A Draft or Merely Hot Air?: Ivan Eland
Sharon's One-Dimensional Worldview: Uri Avnery
The True Believer at War: Ron Suskind
Criticizing Israel Is Not Anti-Semitism: Ralph Nader
So, Did Saddam Try to Kill Bush's Dad?: Jim Lobe
In peace sons bury fathers, but war violates the order of nature, and fathers bury sons.
– Herodotus
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Updated Oct. 19, 2004 – 10:30 pm EDT
Cheney: Terrorists May Nuke US Cities
Talks' Collapse Signals Fallujah Assault
Fallujah Enjoys Respite as US Awaits Manpower
GIs Fear They Are 'Sleeping With the Enemy'
Refusing Reservists' Fates Uncertain
Afghan al-Qaeda Footage Faked?
Mortars Hit Iraqi Base, 4 Killed, 80 Wounded
Bush Nixed UN Muslim Peacekeepers for Iraq
Blair to Send Troops to Baghdad 'Within Days'
Analysts: US Triumphalism Masks Mission Unaccomplished in Afghanistan
Criticizing Israel Is Not Anti-Semitism  by Ralph Nader
Sharon's One-Dimensional Worldview  by Uri Avnery
Bush Must Offer a Way Out of Iraq
The Telegraph (UK)
Outsourcing Torture  by Nat Hentoff
Be a Patriot – Distrust the Govt
by Sheldon Richman
Ankara Should Be Wary of Brussels
by Owen Matthews

