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Is this how you want to start off four more years of the War Party's hegemony in Washingtion?

You use this site for free. But you know what? Nothing is free.

We're not a fancy operation: no executive lunches (heck, we don't even have any executives!), no frills, no folderol. Antiwar.com is all about the basic business of getting out the facts, and keeping track of the lies our government is constantly putting out there in order to justify the unjustifiable.

Somebody has to do it.

It is ridiculous that we have to get down on our knees and beg like this no less than four times a year. It's ridiculous because we've earned your support several times over. Antiwar.com is now one of the most popular all-news Web sites on the Internet and we did it without corporate backing, without big donors, and without the ceaseless plugs from the so-called mainstream media that pushed the much-overrated "warbloggers" to the fore.

Bluntly put, we will go out of business very shortly if we don't make our goal. Starting this Monday, we may be making radical cutbacks in coverage and personnel if we don't make up the shortfall on Friday and over the weekend. As of last night, 719 of you have contributed $30,000. We need to reach $50,000 in order to continue for the next quarter.

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Please help us keep up the good fight.

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Updated Nov. 12, 2004 – 10:40 pm EDT
US Launches 'Final Push' Into Fallujah
New Insurgency Confronts US Forces
US: Fallujah Assault Won't Break Insurgency
Fighting Flares Across Iraq
GIs Force Men Fleeing Fallujah to Return
Iraqi Govt Warns Media on Coverage of War
US Raids Homes of Clerics Critical of Offensive
Iraqi Police in Mosul Accused of Cooperating With Insurgents
Bush and Blair to Push for Palestinian State
A Libertarian Explanation of Genocide  by R.J. Rummel
Four Times Fallujah Equals?
by Tom Engelhardt & Mark LeVine
Iraq: The Unthinkable Becomes Normal  by John Pilger
Death and Democracy
by Pieter J. Friedrich
Prayers for Vengeance  by Dahr Jamail
A Distant Mirror of Holy War
by Norman Solomon

