War Lies Are Piling Up: Ivan Eland
Withdrawal Goes Mainstream: Tom Engelhardt
Bush & the 'Mandate of Heaven': William Marina
The State Dept's Extreme Makeover: Anonymous
Gaza Through the Looking Glass: Ramzy Baroud
Wars should be over in three days or less...and the American people must be all for it from the outset.
– Evan Thomas
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Updated Oct. 5, 2004 – 10:00 pm EDT
US Faces Complex Insurgency in Iraq
CIA: No Evidence of Saddam Link to Terrorists
Rumsfeld: No Hard Evidence of Iraq-al-Qaeda Link
Bremer: Occupation Blown From the Start
Israel Arrests 13 UN Employees for 'Terror Links'
Bush Backs Israel's Gaza Offensive
10 Police Killed, Car Bombs Kill 7, US Planes Pound Baghdad
Iraqi President Condemns US 'Collective Punishment'
Allawi Says Peace Deal Reached With Sadr
Mother of Soldier Killed in Iraq Collapses and Dies
Pat Robertson Threatens to Start a More Pro-Israel Party if Bush Wavers
A Shi'ite-Sunni Islamist Coalition May Be Dawning  by Patrick Seale
Gaza Through the Looking Glass
by Ramzy Baroud
George W. Bush & the 'Mandate of Heaven'  by William Marina
Withdrawal Goes Mainstream
by Tom Engelhardt
US Troops in How Many Countries?
by Laurence M. Vance
Playing the Fear Card  by Mike Harden

