Bin Laden's Illusions and Ours: Tom Engelhardt & Jonathan Schell
So Much for Non-Proliferation: Gordon Prather
Agent Orange: Ongoing Atrocity: Michael Austin
Why Are Some American Christians So Bloodthirsty?: Dr. Teresa Whitehurst
Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.
– Voltaire
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Updated Oct. 24, 2004 – 8:40 pm EDT
48 Iraqi Soldiers Found Shot to Death
US Diplomat Killed in Baghdad Mortar Attack
Chaos Inside the Triangle of Death
CIA Violating Geneva Conventions in Iraq?
Karzai Declared Winner in Afghan Election
FBI Probes Leads on Election Terror Plot
Secret Report: Terrorism Spreading Across Iraq
British Officers Lobbied US to Send Troops to Danger Zone
Leathernecks in Ramadi Itching for a Fight With an Invisible Foe
Bin Laden's Illusions and Ours
by Tom Engelhardt & Jonathan Schell
Why Are Some American Christians So Bloodthirsty?
by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst
Bush's Choices May Be 'Tough,' but My Choice Is Not  by Leonard Maluf
So Much for Non-Proliferation
by Gordon Prather
Agent Orange: An Ongoing Atrocity
by Michael Austin
No Shooting, Please, We're British
by Brendan O'Neill

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Pentagon Breaks With Bush Over Intel Reform
Bin Laden Is Located, Says 9/11 Panelist
Fallujah's Fighters Dig in for 'Final' Onslaught
Zarqawi Fingered After Attacks Kill 23 Iraqi Police
Further Abuse at Abu Ghraib Detailed
Serbs Boycott as Albanian Leader Wins Kosovo Poll
Abu Ghraib Team Bids to Run UK Prisons
After Terror, a Secret Rewriting of Military Law
Iraqi Children Warned to Avoid Soldiers
Today in Iraq
Zarqawi Group Renames After al-Qaeda Pledge
Over 18,000 Armaments Handed Over in Baghdad's Sadr City
UN Experts to Flood Into Iraq for Polls
Violence Continues
US Forces Pound Fallujah
Iraqi Militants Say They Beheaded Collaborator
Saboteurs Bomb Iraqi Pipelines to Baghdad
500 Mourn Guard Killed in Iraq Explosion
Hostage Crises
Iraqis Protest After Silence Greets Plea for Hostage
The Lethal Game That Knows No Boundaries
Plea for Iraq Kidnap Clues
Brits Redeploy in Iraq
All Eyes on Exit as Scots Troops Enter Danger Zone
Softer Option for Black Watch
'Our Sons Are Seen as Cannon Fodder'
Black Watch Will Not Blindly Follow US Orders
Black Watch Rally Attracts Colorful, Angry Support
The New Iraq
Iraqis Unprepared to Conduct Trials
Radio Call-in Show Helps Lovelorn Iraqis
Americans Keep Dying
Illinois Family Angry Over Losing Son in Iraq
Fallen Soldier (NC) Picked Iraq Post
Military Family (AZ) Loses Son in Iraq
Mississippi Native Killed in Iraq Was 'Good Son'
Fallen Marine (NV) Was Combat Photographer
Guamanian Soldier From Washington Killed in Land Mine Blast in Iraq
Shelby (MI) Soldier Killed
Rochester (NY) Marine Dies in Iraq
Mesa (AZ) Dad Killed in Afghan Fighting
Freedom's Price Dear
Army Reservist From Montgomery County (PA) Killed in Iraq
Afghan Bomb Kills Hawaiian Troops
Northland (MO) Man Killed in Iraq
Funeral Held for Arkansas Soldier
Bomb Kills Phoenix (AZ) GI in Iraq
Adams County (OH) Soldier Dies in Iraq
Helicopter Pilot From Bethlehem (CT) Killed in Iraq
NH National Guardsman Dead in Iraq at Age 24
California Reservist Dies in Iraq
Colorado Springs Marine's Devotion to Troops Lasted to the End
Ohio Native Killed in Iraq
In Other News
Pakistan Tribals Launch Hunt for al-Qaeda-Linked Militants
Cubans Seek to Draw Attention to Embargo
The War at Home
Army Officer Sues US Over Deployment
Mother of Fallen NYPD Cadet: Does President Bush Know the Anguish of Losing a Child?
Cheney: If Kerry Had Been in Charge . . .
Part-Time Soldiers, Injured but Not Yet Home
Army Badge of Honor Now in Contention
Iraq Land-Mine Victim Helps Other Soldiers Cope
Showdown Over Gaza
Israeli Cabinet to Decide on Gaza Pullout Law
Israel Split Over Settlement Retreat
Rebel Forces Set to Disrupt Final Gaza Withdrawal Vote
Two Arab MKs Expected to Say Yes to Disengagement
Senior Officers Threaten to Quit Israeli Army Over Settlements
Militant Rabbi Orders Rightwing MPs to Vote Against Pullout
Evictions Spark Sharon Safety Fears
EU: Israel's Pullout From Gaza Strip Will Not Suffice
Half of Palestinian Deficit Due to Israel Funds Seizure
Settler Runs Over Three West Bank Girls
Hamas Guns Down Alleged Palestinian Collaborator
Gaza Settlements Under Heavy Mortar Fire; 2 Palestinians Killed
Speculation Over Arafat's Health
Powell Says US 'On the March' to Refer Iran to UN Security Council
Iran Dismisses EU Nuclear Deal as Unacceptable
US Alters Its Tone on Iran
Middle East
2 Weeks After Sinai Attacks, Investigators Struggling for Leads
Syria Plans to Resettle Golan Town of Quneitra
EU to Give $100 Million for African Force in Darfur
Official: EU Will Help Rebuild Somalia
Congo Slams 'Tintin' Minister
Ukrainians Rally in Support of Free Elections
France Considers Pinochet Trial
Fake Spy Recruits Brits for Secret Missions
Lockerbie Bomber to Move Prisons
Afghan Bomber Kills Girl, 12 and American Woman, in Attack That Wounds 6 Others
Taliban Claim Suicide Bomb Attack in Kabul
Young Afghans Trading Their Guns for Pens
North Korea
Powell Rejects North Korean Demand on US
N. Korea Vows to Boost Deterrent
US Seeks Strategy with Japan for New North Korea Talks

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