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How the Army Misplaced 60,000 Soldiers
Confusion in White House on Aim of Iraq Election
Top CIA Terror Hunter Quits Over Gag
Ex-Adviser Allegedly Hurt Embassy Aide
Black Flags Send Deadly Signals to Marines
Fear of FCC Keeps Saving Private Ryan From Airwaves
UN Report Slams Use of Torture to Beat Terror
Arafat is Buried in Ramallah After Cairo Funeral
Arafat's Passing Poses Major Test for Bush
Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu Jailed Again by Israeli Police
Today in Iraq
US Says 600 Insurgents, 18 GIs Killed in Fallujah
More Than 200 US Fallujah Casualties Reported
Iraq Deaths Comprise Many Reservists
US Military Hospital in Germany Braces for Fallujah Wounded
Layers of Aircraft Stack Fallujah Skies
US Troops Find an Iraqi Chained to a Wall in Fallujah Building
Group Vows Revenge on Allawi for Attacking Fallujah
Fallujah Rebels Adapt
Soldiers in Fallujah Fight Against Guerrillas Who Shoot, Disappear
Hard Lesson: 150 Marines Meet 1 Sniper
New Rebel Tactics Emerge in Fallujah
Marines and Snipers in a Contest of Wills
Echoes of Afghanistan in the Streets of Fallujah
Fallujah: Battle Reports
Marines Come Under Heavy Fire in Fallujah
Fallujah Battle Goes on as Rebels Hit Back
Two Marine Copters Shot Down Near Fallujah
US Commander: Fallujah Insurgents' Escape Cut Off
US Launches 'Second Phase' in Fallujah
City of Death
Fallujah Facing Humanitarian Crisis
Iraq Press Attacks Fallujah Assault
Voices From Fallujah
Iraq Explodes
Insurgents Rampage Through Mosul
Fierce Fighting Explodes in Mosul
Clashes Erupt in Iraqi Oil City of Baiji
Baghdad Car Bombing Kills At Least 19
Death Behind the Wheel in Iraq
Kirkuk Governor Escapes Assassins
Another Attack on Black Watch, Blair Heckled
Hostage Crises
Al-Jazeera Airs Video of American Hostage
French PM: Fallujah Assault May Endanger Hostage Journalists
Global Iraq Fallout
Fallujah Assault Finds Little Support in the Region's Press
Arab World Deplores 'Barbaric' Offensive
Armenian Iraqis Blame Church Bombs on Armenia's Troop Pledge
Top Saudi Cleric Warns Against Going to Iraq to Fight US Forces
Cook: US Assault on Fallujah Will Increase Resistance
UN Criticizes Blunkett Over Iraqi Refugees
'Deal Close' on Afghan Hostages
'Liberated' Afghanistan Crushes Romeo and Juliet
India to Reduce Troops in Kashmir
Nine Militants Killed in Kashmir
China & Her Neighbors
Japan Raises Submarine Issue With China
Taiwan Offers 'Sunshine' Pledge to China
Anger Rages in Sichuan
Chinese Whistleblower Punished
North Korea
North Korea Not Ready to Negotiate Nukes
Tommy Franks Urges Diplomacy for Iran, North Korea
Sri Lanka
Tamil Tigers Forcibly Recruit Child Soldiers
Riding Sri Lanka's A9, a Passage Between Two Worlds
Pakistani Minister: US Would Have Attacked South Waziristan if We Hadn't
Thais Worry Who Will Guard the Guardians
Pro-West Ukrainian Wins Round One
Most New EU Citizens Unaware of Euro Shift
Czech Leaders Divided Over EU Constitution
Veterans & Military Families
Govt Guinea Pigs Kept the Military's Secret, Some Until Death
For Veterans, a Day for Memories, Tears
Families Struggle Back Home
For Women Vets, a Battle Along With a War
Wounded Veterans Face New Fight to Secure Govt Benefits
Army Gives Family 'No Answers' in Suicide
A Worried Mom Turns Activist
Life After Wartime
The War at Home
Halliburton Scandal Widens After Claims of Pressure to Award Lucrative Contracts
Rep. Waxman Seeks New Halliburton Probe
Moore to Shoot Fahrenheit Sequel
South Korean Pleads Guilty in Arms Deal
Homeland Security
Human Rights Watch: Attorney General Nominee Gonzales Undermined Rights
Abu Ghraib, PATRIOT Act Among Issues Gonzales Will Need to Explain
US Trying to Kill Efforts to Find Out Why Indymedia Servers Were Seized
Human Rights/Detainees
Abu Ghraib Trials Moved to Fort Hood
US Faces Criticism in UK Govt Human Rights Report
UK Govt Report Says Allies Among Worst Abusers of Human Rights
'War on Terror'
CIA Agent Publicly Chides White House for Terror War
EU Rights Chief: Terror Laws Unjust
NATO Chief Criticizes Terror 'Gap'
Dutch Anti-Terror Raids Net Seven
Yasser Arafat, RIP
Suha Arafat to Get $22 Million Per Year From Palestinians' Mouths
Just What Mr. Palestine Ruled Over
Secrecy Surrounds Cause of Arafat's Death
Arafat in His Own Words
Political Legacy
Arafat Political Inheritance Split Three Ways
Palestinian Prisoners Say Marwan Barghouti Is Only Arafat Heir
Abbas Elected Chairman of PLO
Top Moderate Resurfaces After Arafat
Arafat's Successor Talks Tough
Arafat's Rival Heirs
As Gaza Shows, Post-Arafat Leaders Will Have Hands Full
Israeli Reaction
Shimon Peres: Palestinians Lose a Father
Israeli Officials Delight at Death of Arafat
Israel Plans Posthumous Anti-Arafat Campaign
Sharon Hopeful of Peace Process Revival
Israeli Police Raise Alert to 'War Level'
Israeli Troops Kill Four Palestinians After Arafat's Death
Palestinian Reaction
Palestinians See a Threat, and an Opportunity
Palestine Still Waits
US Palestinians Mourn Arafat
World Reaction
Religious Leaders' Arafat Reactions Vary
Arab Leaders as Divided On Arafat Dead as Alive
US Considers Naming Mideast Peace Envoy
Blair Believes Arafat's Death Gives Bush a Chance to Revive the Peace Process
International Monitors May Oversee Palestinian Election
Report: Iran Admits Supplying Hezbollah With Drones
Iranians, Europeans Eye Nuclear Deal
Ivory Coast Calm as UK Troops Arrive
Powell: Darfur Camp Raids 'Unacceptable'
UN, Congo Troops Deploy to East Congo to Disarm Rebels

Arafat and Vanunu: Two Prisoners of War

How to Remember Arafat

The 'Right' to Remain Silent

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Ivan Eland
Fear for the Future of the Republic

Alan Bock
Opportunities Ahead

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Sascha Matuszak
Riding the Tiger

Praful Bidwai
US and India: Unequal Allies, Uneasy Partners

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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