Say No to the War Party

The neoconservative cabal that lied us into war is emboldened, empowered, and bursting with bloodlust. The sacrifice of yet more Americans – and despised Middle Eastern Arabs – on the altar of the war god has them drooling with sweet anticipation. They have no compunctions – no "second thoughts" – about their disastrous policy of war and occupation. The casualties, the chaos, the rise of the American bully as the Bull Connor of the world – from their sick point of view, this is a great success.

How did they do it? How did they pull the wool over the eyes of a nation and lead us by the nose into the abyss of endless war?

In a word: Propaganda.

Their campaign of lies – pushed by the pro-war media, in concert with the well-funded thinktanks and Washington's ever-present insiders who profit from war and preparations for war – is rolling in money. The U.S. government, the war industry, the big neocon foundations with multi-millions at their disposal – they are using all their resources to propagandize the American people with their message of hubris and fear. is engaged in a counter-propaganda campaign, and our role is more important than ever. That's why we can't let the enormous resources of the War Party deter us from continuing to speak truth to power. We don't need their billions – but we do need your support in order to continue the fight.

So far, you've been very generous, with 447 of you contributing over $20,000 in two days. That's wonderful, but we can't stop pleading until we meet our goal of $50,000 for this quarter.

We need you to help us get out the truth. Say no to the War Party. Contribute today – so that we can live in a better tomorrow.

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Updated Nov. 10, 2004 – 11:00 pm EDT
Yasser Arafat is Dead
Gunmen Kidnap Iraqi PM's Relatives
'Body Parts Everywhere' in Fallujah
Group Claims to Kidnap 20 Iraqi Guardsmen
Author of Anti-Rights Memo to Replace Ashcroft
Assault Risks Military and Political Backlash
US Taxpayers to Rebuild the Rubble of Fallujah
Fallujah Fighting 'Could Rage for Days'
Counting the Dead in Iraq
Powell: Bush Will Remain 'Aggressive' Abroad
Muslim Leaders Urge Iraqis to Abandon Fallujah Assault
US 'Pacifies' City but Rebels Take Violence to Rest of Country
Crushing Fallujah Will Not End the War  by Patrick Cockburn
Time for the Buck to Stop Somewhere  by David H. Hackworth
Western Aggression
in the Ukraine
 by John Laughland
The 'Christian Nation' Bombs Again
by Teresa Whitehurst
So We Win Fallujah. Then What?
by Fred Kaplan
The Reelection of Israel's Enemy
by Gideon Levy

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Iraq: 16 GIs Killed in 2 Days
The Fire of Resistance Is Spreading
After Fallujah, Then What?
Sunni Party Quits Iraqi Govt Over Fallujah
Slow Going for US Forces on an Urban Battlefield
Today in Iraq
General Appointed as Fallujah Region's Governor
Residents Say Over 20 Medics, Dozens of Others Killed in Air Raid on Clinic
'Scores of Civilians' Killed in Fallujah
'Watching Tragedy Engulf My City'
Fallujah Assault Roils Iraqi Politics
Western Journalists Flee Fallujah
Go Kick Some Butt, US Troops Urged
'This Is Where the Foreign Fighters Hang Out'
Iraqi Kidnappers Demands Ransom for American, Filipino
The Insurgency
Insurgents Demonstrate Strength in Iraq
Insurgents Warn Iraqis: Stay Home
De-Ba'athification and the Insurgency
Militant Group Orders Attacks on Key Targets in Iraq
Commander: Zarqawi Likely Not Among 3,000 Insurgents in Fallujah
Fallujah: Battle Reports
Fallujah: Advancing Forces Meet an Eerie Stillness
House-to-House Warfare in Fallujah
Iraq Train Station Turned Into US Base
US Forces Reach Center of Fallujah Amid Fierce Fighting
Fighting in an Urban Jungle
US Denies Helicopter Shot Down in Fallujah
Violence Around Iraq
Iraqi Insurgents Seize Center of Ramadi
45 Killed in String of Attacks on Baquba Police Stations
US Iraq Arms Inspector Narrowly Escapes Attack
Saboteurs Attack North Iraq Pipeline
Baghdad Airport Closed to All Traffic After Missile Fired at Transport Plane
Curfew Imposed in Baghdad
Hot Air Over Iraq
Allawi: Conquest of Fallujah Critical to War on Terror
Rumsfeld: Fallujah Isn't the Final Big Battle for US Troops
Rumsfeld Looks to Military Success to 'Tip' Iraqi Opinion
Iraqi Official: Instability Will Bring Chaos to Region
Gen. Franks on Fallujah
Battles of Britain
Poll: UK Opposition to War at New High
Fight Continues to Stop Merger of Scottish Regiments
Poor Management Drives UK Defense Ministry Deeper Into Debt
Global Iraq Fallout
Syria Seeks Turkey's Support Ahead of Iraq Conference
Jordanian Firm Pulls Out of Iraq
Mideast Press Anger at Fallujah Assault
Russia Warns US Over Assault on Fallujah
Afghans Again Extend Deadline for UN Hostages
China: Taiwan Is Building Missile Base
Nine Killed in South Waziristan Fighting
Indian Army Captures NE Rebel Bases
Japanese Officials in North Korea for Nuke, Abduction Talks
Today's Military
Courting the Pentagon
North Florida Base Studying Bomb Bigger Than MOAB
Expert: Space Treaty Needed, Not Weapons
Air Force Seeks Reviews of Boeing Contracts
The War at Home
Halliburton, the Second-Term Curse?
Blue States Buzz Over Secession
Bush Visits With Soldiers Wounded in Iraq
NJ Nat. Guard Lt. Claiming Rape Doesn't Have to Return to Base
'Homeland Security'
Homeland Security Inspector Charged With Immigrant Shakedown Plot
Wyoming Student Charged With Aiding Terrorists
George Mason U. Plans Terrorism Defense Lab
Arafat's Last Days
Palestinian Leadership Struggles to Give Arafat's Death Symbolic Value
Suha Rejects $2 Million for Tests on Arafat
Reporting Arafat Becomes Another Crisis
Arafat Has 'Brain Hemorrhage,' in Critical Condition
Cleric Dispatched to Dying Arafat
Arafat's Fate Depends on 'Will of God'
The Men Who Could Replace Arafat
Netanyahu Withdraws Resignation Threat, Citing Arafat's Passing
Russia Won’t Change Mideast Policy Despite Arafat Illness
Gaza Settlers Claim Disengagement Administration Chief Defrauding Them
Bush Tells Mubarak He Will Work for a Palestinian State
Drone From Lebanon
Lebanon Justifies Drone
Israelis Say Iranians Had Key Role in Hezbollah Drone Launch
Iran, EU Close to Nuclear Deal?
Nuclear Fissures in Iran
Iranian Blogger Purge Underway
Iran Tells Afghans to Go Home
Ivory Coast
French Role in Cτte d'Ivoire Questioned
10 Die in Ivory Coast as French Troops Clash With Protesters
Eyewitness: Ivory Coast Terror
Sudan, Rebels Reach Darfur Accord
UN: Forcible Relocation of Darfur Refugee Camps Illegal
Macedonia: What Motivated the West's Anti-Referendum Hysteria?
Belgium's Most Popular Political Party Banned as Racist
Calls for End to Dutch Violence at van Gogh Funeral
Train Fatality Fuels French Nuclear Anger
Thai Army Denies Claim That 40 Protesters Still Missing
Thailand's Southern Enigma Is Election Wild Card
Russian Authorities Launch Criminal Case Into Nuclear Meltdown Rumors
Amnesty: Chechen Human Rights Activists Killed, Tortured

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