Abolish the CIA!: Chalmers Johnson & Tom Engelhardt
Spiraling Into Occupied Iraq: Dahr Jamail
The American Century Is Over: Paul Craig Roberts
Dissing the IAEA: Gordon Prather
Fallujah and Those Mass Graves: Jude Wanniski
In peace, sons bury their fathers; in war, fathers bury their sons.
– Herodotus
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Updated Nov. 7, 2004 – 11:00 pm EST
Fallujah Assault Begins
Iraq Declares Martial Law
Fallujah Assault Unleashes Attacks Across Iraq
Suicide Squads Await US Assault on Fallujah
US Airstrike Destroys Fallujah Hospital
21 Shot Dead at Iraq Police Stations
12 Iraqi Guardsmen Abducted and Killed
Bush Signals No Major Shift on Foreign Policy
UK Sent Part-Time Soldiers to Iraq Without Proper Training
Abolish the CIA!
by Chalmers Johnson & Tom Engelhardt
The American Century Is Over
by Paul Craig Roberts
Bush Will Celebrate by Torching Fallujah  by Robin Cook
Spiraling Into Occupied Iraq
by Dahr Jamail
Dissing the IAEA  by Gordon Prather
Fallujah and Those Mass Graves
by Jude Wanniski

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Fallujah Assault to Be Massive
Rumsfeld Signals He Won't 'Fade Away'
Europe Reaches Agreement With Iran in Nuclear Talks
Iraqi Commander Briefed on Fallujah Plans Deserts
Iraqi Rebels Invite Media to 'Embed' in Fallujah
Saudi Religious Scholars Urge Iraqis to Support Militants
Bloody Attacks in Samarra Show How Iraqi Rebels Regroup, Survive
Defying Protests, US to Spray Afghan Poppy Fields
Arafat's Condition Obscured by Rumor
For Sharon, Losing Arafat Means Losing His Excuse for Unilateralism
Leaders Include Hamas in Post-Arafat Planning
Arafat Doctors Pressured to Delay Brain Tests
Bin Laden Tape Divided Bush's Advisors
Expert Says US Ready to Put Weapons in Space
Marines Prepare for Heavy Casualties in Battle to Retake Fallujah
Today in Iraq
US Military Gear on Sale at Dangerous Baghdad Bazaar
Zarqawi Group Claims Responsibility for Samarra Attacks
Oil Companies Train Iraqis for Free
Medics Go In Where Others Fear to Tread
From the Army Recruiting Office in Fife to Death by the Euphrates
Violence Continues
52 Killed in Spate of Attacks in Iraq
Police Targeted in Deadly Samarra Attacks
20 US Soldiers Wounded in Ramadi 'Security Operations'
Baghdad Blasts Leave Several Dead
Australian Troops in Iraq Shoot Man at Checkpoint
Turkish Truck Driver Killed in Ambush on Convoy in N. Iraq
Fallujah Finds Devastation After US Raids
US to Employ Snipers, Surveillance Robots in Fallujah Assault
Fallujah: A City of Mosques, Resistance
Iraqi Troops Prepare for a Fight
Under the Gun in Fallujah
Marines Let Off Steam Prior to Fallujah Battle
Iraqi Politics
Bickering Iraqi Parties Strive to Build Voting Coalition
Iraq to Spend $90 Million for Expats to Vote in Polls
Sunni Clerics Criticize Voting Process
UN: Iraqi Elections on Schedule
Black Watch
Expert: Black Watch Put at Greater Risk by Fallujah Assault
Black Watch Troops Raid Insurgents' Houses
Prince Charles Meets Black Watch Families
A Testing Time for the Black Watch
UK Soldiers Show Rise in Stress
Global Iraq Fallout
Georgia Promises Fivefold Increase in Troops to Iraq
Videotape: Bangladesh Evoy Makes Appeal for Hostage in Iraq
Irish Muslims Condemn Radical Who Condones Kidnapping Aid Workers in Iraq
UK Conservative Leader Widens Rift With Bush
Americans Keep Dying
