Kerry, the Hawk: Justin Raimondo
Blowing Up Zarqawi: Brendan O'Neill
'Giving in to Terror': Now or Later?: Frank Johnson
Afghan Women Disenfranchised: Ashfaq Yusufzai
I Demand to Be Freed From Gitmo: Moazzam Begg
There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.
– Sun Tzu
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Updated Oct. 6, 2004 – 10:00 pm EDT
Rumsfeld, Bremer Cast Shadow on War
Pentagon Israeli Spy Rejects Plea Deal
Iraq Survey Group Gives Up on Finding WMD
Video: US Pilots Celebrate as They Kill Civilians
White House on Defensive After Bremer Talk
New Govt Report: Hussein Was Not a Threat
Iraq PM Says No Truce Deal With Sadr Militia
Car Bomb Kills 16 Iraqis Near Baghdad
Iraqi Indicted for Proposal to Open Talks With Israel
Conventional Wisdom, Conventional Cowardice
by William Pfaff
I Demand to Be Freed From Guantanamo  by Moazzam Begg
The Hamdi Case Mocks Justice
by Jacob G. Hornberger
'Giving in to Terror': Now or Later?
by Frank Johnson
Bush Continues to Ignore Military Critics  by Kiril Dickinson
Why Not Two Peoples, One State?
by Michael Tarazi

