror Threat
Ashcroft Presses for Death Penalties, but Juries in Many States Are Balking
'War on Terror'
Revealed: Weapons-Grade Plutonium Poses New Threat
UK Braces for 'Attack' on Nuclear Cargo
Norway Elevates Terror Alert After al-Qaeda Threat
Sharon: No Time Limit on Gaza Operation
Israeli Forces Kill 9 More Palestinians in Military Operation in Gaza
Gaza’s Deadly Taste of What’s to Come
Hamas Pair Killed in Israeli Airstrike
Israel Says Hamas Men Killed While Trying to Carry Out Terror Attacks
Sharon: Hamas Ceasefire Offer Irrelevant to IDF Mission in Gaza
IDF Believes Hamas Has Up to 200 Qassam Missiles
Palestinian Cabinet Declares State of Emergency in Gaza
Jewish Groups Scramble to Head Off Divestment Push
Israel Cancels Tender for Leasing Land to Jews Only
Intifada's Legacy at Year 4:
A Morass of Faded Hopes
Middle East
35 Charged With Plotting Lebanon Attacks
Syria Deplores Lebanese Parliamentarian Assassination Attempt
American Pressure on Syria Is Not Going Down
Saudi Women Prepare to Run for Public Office
Mass Funerals for Mosque Victims Marred by Violence
Shi'ites Riot in Eastern Pakistan City
More Bombs in India, 53 Now Dead
India FM Issues Plea on US Sanctions Against Indian Nuclear Scientists
Warlords Turn to Spin Doctors for a Softer, Cuddlier Image
Lackluster Afghan Poll Drive in Final Stages
Guardsman Dies of Injuries in Afghanistan
25 Taliban and al-Qaeda Suspects Arrested in Afghanistan
Afghans Foil Plan to Disrupt Vote; Campaign Picks Up
Afghan Nomads Rehearse Dawn of Democracy
Tokyo Sends Election Monitors to Afghanistan
North Korea Says South Has Nukes, Rejects Talks
South Korea on High Alert After Warning
Security in Sudan Camps Lax
No End in Sight to the Agony of Sudan's Refugees
Elderly Are Forgotten Victims of Sudan Tragedy
Kenyan Body Exhumed After Rape Claims Against UK Troops
Nigeria Delta Rebels Agree to Truce
Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire
James L. Payne's A History of Force
Jefferson on the Evils of War
Thomas P.M. Barnett: A Postmodern Nimrod

Kerry Cleans the President's Clock

India, Pakistan Turning a New Leaf?

Good News Where You Can Find It

'Most Humbly Yours…'

Ivan Eland
More Bureaucracy, Less National Security

Ran HaCohen
Whose Fault Is It?

Sascha Matuszak
Nonviolent Chauvinism

Matthew Barganier
Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq – Yet Again?

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