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Israel Raises Stakes in Gaza Onslaught
US May Be Too Quick to Blame Zarqawi
Partial Vote Would Lack Credibility, Iraqis Contend
Will WSJ Iraq Reporter Lose Her Beat?
Poland to Pull Troops From Iraq by End of 2005
Soldiers Charged in Iraqi General's Death
Poll: Distrust of Muslims Common in US
US Officer Predicts Guantanamo Releases
Three Car Bombs Explode Across Iraq, Killing at Least 26
Violence Continues
September Is Second Deadliest 2004 Month in Iraq
Children Among Dead as Iraq's Cycle of Violence Continues
Two US Soldiers Killed by Baghdad Gunfire
Video Shows Militants Killing Iraqi-Italian, Turk
Top Iraqi Official Gunned Down in Baghdad
Baghdad: Some Suicide Bombings Don't Even Make the News Anymore
Samarra Starts to Recover After Weekend of Destruction
Eyewitness Account of the Vicious Battle to Take Samarra
Hostage Crises
UK Hostage Handed to Ransoming Group
UK Hostage Now Held by 'Moderate Terrorists'
Brother Ready to Pay UK Hostage's Ransom
Reports: Two Iraq Hostages Killed, Two Others Freed
Indonesia Yet to Confirm Hostage Release
Contact Lost With Group Holding French Hostages in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
UK Soldiers Sent to War After Failing Gun Tests
Armenians Uneasy at Proposed Iraq Deployment
Iraq Govt Asks Aussie Troops to Stay
Italy Wants Muslim Forces to Take Over in Iraq
The New Iraq
Iraq's Election Day
Sadr Hints Will Boycott January Elections
Extremists Crack Down on Liquor Stores in Iraq
For Iraqi Girl, Reality vs. Hope
Iraq's 'Nuclear Mastermind' Tells Tale of Ambition, Deceit
Volvo Gets $30 Million Contract in Iraq
Post-Invasion Chaos Blamed for Afghan, Iraqi Drug Surge
Candidate Aims to Unify Karzai Opposition
'Heavy Poll Bias' Towards Karzai
US Envoy Accused of Being Karzai's Puppeteer
East and West Part in Kabul as Aid Workers Live the High Life
Afghan Election Race Goes Into Top Gear
Afghan Death Toll Mounts as Voting Nears
US Ambassador: Afghan Election Unstoppable
Afghanistan Death Toll in 2004 Up to 957
On the Road in Afghanistan
Pakistani Police Suspended Over Mosque Raid
Four Dead in South Waziristan Shootout
Wake-Up Call From India's Northeast
India's Violent Northeast
ElBaradei Wins South Korea Nuclear Cooperation Pledge
North Korea’s Computer Hackers Target South and US
Japan May Ask US to Remove Some Bases
Tokyo Urged to 'Reshape' Defense Capabilities
Indonesians Fear Increased Military Role in Politics
Cambodia to Put Surviving Khmer Rouge Leaders on Trial
China's Land Grabs Raise Specter of Popular Uprising
Six Separatists Killed in Kashmir Clash
Russia & Her Neighbors
Far-Flung Regions Grumble About Putin's Plans
Echoes of Russia's Communist Past?
Chechen Elections Set for Next Year
Paper: Putin Aide Took Iraqi Oil Cash
11 Detained in Russian Terror Probe
The War at Home
VA Prepares for Increase in War-Related Ailments
A Soldier's Mother Has a Change of Heart
Fox News Reporter's Hand Slapped Over Spoof Kerry Report
Halliburton's Man in the White House: More Trouble Than He's Worth?
Show Coffins of War Dead: US Professor
Michael Moore Turned Down Killian Memos
Dear Mike, Iraq Sucks
War of the Future
Unsure and Untested, US Missile Defense System Moves Toward 'Go'
Air Force Plans to Zap Enemies With 'Non-Lethal' Microwaves
Air Force Pursuing Antimatter Weapons
US 'Homeland Security'
Govt Targets Arab-, Muslim-Americans Again
Hatfill Strikes Back in Anthrax Case
Lawyer: US Wrecking Life of Man Searched in Anthrax Probe
Goss Pick Withdraws From CIA Consideration
Senator: Now or Never for 9/11 Bill
White House Tells House Republicans to Alter Intelligence Bill
FBI Details Post-9/11 Shuffle
UK 'Homeland Security'
UK Lords Review Detention Without Trial for Foreign Terror Suspects
Appeal Begins for Terror Suspects Held in 'UK's Guantanamo'
Flight Diverted to UK After Bomb Threat
UK Ex-Policeman Sentenced for Spying on Saudi Dissidents
'War on Terror'
Vibrator Shuts Down Australian Airport
Next Wave of al-Qaeda Leadership
Bloody Gaza
Besieged Gaza Residents Run Out of Space to Bury Their Dead
At Least 11 Palestinians Shot Dead in West Bank and Gaza Strip
Palestinian Rockets Miss Some Targets, but Hit Israeli Nerves
US Expected to Veto UN Resolution Condemning Israel's Gaza Raid
Leaderless Hamas Squabbles Over Gaza Tactics
Israeli Forces Surround Three Communities in Gaza Strip
UK Foreign Secretary Calls for Israeli Restraint in Gaza
Arab Press: Gaza Raids Are 'Butchery'
Trapped With the Fighters in Battlefield Gaza
Islamic Movement Rejects Sharon Claim of Terror Ties to Iran
Palestinian Civilians in Israel's Sights?
Annan to Dispatch Team to Israel to Investigate UN Relief Agency
Israel Blunts Intifada, at Heavy Cost to Palestinian Civilians
Likud Members Seek Leadership Vote
Lebanese Voices Rise Against Syria's Dominance
Shi'ite Militias Clash in Lebanon
Middle East
Mideast Arms Buyers Shun UN Register
Khatami Calls for Dialogue Between Muslim World and the West
Sudan Likely to Avoid Sanctions
Right-Leaning Opposition Wins Slovenian Elections
Denmark to Claim North Pole, Hopes to Strike Oil
Spain Vows to Crush Basque Separatists
Turkey's EU Entry Bid Firmed Up
Two Arrested in French Anti-Nuclear Protest

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War Lies Are Piling Up

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Ran HaCohen
Whose Fault Is It?

Sascha Matuszak
Nonviolent Chauvinism

Matthew Barganier
Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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