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CIA Report on Iraq WMD
Israel Arrests 13 UN Employees for 'Terror Links'
Bush Backs Israel's Gaza Offensive
House Quashes Draft Bill, Two Dems Only Supporters
Sunni Cleric Warns of Jihad Unless Killing of Civilians Stops
Most at Gitmo to Be Freed
Mother of Soldier Killed in Iraq Collapses and Dies
Afghan Election May Be Headed for Runoff
Fearful Choice for Afghan Women: To Vote or Not to Vote
Afghan Women Discouraged From Voting
The Insurgency
Four Distinct Groups in Iraqi Insurgency
Report: Sadr Militia Using Amphetamines, Suicide Bombers Using Barbiturates
Iraqi Experts Urge Political Solution to Insurgency
Insurgents Widen Campaign on Intimidation Against Iraqis
Iraqi Politics
Allawi Vows to Crush Insurgency Before Elections
Yawar: Govt Trying to Avoid Storming Fallujah
Allawi Sounds Note of Gravity on War
Sistani: January Elections Are a Must, Not Voting Is a Sin
Iraqis Debating New Relationship With Israel, Most Favor Hostility
Iraq Wants 90-95 Percent Debt Forgiveness
Violence Continues
10 Police Killed, Car Bombs Kill 7, US Planes Pound Baghdad
Iraqi Police Discover Five Decapitated Iraqis
Pentagon: About 200 US Troops Wounded in Iraq Last Week
American Lives Ruined in Baghdad
Car Bomb Explodes by US Convoy in Mosul
Two Car Bombings in Ramadi Kill Four Iraqis
Hostage Crises
Some 150 Foreigners Taken Hostage in Iraq
French Anger at Failed Hostage Release
UK Hostage Gets Irish Passport in Bid to Win Freedom
Iraq Kidnappers Mean Business
Freed Italian Hostages Thank the Pope
Iraq Occupation
Latest Front for US Forces: Rural Iraq
US-Iraqi Force Seizes More Than 160 Suspected Rebels
'Paperwork' Unit Off to Iraq
US Officials: Iraq Border Guards Lack Guns
Jottings From Camp Eagle
In Iraq, Riverboats Prove a Handy Tool for Confronting Rebels
Looking Back at the War
US Bugged Chirac's Phone Calls
Inspector's Report to Detail Iraqi Plans to Undermine Sanctions and Produce Illicit Arms
Congressional Probe: Saddam Misused UN Oil-for-Food Program
Iraq Oil Officials Accuse UN Inspector of Taking Bribes
The New Iraq
Lining Up for Dangerous Work
Iraq's Southern Oil Exports Resume
New Opportunities in Iraq Overshadowed by Security Fears
UN: Sunken Ships Block Access to Iraqi Ports
Global Iraq Fallout
Poland, Italy... Major Policy Shift on Iraq
US: No Cause to Doubt Polish Commitment to War
Another New Record: Crude Oil Prices Top $51/Barrel
Seven Months Into Iraq, Japan's Troops Haven't Fired a Shot
Blair's War in His Own Words
UK Foreign Secretary Meets Kurdish Leaders in Iraq
UK DM: India Expected to Help With Iraq Elections
Bulgarian Troops to Remain in Iraq
Visiting Iraqi Governor Asks Japan for More Aid
US Troops Not Welcome in Spanish Parade
Warlord Politics Heats Afghan Vote
Afghanistan Hits Fever Pitch as Warlords Turn 'Democrat'
NATO Expects Rush of Taliban Attacks in Afghanistan
Karzai Attends First Campaign Rally Outside Kabul
In Afghan Campaign, Karzai Stays Home
What Afghan Democracy Looks Like
Rights Group: Threats on Women Undermining Afghan Elections
4,500 US Troops Being Shifted from Iraq to Afghanistan
7 Afghan Cops Among 24 Killed Ahead of Election
Afghanistan's School of Death
One in Six Afghan Children Die Before Age Five
Pakistan Beefs Up Security Along Afghan Border
Pakistan Police Issue Suicide Bomber Guide
Ceasefire Reached in South Waziristan
Separatists Kill Three Soldiers in Kashmir
UK Ready to Help Resolve India-Pakistan Disputes
FBI Offers India Help in NE Bombings as 10 More Killed in Attacks
Ethnic Fighting Flaring Up in India
US to Delay Cutting Troops in South Korea
South Korean Official Disputes North Korean Claim
North Korea Angry at US Human Rights Bill
Nepal PM: Elections Can't Wait for Talks With Maoists
Megawati Urges Indonesians to Go With Vote, but Won't Concede
Politics of War
Iraq Spurs Sharpest Exchange in VP Debate
Full Transcript of Vice Presidential Debate
Rumsfeld Says He Was Misunderstood on Iraq-al-Qaeda Link
White House Won't Say if Bremer Asked for More Troops in Iraq
Bush Tries to Stem Criticism on Iraq With Major Speech
Kerry Seizes on Bremer Remarks
Bush Calls Kerry's Policies a Danger 'for World Peace'
Kerry: Cheney Should Admit Iraq Mistakes
Rumsfeld: Syria Not Keeping Promise on Iraq Border Defense
Rumsfeld Doesn't Expect Civil War in Iraq
The War at Home
Three US Military Academies Report Drop in Applications
Poll: 42% of Americans Think Saddam Involved With 9/11
NJ Guard Unit Deploys Full Force
Names of High School Students to Go to Military Unless Parents Opt Out
The Suicide of an Iraq War Veteran
Former CIA Official Looks to Leak the Truth
Makeshift Wall Names Those Killed in Iraq War
Intel Agents Challenge the Status Quo
Intel Bills Lack Practical Details
Senate Leans to a Powerful Intelligence Chief
'Homeland Security'
Vanity Fair : Cheney Ordered 9/11 Shootdown Without Authority
Foreign-Worker Visa Cap Met in One Day
Don't Sit Next to a Bush Critic
'War on Terror'
Outsourcing Torture
Saudi Arabia Dissolves Charity Accused of Funding Terror
Oregon Man Accused in Madrid Bombings Sues US
Shoe-Bomber Accomplice Charged
South Africa Denies al-Qaeda Reports
Al-Qaeda Leader Identified in 'Dirty Bomb' Plot
The Language Gap
In UK, Foreign Terror Suspects Pay 'Political Price'
Conservatives Attack Blair's 'Intruder State'
Gaza Invasion
US Vetoes UN Security Council Draft Demanding Israel Halt Gaza Raid
Talks Begin to Halt Gaza Violence
50,000 Trapped by Israeli Assault on Gaza
Gaza Refugees Flee Israeli Attacks
Israel Accused of 'Nazi Tactics' Against Gaza Population Centers
Israeli Missile Strike Kills Two Senior Figures in Islamic Jihad
Israel, Egypt to Meet on Gaza Pullout
Hamas Sets Terms for End to Rockets Against Israel
More Rockets Fired at Israel as Toll Rises in Gaza
Israeli Military Backs Off Claim of Militants Using UN Vehicle
Arafat Says He Will Step Down Once Palestinian State Is Created
Israeli Troops Arrest Palestinian Sniper Who Killed 10 Israelis in 2002
Israel Blocks 'Bomb Threat' German Plane
Rumsfeld: Iran 'Meddling' in Iraq
Sharon Accuses Iran of Sedition
Iran Says It Now Has Missile With 2,000km Range
US: No Prospect of Bargain on Iran Nukes
Iran Okays Bill to Resume Uranium Enrichment
Russians: Take Our Freedom to Fight Terrorism
New Chechen President Sworn In
A Priority as Chechnya's President Takes Office: Staying Alive
Beslan Killing Frenzy Started With Accidental Bomb Blast
UN Backtracks on Oil Sanctions in Sudan
Annan: No Progress by Sudan
Blair Set to Rack Up Pressure on Sudan Over Darfur
Worse to Come in Sudan
US Warns of 'Repercussions' If Taiwan Fails to Boost Military Spending
Taiwan Worries EU Might Lift Ban on Arms to China
Analysts: Taiwan's Threats to China a Bluff
Japan's Top Hawk Ruffles China's Feathers
Japan Defense Shake-Up Bound to Unsettle Asia
Powell Backs Brazil's Quest for Seat on Security Council
Powell: Brazil Not Developing Nukes
In Other News
27 Candidates Pay $2000 Each for Chance to Be Voted Somalia's President By Some People in Kenya
Missiles Found in Raids on Basque Separatists
Aristide Backers Protest in Port-au-Prince
US Nuclear Cargo Draws Protests in France

Kerry, the Hawk

US and India: Unequal Allies, Uneasy Partners

War Lies Are Piling Up

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'Most Humbly Yours…'

Ran HaCohen
Whose Fault Is It?

Sascha Matuszak
Nonviolent Chauvinism

Matthew Barganier
Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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