Blowing the Whistle: Interview with Frederic Whitehurst & Sibel Edmonds
Neocons Await Second Term: Janine R. Wedel
Chemical Weapons in Fallujah?: Jim Lobe
There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights.
– General Smedley Butler
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Updated Nov. 4, 2004 – 9:10 pm EST
Arafat Reported Brain Dead, PM Denies
Bush to 'Finish the Job' in Iraq
Rumsfeld, Ashcroft to Resign?
US Election: A Global 'What Now?'
Bush Win Likely to Boost Hardline Foreign Policy
Three UK Black Watch Killed in Iraq
Hungary Joins Parade of Troops Leaving Iraq
Marines' Center Symbolic of Failed US Plans for Iraq
The Imperial Party Wins
by Justin Raimondo
Mute the Election, I'm Listening to Fallujah  by Greg Moses
Disengagement Will Change Little for Gaza  by Darryl Li and Lance Lattig
Blowing the Whistle  Interview with Frederic Whitehurst & Sibel Edmonds
The Danger in Pushing Syria
by Martha Kessler
Bush to Pressure Sharon?
by Bradley Burston

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Putin Hails Bush Win as Victory Over Terror
Bush Finally Has His Mandate
Blair Feels Vindicated, Ready for His Own Reelection
Blair Warns Fallujans: Submit or Die
Rising Concerns About Insurgents' Weaponry
Looters Breached Iraq Sarin Bunker
Iraq Election to Take Place in Last Week of January
UN Nuke Report on Iran May Weaken US Case
Iraqis Too Busy Dealing with Bloodshed to Care About US Election
Today in Iraq
US Planes Bomb Fallujah Overnight
UK Troops Got 'Battered in Basra'
Bravo Company Mourns Its Fallen
Marines' 'Night Walkers' Watch Over Dark Skies
Medic in Iraq Mourns Lost Lives, Innocence
Violence Continues
Roadside Bomb Kills US Soldier in Iraq
Bomb Targets US Convoy in Baghdad
Under Fire in Camp Dogwood
Iraqi Oil Executive Shot and Killed by Rebels
Three Iraqi Guardsmen Beheaded
Black Watch Under Rocket Attack for Sixth Night
Hostage Crises
'Zarqawi' Says He Beheaded Japanese Hostage
More Foreign Hostages Snatched
Kidnappers Grab Second US Citizen in a Week
Family Pleads for Terrified Hostage
Early Iraq Hostage's Family Holds Out Hope
Musical Troops
Bulgaria to Cut Troops in Iraq Next Month
Netherlands to Send Fifth Contingent of 1350 to Iraq
US 'Unlikely' to Ask Australia for More Troops
Global Iraq Fallout
Korean Christian Group Returns Home After Close Call in Iraq
Indian Author Urges People to Join Iraqi Resistance
Battles of Britain
UK Defense Contractor Investigated Over Saudi Fraud Allegations
Britain Changes Law to Evict Antiwar Protester
UK Judge: Senior Army Officers Lied Over Shooting
UK Soldier Cleared of Shooting Friend in Iraq
Karzai Wins Mandate for Offensive on Warlords and Drug Trade
Karzai Officially Declared President
NATO Expects to Station Troops in Northwest Afghanistan in 2005
Al-Qaeda Kingpin Gets Away in Pakistan
Gunmen Attack Karachi Mosque, Kill One
India & Friends
India Walking the Israeli-Palestinian Tightrope
India Gives Myanmar's Junta a 'Stamp of Approval'
Dutch Authorities Urged to Crack Down on Muslim Extremists
Dutch Arrest Eight Islamists in Van Gogh Killing
US Election: World Reaction
Much of World Finds Election Results Dispiriting
Disillusioned Arabs Respond to US Election
Bush Win Sends Shockwaves Through Middle East
Chinese Polite, but Not Cheering
Bush Reelection Could Push Norway Toward EU
The War at Home
Bush Looks for Change in New Cabinet
GI Gets Light Sentence for Desertion in 1965
Post-Election Protests Decry US Presence in Iraq
11 Antiwar Protesters Arrested at Des Moines Military Installation
'Homeland Security'
On Alert for Terror Activity Timed to Disrupt Election, Agencies Find Little Reason to Worry
US Missing Deadlines for Disposal of Chemical Weapons
Sen. Dayton Reopening DC Office After Terror Scare
'War on Terror'
China's Uighurs Trapped at Guantanamo
Airline Bombing Case Nears End in Canada
Israeli Lawmakers Approve Settler Compensation
Barak Seeks Israeli Labor Party Leadership
IDF Kills Two Palestinians; Five Soldiers Wounded in Gaza
Blair Calls for Bush to Revitalize Middle East Peace Process
Russia to Sign Nuclear Deal With Iran in December
Iran Looks Ahead to Nuclear Meeting
Thousands Celebrate Anniversary of Iranian Takeover of US Embassy
United Arab Emirates
UAE Sheik to Succeed Late Father as President
New Abu Dhabi Sheikh Inherits UAE Presidency, but Vulnerable to Predators
Sudanese Troops Destroy Camp in Darfur
Sudan: Moving Refugee Camps Doesn't Violate Law
Nigerian Court Upholds Withdrawal From Disputed Peninsula
Taiwan Forges Ties With Vanuatu
State Dept. Complains About Chinese Official's Remarks
Thai Schools Close on Violence Fears
Nepal Forces Kill Nine Maoists as Ceasefire Ends
One Killed, Two Injured in Dagestan Car Blast
EU Concerned as Serbian Nationalists Gain Influence

And the Winner Is ….

Democracy Deployed

Bush's Electoral Prospects Get a Little Help from Overseas

Et Tu, Pat?

Alan Bock
Lost Weapons – and Minds?

Ilana Mercer
Kerry's Cowardly Convergence

Ran HaCohen
Sharon's True Face Exposed (and Ignored)

Sascha Matuszak
Riding the Tiger

Praful Bidwai
US and India: Unequal Allies, Uneasy Partners

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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