Delusions of Empire: Justin Raimondo
Kerry's Cowardly Convergence: Ilana Mercer

Saddam's Secret Subway: Brian McWilliams

Kerry Tries to Out-Sharon Bush: Ron Chepesiuk
The Empire Exposed: Anthony Gregory
Wars based on principle are far more destructive...the attacker will not destroy that which he is after.
– Alan Watts (from "The Way of Zen")
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Updated Oct. 20, 2004 – 10:00 pm EDT
US Commander Relieved of Duty in Iraq
Pacifying Iraq by Destroying It
Secret Report: Plan to Draft Health Care Workers
Spy Probe Reveals Iran Split
Hundreds of Iraqi Troops Abandon Samarra Unit
Marines Vent Frustration in Western Iraq
US Rocket Attack Kills Fallujah Family of Six
Strategy to Secure Iraq Did Not Foresee a Second War
By the Thousands, Soldiers 50 and Older Are Being Deployed
The Collapse of Saddam's Secret Subway  by Brian McWilliams
Blix Beat the Drums for Bush and Blair  by Brendan O'Neill
The Sons of the Desert Gather Flowers of the Forest  by Martin Kelly
The Empire Exposed
by Anthony Gregory
Better Mutiny Than Suicide
by Dennis Duggan
Rewarding Bad Behavior
by Deborah Pearlstein

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Cheney: Terrorists May Nuke US Cities
Feds Mum on Pre-Election Terror Threat
How Many Iraqis Are Dying? By One Count, 208 a Week
Bush: I Would Accept Islamic Iraq
White House Blasts Intel Bills
US Intelligence: Getting the Signals Wrong
Kerry: US Casualties OK if UN Approves
Burmese Hardliners in Control After 'Coup'
Iraqi Pipeline to Turkey Set Ablaze
Today in Iraq
Insurgency Threw a Wrench Into Military's Supply Planning
Iraqi Security Forces Short on Security and Force
Study: Army Dangerously Stretched by Iraq
Powell: US Doing All It Can in Iraq
Think Tank: Iraq Forces Need Five Years
Sistani Calls for Independent Slate of Candidates
Top Aid Worker Kidnapped in Iraq
CARE Suspends Operations in Iraq
No War for Oil – Cheap Oil, Anyway
Brits Redeploy in Iraq
UK Ready to Send Troops to 'Triangle of Death'
UK Families Slam Plan to Send Troops to Back Up Americans
With Troop Shift, Britons Fear Iraq 'Mission Creep'
Fears Grow Scottish Regiment Will Face Ambush by Militants
No Extra British Troops Will Replace Redeployed Ones in Iraq
UK Foreign Secretary Tries to Quell Iraq Dissent
London on the Spot Over Deployment
Iraqi Arms-for-Cash Plan
Baghdad to Extend Arms-for-Cash Plan Across Iraq
Disarmament Scheme a Double-Edged Sword
Black Marketeers Cash In on Iraq Arms Handover
Violence Continues
10 Killed, 109 Wounded in Iraq on Tuesday
Mortars Hit Iraqi Base, 4 Killed, 80 Wounded
US Contractor Killed in Iraq
Suicide Bomber Targets US Military Convoy in Iraq
Hostage Crises
Aid Worker Hostage Shown on Video
Baghdad Authorities 'Deeply Worried' About Aid Worker
New Hostage Is Advocate for Iraqis
Google Saved Australian Hostage
Kidnapped Aussie: Iraqis Weren't Savages
Ordeal of a Lebanese Hostage in Iraq
Kidnapped: A Survivor's Story
Iraq Occupation
Army Told to Prepare Shorter Iraq Duty Tours
'Official' Number of US Wounded in Iraq Tops 8,000
As Election Approaches, US Troops Experience Difficulties Voting
Global Iraq Fallout
Annan: US Campaign Must Not Alienate Iraqi People
Beheading Videos Fascinate Public
Karzai Team Says Afghan Poll Victory Secure
Afghan Refugees May Vote in Parliamentary Polls
Rockets Fired at US Bases in Southern Afghanistan
Powell: US 'Scripted' Phone Call Between India, Pakistan
Pakistan: Army Lost 171 Troops in South Waziristan Operation
Seven Killed in South Waziristan Fighting
Burma in Turmoil as PM Arrested
13 Years On, No Solution in Sight for Bhutan Refugees in Nepali Camps
Russia & Her Neighbors
The Logic and Future of Sino-Russian Relations
Cementing Russia's Central Asian Clout
Resisting Suicide
A Unit in Iraq Defies Orders, Spurring Questions About Morale
In Defense of Their Soldiers
Expert: Army Not Likely to Punish Troops for Refusing Supply Mission
Politics of War
Iraq Insurgents Trying to Influence US Vote?
GOP Threatens to Sue 'Rock the Vote' for Talking About the Draft
Military Politics
Kerry Tries to Out-Sharon Bush
Top Bush, Kerry Fundraisers Managed Firms That Traded With Iran, Iraq
Bush Changes Context for War
Pat Robertson: Bush Told Me There Would Be No US Casualties in Iraq
Bush Receives Endorsement From Iran
The War at Home
Michigan Lawyer Sues for Iraqi Man Over Abu Ghraib
Wheaton (IL) Council Honors Wounded Soldier
'Homeland Security'
Muslim Charity Trial Begins With Discrimination Defense Restricted
New Screening Technology Coming Soon to an Airport Near You
'War on Terror'
Spain Arrests Seven in Foiled Plot to Blow Up Court
Terror on the High Seas
UK Cleric Hamza Faces 16 Charges
Hamza Charged for Urging Followers to Kill Jews
Gaza Settler Evacuation
Israel Prepares to Jail Hundreds of Resisting Settlers
Two Top Rabbis Urge Israeli Troops to Refuse Evacuation
Netanyahu: Call to Disobey Evacuation Endangers State
Sharon Mulls End to Settlement Funding Body
Peres: Sharon 'At Risk of Assassination'
Mideast Reformers Call for Change From Within
Israeli Soldier Shot Dead Near Jenin
Ugly War Over West Bank Olive Crop
UN Relief Agency Chief Slams Israel for Gaza Violence
Iran Given 'Last Chance' to Halt Its Uranium Enrichment
Editor of Reformist Newspaper Arrested in Iran
UN Security Council Urges Syria to Withdraw From Lebanon
Syria, Lebanon Reject New UN Security Council Resolution
Darfur: Disintegration, Oil, and Foreign Intervention
Eritrea Accuses Sudan of Trying to Assassinate Their President
Darfur Facing 'Unprecedented' Food Crisis
Famine Stalks Darfur Refugees
International Aid Reaching Few in Darfur
Sudan Villagers' Livelihood, Future Disappear With Stolen Livestock
Belarus Faces EU Wrath After Referendum
US Citizen Arrested by Belarusian KGB
In Other News
Rights Group: Torture Widespread in Uganda

Canada Set to Support US Missile Defense


Delusions of Empire

Kerry's Cowardly Convergence

A Draft or Merely Hot Air?

Sharon's True Face Exposed (and Ignored)

Alan Bock
A Missed Opportunity

Nebojsa Malic
Solving the 'Serbian Question'

Sascha Matuszak
Riding the Tiger

Praful Bidwai
US and India: Unequal Allies, Uneasy Partners

Matthew Barganier
Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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