Neo-Ba'athists vs. the Shi'ites: Juan Cole
Another Dubious Slam Dunk: Gordon Prather
The Brownshirting of America: Paul Craig Roberts
Blair Is Bush's Prop: Peter Oborne
A Century of Stooges: William Marina
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Updated Oct. 17, 2004 – 9:00 pm EDT
Poll Shows Military Has Iraq Doubts
Revolt in the Ranks in Iraq
US Forces Pound Fallujah
GOP: Long Knives Out for The Neocons
10 US Soldiers Die in Iraq in 24 Hours
Top UK General Resists 'Political' Use of Troops
Broad Use of Harsh Tactics at Guantanamo
Indymedia Seizure Signals Clampdown on Dissent
Report Reveals Lack of Planning for Postwar Iraq
'They Want Zarqawi. They Can't Kill Him So They're Killing Us'
Fallujah Seeks Peace Talks if US Ends Attacks and Frees Negotiator
Neo-Ba'athists vs. the Shi'ites
by Juan Cole

Another Dubious Slam Dunk
by Gordon Prather

The Prime Minister Is the President's Prop  by Peter Oborne
The War Bin Laden Wanted
by Paul Schroeder
The Brownshirting of America
by Paul Craig Roberts
Kerry Out-Hawks Bush  by Joshua Frank

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Scowcroft: Bush Wrapped Around Sharon's Finger
Court: Terror War Can't Curtail Liberties
US Troops Fault Lack of Iraq Forces
How the US Got Caught in a Trap of Its Own Making
Poland Will Begin Iraq Troop Pullout in January
British Troops Angered by Extra Tour of Duty
US Says Zarqawi Arrest Reports Untrue
Corruption Rampant in New Iraqi Institutions
Five Soldiers Reassigned After 'Mutiny'
Britain's Forgotten War in Southern Iraq
Today in Iraq
Reservist Who Refused Mission Calls Mother From Iraq, Pleads for Help
'Zarqawi Group' Claims Beheading of 11 Iraqi Police and Guardsmen
US Warplanes Pound Rebel Targets in Iraq's Fallujah
Shi'ites Considering Alliance for Election
UK Troops Set to Patrol in Key Iraq Flashpoints
Warning Over Black Watch Losses
Violence Continues
Iraq Car Bombings Kill 4 US Soldiers
Iraq Copter Crashes Kill 2 GIs
Iraq Blasts Mar Muslim Holy Feast
US Soldier Dies of Wounds in Iraq
Churches Hit in New Wave of Iraq Bombings
Several Killed in Attacks Across Iraq
Group Claims Abducting Two Turks in Iraq
Insurgent Shadows
Saddam Aide in Exile Heads List of Most Wanted Rebels
Zarqawi Orders Disruption of Iraq Fuel Imports
The New Iraq
Iraq Church Bombings Leave Empty Pews
Pilgrims Left Stranded in Iraq
In Iraq Chaos, Uphill Struggle to Bring Power
Battles of Britain
Star Wars Deal Places US Missiles on UK Soil
Government 'Tried to Kill' BBC's Gilligan
BBC Under Fire for 'False Reality'
Top Military Analyst: 'Putting UK Black Watch on Front Line Makes No Sense'
Tory Warning Over UK Iraq Troop Move
Black Watch Into a Black Hole
UK Troop Plan for Baghdad Stirs Fears
'It's Crazy to Think That I'd Threaten Blair'
Global Iraq Fallout
Italian Minister: Coalition Can Be Cut
Annan Dismisses Claim That World Is Safer After Iraq
Annan Rejects Iraq Oil Bribe Claim
Americans Keep Dying
Auburn (CA) Soldier Is Killed in Iraq – Mother Murdered Year Ago
Hawaii Soldier Killed, Never Saw His Newborn Son
Racine (WI) Marine Killed After Only a Few Weeks in Iraq
NH National Guardsman Dead in Iraq at Age 24
Muscoda (WI) Mourns Teenage Marine Killed in Iraq
South Florida Soldier Killed in Iraq Stayed in Touch With Family
Slain Marine (CA) Is County's First Casualty in Iraq
Soquel (CA) Soldier Killed in Iraq Leaves Legacy of Friendship
Youngstown (PA) Man's Son Killed Serving in Iraq
Brief Hope, Then Despair (NY)
Two Florida Marines Die in Iraq
Mesa, TX Man Feared Killed in Iraq
NM GI Is Killed in Iraq
Carthage (NC) Soldier Dies in Iraq Convoy
Wayne County (PA) Native Killed
Marine From North Lauderdale (FL) Is Killed in Iraq
Outdoorsman Latest GI From AZ to Die in Iraq
Soldier (ND) Killed in Iraq
Bremerton (WA) Man Killed in Iraq
Soldier From NH Killed in Iraq
Books and Movies
Chain of Command: What Geneva Conventions?
Philip Jenkins' Images of Terror
Ebert on Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear and Selling the American Empire
Pat Buchanan's Where the Right Went Wrong
From Cincinnatus to Caesar
The War at Home
Scary Ads Take Campaign to a Grim New Level
Review Finds More Bush Military Records
Ex-CIA Officer Blasts Premise for Iraq War
An Old Sailor Bucks the Tide
Soldier Who Lost Leg in Iraq War Determined to Get Back Into Action
Bush Signs Global Anti-Semitism Law
Gulf War Syndrome 'Does Exist'
Security Top Issue For Americas
Cover of Naked Antiwar Protesters Draws Objections, Police Attention
'Homeland Security'
Border Net Has Become a Noose, US Firms Say
Terrorbusters Inc.
LAPD's Homeland Security Chief Gives Up His Guns
'War on Terror'
UK Indictment Blocks Extradition of Hamza to US
Maine Airport is Used for Surprise Landings
Germany Awaits Extradition Request for al-Qaeda Suspect
17-Day Gaza Onslaught
129 Palestinians Killed During IDF's Gaza Raid
Redeploying in Gaza Strip, Israel Finishes Its Pullback
Palestinians Pick Up Pieces After Israeli Offensive
Israel Says Gaza Incursion Was a Success
Hamas Hails IDF Pullout as Its Victory
Gaza Pullout?
Settlers at Each Other's Throats in Gaza Strip
Compromise: Knesset OKs Referendum, Settlers to Honor Results
Settlers in Bitter Split Over Gaza Pullout
US Jewish Leaders Split Over Public Support for Pullout
EU Sanctions Expected Over Gaza
PA to Hang Man for 'Collaborating' With Israel
Israeli Whistleblower Vanunu Makes Appeal to European Social Forum
Middle East
Iran Rejects Any Deal to End Uranium Enrichment
Fresh Hope for Islam's 'Suffragettes'
Jailed for Blogging
Attack on Chechen Envoy in London
Russia Signs Tajikistan Base Deal
Still No Deal as Sudan Government, Rebels Adjourn Peace Talks for Ramadan
UN Urges Bigger Darfur Deployment
Secret Genocide Across Sudan's Border
Haiti on Alert as Tensions Rise
Canadians Face Huge Bill for Sub Rescue
Two US Soldiers Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Six Killed in Eastern Afghanistan Violence
Karzai Leads in Afghan Polls
UN Tracks Afghan Vote Violence
Violence Returns to Afghanistan After Election Lull
Three Rockets Fired in Afghan Capital, at Least One Injured
Karzai Condemns Deadly Ramadan Bomb Blast
Powell Likely to Emphasize Nuke Issue in Asia Trip
Cleric Faces Charges Over Bali
Caspian Pipeline 'Unites Nations'


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