The Bush Betrayal: Interview with James Bovard
Another Side of the Georgian-Russian Conflict: Christopher Deliso
No Change in US Torture Policy: Jim Lobe
Iraq Is Tony Blair's Pension Plan: Peter Oborne
Heartache and Anger: David Corn
Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too.
– Marcus Aurelius
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Updated Oct. 28, 2004 – 9:50 pm EDT
US Readies 'Final Assault' on Fallujah
TV Crew Filmed 'Missing' Explosives in Iraq
Ailing Arafat Headed to Paris
Militant Group Claims to Kill 11 Iraqi Troops
Rumsfeld: US Had No Plans for Iraqi Insurgency
Amnesty: No Change in US Torture Policy
Unit Commander: There Was No Check of Explosives Bunker
Iraqi Official: 'Impossible' That Explosives Taken Before Saddam's Fall
US Official's Spin: Russia Probably Took Explosives From Iraq
Missing Weapons Become Focus of Presidential Race
Bush Talks of Changing Tactics in Iraq
Sharon: Threats and Ultimatums Will Not Force Vote of Settlements
Another Side of the Georgian-Russian Conflict  by Christopher Deliso
Iraq Is Tony Blair's Pension Plan
by Peter Oborne
The Rest of the World Doesn't Want World Government, Either
by Eric Margolis
The Bush Betrayal
an interview with James Bovard
Seymour Hersh: Man on Fire
Interview by Lakshmi Chaudhry
The Next War Will Require a Draft
by Matthew Yglesias

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Judge Bars Military From Forced Anthrax Shots
Paul Wolfowitz: Last of the True Believers
Some Military Experts Say Draft Could Happen
Iraqis Tell of Looting at Munitions Site in 2003
Praying for a Miracle at the Shrine of al-Qaeda
Iran Will Not Stop Uranium Enrichment
Paying China for Pressuring North Korea
Ramadi Slipping Into Chaos
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Police Placed in the Firing Line Without Weapons
NYT Editor: Leaks Hastened Report on Missing Explosives
Iraq's Fallujah: Nest of Fury for US Troops
White House Weighs Price Tag on Emergency Request for Iraq
UK Troops Head for 'Triangle of Death'
French Aid Agency Pulling Out of Iraq
Violence Continues
Iraqi Diplomat Assassinated
Motorcycle Bomber Kills US Soldier in Iraq Convoy Attack
UK Troops Attacked in Basra
First Military Cameraman Killed Since Vietnam
More Than 600 Killed in Fallujah Since April
Hostage Crises
Captives, Japanese and British, Plead for End of Occupation
Fears for Hostage Aid Worker After Chilling Echo of Bigley Plea
Global Iraq Fallout
Increasing Calls for Bulgaria to Withdraw From Iraq
Blair Admits UK Troops May Remain in US Area for Months
Australian FM: Iraq War Increased Risk of Terror Attack
Russia Wants UN Weapons Inspectors Back in Iraq After Explosives Scandal
Japan 'Won't Bow to Terror' in Iraq
Pakistani Forces Kill Three at South Waziristan Checkpoint
Saudi Envoy in Pakistan Blames al-Qaeda for Parcel Bomb
Opinion Divided on Kashmir Proposals
Musharraf's Kashmir Move Backfires
Thai PM: Suffocation of Protesters Was 'Soft Approach'
Thailand Muslims React With Shock at Deaths of Protesters
Protesters' Deaths Raise Fears of Attacks
Thailand to Probe Deaths of Protesters
Ignoring Indonesian Repression for the War on Terror
'Unusual Activity' Spotted at North Korean Missile Base
Japanese Cities Not Sure Where to Put All the US Troops Heading Their Way
India Tests Medium-Range Missile
Myanmar's Costless Shift to a Hard-Line
Tamil Tigers Still Hoping to Secede
Statements by Powell About Taiwan Provoke a Diplomatic Dispute
Taiwan Hurrying to Buy Arms Before US Election
Submarine Arms Race in Taiwan Strait
Submarines: Obsolete Symbols of National Pride
US Enraged at Cuban Ban on Dollars
Haiti Rebel Chief Warns of Possible Revolt
In Other News
Police Charged With Negligence Over Beslan Siege
Why the Charge of the Light Brigade Still Matters
The War at Home
Sy Hersh, Off the Record
Two Kerry Votes on War and Peace Underline a Political Evolution
Bush Says Kerry 'Jumps to Conclusions' on Iraq Explosives
Most Latinos Say Iraq War Was Wrong
US Plans to Accelerate Deployment of Aegis Warships for Missile Defense
Torture and Detention
Ex-CIA Official Defends Detention Policies
Pentagon Denies Detainees' Torture Charges
Gitmo Britons Sue US for Abuse
Bush Sued in Chile Over Abu Ghraib Abuse
US Keeps 11 More Gitmo Detainees Jailed
Congress Members Accuse CIA of Delaying Internal Report
Key Aide to 9/11 Panel Praises Offer by House
'Homeland Security'
Arabs, Muslims Puzzled by Govt 'Outreach'
Policing Is Aggressive at Bush Events
Security Tight for Marine Corps Marathon
'War on Terror'
Did the US Really Let bin Laden Escape?
Osama's Shi'ite Nemesis
Ottawa Man Denies Terror Links
Gaza Showdown
Sharon Stakes Job on Pullout
Gazans Remain Wary of Israeli Pullout Plan
Gaza Pullout Raises Questions on All Sides
What's Next for Gaza Pullout?
Anti-Sharon Forces Swell Within Likud Party
Sharon Faces Fight to Keep Government in Power
Netanyahu's Domino Effect
Child Abuse 'Rises with Intifada'
Why 'Geneva' Is a Bad Word
Iran Steps Up Confrontation With Europe on Nuclear Deal
Russian Diplomats Worried Over EU Nuke Proposal to Iran
Iran: Nuclear Talks Constructive
Iran Opposition Group Alleges Secret Nuclear Program
Iran Deports 253 Pakistanis
Middle East
US Interests at Risk in Jordan
Zarqawi Attains Mythic Status in Jordanian Hometown
Turkish Army Sent to Syria to Stop Forest Fire
Ukraine Braces for Tense Election
Putin's Unchallenged Imperialism Moves to Ukraine
European Union
EU Parliament Blocks New Commissioner Line-Up
Uncertainty Ahead of EU Constitution Signing
Nigerians Beef Up Force in Darfur
Sudan Threatens to Close American Embassy
Rebels: Sudan Bombing Raids Kill 10 in Darfur
Darfur Families Face Starvation
Liberian Disarmament Program Has Unintended Consequences

Kenya to Free 20,000 Convicts


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US and India: Unequal Allies, Uneasy Partners

Matthew Barganier
Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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