Two Fresno-Area (CA) Marines Die Together in Battle
NY Soldier Killed in Iraq Wanted to Marry Girlfriend
Durango High (NV) Grad Among Marines Killed in Iraq Bombing
San Antonio (TX) Family Grieves Over Army Officer's Death
Lemoore (CA) Mourns Marine Killed in Iraq
Long Island (NY) Marine Killed in Iraq Blast
Marine From Peoria (AZ) Dies in Iraq
KY Soldier Killed During Combat in Iraq
Marine From Washington (GA) Killed in Iraq
SC Marine Dies in Iraq
Hamilton (OH) Soldier Dies in Iraq
Fairview (WV) Marine Remembered Fondly by Family, Friends, Community
Northglenn (CO) Marine Dies in Iraq
Combat Medic (CA) Killed by Improvised Explosive Device in Afghanistan
Jihad Comes to Holland
Netherlands Braces for Jihad
Dutch Pledge Islamist Crackdown
In Other News
Tens of Thousands March in Kiev, Claiming Election Fraud
Brazil to Add 500 to UN's Haiti Force
Forensic Experts Find 454 Bodies in Mass Grave in Bosnia
The War at Home
Early Decisions May Signal Direction of Bush's Foreign Policy
Report: Sarin Destruction Caused Gulf War Syndrome
Soldier Who Challenged Iraq Deployment Gets Honorable Discharge
US Soldier Critically Wounded in Iraq Returns Home
Oakland Police Agree: No More Firing Into Crowds
'Homeland Security'
National Guard Agrees to Halt Training Exercises in New Jersey After Strafing School
US Expands List of Lost Missiles
Command Shifts Amid Fears of Terrorist Attacks on Ports
Palestinian Power Struggle
Palestinian Militants Push for Role in Control Over West Bank, Gaza
Abbas Set to Assume Palestinian Leadership
Palestinian Power Struggle Looms
Rival Factions Declare Unity as Palestinians Seek Arafat Successor
Israel to Present Palestinians With Gestures of Goodwill
Five Palestinians Killed by Israeli Troops
Sharon Gives a Cold Shoulder to Assad
Blair Wins Talks With Bush on Middle East Peace Drive
Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Airstrike Kills 8 French Troops, American
French Troops Shoot Down Ivory Coast Warplanes
African Union Condemns Ivory Coast Air Strikes
African Union Tries to Break Darfur Talks Deadlock
Darfur Peace Push in New UN Text
Eritrea Denies Killing Draft Dodgers
Mugabe Flies to Equatorial Guinea to Discuss Coup Plot
Confusion Over Talks to Save UN Hostages in Afghanistan
Pakistan Offers Afghanistan Aid in al-Qaeda Hunt
Afghan Govt to Probe Jailing of US Adviser for Gay Sex
After the Taliban, Afghan Women Still Suffer
Britain Losing War on Afghan Heroin
Bodybuilding Afghanistan's Latest Craze
Iceland's Troops Given Frosty Welcome Home From Afghanistan
Line of Control Suggested as Option for Kashmir Solution
Two Killed in Militant Attack on Kashmir Military Camp
India: No Curbs on Kashmiris' Travel to Pakistan
South Korea: US Agrees to Push North on Nuclear Talks
China Opposes Sanctions Against Iran for Nuclear Program
Georgia PM Meets South Ossetian Separatist Leader
Uzbek Opposition Announces Election Boycott
Nepal Arrests Junior Maoist Rebel Leader
India Still Wary of China Despite Better Ties
Military Exercise Displays Japan's Ambitions
Books and Movies
Film Exposes US Links With Saddam in Days of Infamy
Uncle Sam Is Watching You
Three Kings Director Looks at Iraq War
Blame It on Arafat: Dennis Ross and The Missing Peace
Purple Hearts Shows Aftermath of War
Purple Hearts: Back From Iraq

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