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Father's Former Advisor Blasts Younger Bush
Report: Bin Laden in China?
Iraq Vote Faces Growing Troubles
Deadly Mortar Attack Ends Mehdi Army Arms Exchange
Blair Assailed for Appeasing US
Tearing Down and Rebuilding in Iraq
Top Aid Worker Kidnapped in Iraq
Killing Drives Wedge Between Troops
So, Did Saddam Try to Kill Bush's Dad?
Military Analysts Say UK Black Watch Face 'Iraq Bloodbath'
Today in Iraq
Army Extends Duty for 14 Reservists Who Witnessed Iraqi Prisoner Abuses
How the Postwar Situation in Iraq Went Awry
Fallujah Negotiator Freed by US, Refuses to Resume Talks
US Tightens Cordon Around Fallujah as Medical Aid Arrives
UN Study: Premature Vote May Prove Disastrous
Buyers of Iraqi Oil Were Trying to Bring Attention to Suffering of Iraqis Under Sanctions
Brits Redeploy in Iraq
Prowar UK MPs in Revolt Over Deployment of Troops Under US Command
Britain Considers Spreading Forces Throughout Iraq
UK Regiment Facing Test That US Troops Failed
Hoon Faces Growing Iraq Revolt
Blair Runs Out of Support Over Baghdad Mission for Scottish Regiment
Relatives of Black Watch Wave Goodbye to Christmas Reunion
UK Troop Deployment 'Not Political'
Violence Continues
Iraq Fighting Leaves 15 Dead, 52 Wounded
Fallujans Flee From US, Zarqawi Fight
Two Iraqi Journalists Gunned Down in Separate Incidents
Baghdad Christians Shaken by New Attacks
Two Kuwaiti Militants Killed in Iraq
Insurgents Keep Contract Wreckers Busy Clearing Iraq's Routes
Hostage Crises
Macedonians Killed in Iraq; For What?
Kidnapped Australian Journalist Released in Iraq
The New Iraq
Ads Urge Baghdad to Embrace Peaceful Life
Lifting Spirits in Iraq a Tough Sell
Around Najaf Shrine, Scars Remain
Global Iraq Fallout
Italy to Start Troop Pullout After Iraqi Elections
Oil Prices Drop on Profit-Taking
Australian Embassy in Iraq to Be Moved Into Green Zone
Afghan Candidate Claims Fraud
Explosion Hits Afghan Election Staff's Vehicle, Killing Five
Afghans Hold on to Their Insurance Policy: Weapons
Pak-Afghan Trade Increasing
Kandahar's No. 1 Lady Detective Fights Crime From Under a Burqa
Pakistan Bars Jihadists From Collecting Donations During Ramadan
Pakistani Courts Get More Anti-Terror Powers
Chinese 'Operatives' Face Pakistani Wrath
Ex-Gitmo Detainee Masterminds Kidnapping of Chinese Engineers
China & Her Neighbors
CIA Releases Secret Papers About China
Dalai Lama Says Tibet Better Off Within China
China-Japan Ties Back on the Ropes
India Softens Stand on Border Region With China
Experts: Getting Nukes Would Isolate Taiwan
China Feels Threat to Its Engineers in Pakistan
North Korean Envoy Visits China for Nuclear Talks
Nepal Govt Agrees to Maoist Truce Offer
US Offers to Sell Patriot Missiles to India
SE Asia's Modern-Day Pirates
Japan's Creeping Militarism Concerns Some
UN Inspectors to Visit Brazil Over Uranium Enrichment Plans
US Confident Brazil Not Pursuing Nukes
Russia, Brazil Plan to Swap Fighter Jets, Airliners
Ousted Aristide Blamed for Unrest
South Africa: No Evidence Aristide Behind Haiti Uprising
Canadian PM Promises Increased Military Spending
Colombian Church Group Threatened Over Rights Work
In Other News
Mass Protests in Tahiti as Separatists Accuse France of Meddling
Karadzic: Fugitive-Turned-Romance Novelist
American Refusniks
Families Defend 18 Soldiers Who Refused to Obey Order
Defiance in Iraq: Orders Refused
Soldiers Saw Refusing Order as Their Last Stand
Refusing Reservists' Fates Uncertain
Tip About Iraq Reservists Ballooned Into Major Story
US: Too Early to Tell Iraq Unit's Fate
In Iraq, Equipment at Heart of Controversy
Missile Shield Boondoggle
Billions Spent on Untested Missile Shield
Study: Boost-Phase Missile Defense Not Effective for Protecting US
Did Canadian PM Rig Missile Defense Vote?
The War at Home
Report: Transporation Security Administration Overpaid Boeing $49 Million
Fears of Pre-Election Attack Have Eased
Bush, Kerry Trade Bitter Words on Iraq
Bush: Kerry's Attitude Is Sooo September 10th
9/11 Widows Slam Bush's Anti-Terror Record
Soldier's Wife Blasts Bush for Backdoor Draft
NJ Mom Vows to Keep Protesting Iraq War
Gore Charges Bush With Pre-War Deceit
'Homeland Security'
Bush to Authorize $33 Billion More for Homeland Security
US Official: No Evidence of Terrorists Along Mexican-US Border
Texas Congressman Calls Border ID System Inadequate
Privacy Threats Hide in Security Bill
DC Police Show Strain From Endless Alerts
Cat Stevens Tells of Being Refused Entry to US
'War on Terror'
Tony Blair's Campaign of Fear
UK Terror Tips Reach 200 a Day
Pentagon: Ex-Gitmo Detainees Return to Terror
Small Rockets Seen as Terror Risk
NY Doctor, Arrested for Terror, on Trial for Lesser Charges
Arms Dump in Southern France Thought to Belong to Basque Separatists
Yemen Uses Poetry to Fight Terrorism
New Documentary Says Danger From al-Qaeda 'Dramatically Overstated'
Settlers & Disengagement
Sharon Gives in to Likud Faction Demand to Consider Referendum
Settlers Warn of Civil War
Sharon: Pullout Plan Still on Track
Palestinian Official Opposes Israeli Disengagement
Gaza Onslaught
Human Rights Watch: Israel Violating Int'l Law by Destroying Homes in Gaza
Israel Faces Double Blow Over Gaza Onslaught
Rival PA Factions Clash in Gaza, Several Injured
Israeli Military Says It Killed Six Militants in Gaza
Sharon Faces Rising Threats From Far Right
Palestinians Issue Plea to UK Over Peace Process
France: Breakdown in Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Has Implications for Europe
Palestinian FM: US Election Stalling Peace
Iranian Exiles Use Satellite TV to Promote Change
Rebuff for Iran's Reformers
Russia & Her Neighbors
Putin: Terrorists Want Bush to Lose Election
Russian Forces Suspected in Abductions of Chechen Women
Russia's Slippery Foothold in Abkhazia
Russia Stresses Tajik Presence
Belarus President Tells West to Butt Out
Police Break Up Rally Protesting Belarus Referendum
Russian Journalist Critical of Belarus President in Hospital After 'Punishment Beating'
Sudan: Darfur Safer Than Iraq
UK Lords Face Pressure Over Darfur Policy
Sudan's Dinkas Fear Violence in Darfur

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Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?

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Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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