Politics and the CIA: Ivan Eland
Quit Meddling in the Middle East: Rep. Ron Paul
Fallujah 'Success' Breeds Failure: Dahr Jamail
As Powell Leaves, Hardliners Move In: Jim Lobe
Overthrow Tehran? Hey, Not So Fast: Jeet Heer & Laura Rozen
War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.
– John F. Kennedy
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Updated Nov. 16, 2004 – 10:10 pm EST
Attacks Spread in Iraq Sunni Areas
Fallujah Battered
Abducted UK Aid Worker Margaret Hassan Killed
As Powell Leaves, Hardliners Make Their Move
Bush Picks Rice for Secretary of State
CIA Churning Continues as Top Officials Resign
UN Probe Backs Iran Nuclear Claim
NBC Video: Marine Kills Injured Prisoner in Iraqi Mosque
FBI Terror Informant Ignites Himself Near White House
'Success' in Fallujah, Failure Elsewhere  by Dahr Jamail
A History Lesson on the Town We Are Destroying  by Rashid Khalidi
The End of the 8th Amendment
by Joan Dayan
Quit Meddling in the Middle East
by Rep. Ron Paul
A Disaster, Made in the USA
by Robert Manne
Cuffing Bush & the FBI  by Nat Hentoff

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Powell Resignation Cements Triumph of War Party
Marines Investigate Apparent Slaying of Wounded Insurgent
Press Watchdog 'Deeply Disturbed' by Iraqi Govt's Media Threat
Iraqi Police Accused of Helping Mosul Insurgency
Mosul Revolt Spreads to Town Near Syria
Allawi: Civilians Unscathed in Bombed-Out Fallujah
61 US Soldiers Killed Last Week in Iraq
CIA Whistleblower Sees 'Long War'
Rice's Failure at NSC Complicates New Post
US to Fallujah Civilians: Pardon Our Progress
Today in Iraq
'Beheading Mastermind' Captured in Fallujah
Zarqawi in Fresh Call to Arms
A Dozen More Executed Men Found in Fallujah
Dogs Eating Bodies in the Streets of Fallujah
Iraqi Cops Seek Refuge From Crossfire
Report: Saddam's Cash May Fund Rebels
Tales of Fallujah
Wounded US Troops Describe Massive Insurgent Firepower in Fallujah
Fallujah Refugees Tell Harrowing Stories
Aid Groups Worry About Civilians Trapped in Fallujah
Doctor Is Haunted by Siege of Fallujah
Fallujah Battle Reports
Fallujah Rebels 'Fighting to the Death'
US Soldiers Destroy Fallujah; US Taxpayers to Pay Tens of Millions to Rebuild
Marines 'Plan' to Rebuild Crushed Fallujah
Troops Pick Through Rubble After Assault
Few Foreigners Among Rebels Captured in Fallujah
Commander Says Failed Fallujah Raid Helped US War Planners
Seven Police, More Than 30 Fighters Killed in Mosul Clashes
Five US Soldiers Injured in Car Bombing in Mosul
Kurdish Govt Blocks Roads from Mosul to Irbil
Violence Across Iraq
50 Killed in Clashes Around Iraq
US Planes Bomb Baquba as Violence Spills Over From Fallujah
US Bombs Kill 20 in Baquba
UK Security Guard Killed in Iraqi Bomb Attack
Polish Embassy in Iraq Under Fire
Iraqi Oil Pipeline Destroyed Again, Again, Once More
Iraq Occupation
US Commanders Plead for More Armored Vehicles
US Commanders, in Iraq, Discuss Military Strategy
How Technology Failed in Iraq
Black Watch
Black Watch May Pull Out of Sunni Triangle Within Days
UK Military Chiefs: Black Watch Needed in South
Battles of Britain
Blair Calls on UN to Make It Easier to Invade 'Bad Countries'
Blair Tells US Not to Go It Alone
Former British MP Sues Daily Telegraph Over Saddam Report
Galloway: Allegations of Saddam Links Were 'Dagger in My Heart'
UK Corporation Paid $8 Million in Kickbacks for Iraq Deals
51 Years Later: UK Nerve Gas Experiment Was Unlawful
Global Iraq Fallout
Hungary Rejects Iraq Troop Extension
NATO Missions Threatened by Refusal to Send Troops to Iraq
Japanese Opposition Lawmakers Demand Withdrawal From Iraq
Iran's Kurds Discouraged by Developments in Iraq
Chirac Says UK Got Nothing From Bush Support
Pope Urges Transparent Elections in Iraq
South Asia in a Spot Over Iran
North Korea Avoids Sanctions From Japan
Georgia Will Triple Pay for Soldiers
China Faces Up to Growing Unrest
An Indonesian Murder Mystery
India Defensive Over Sri Lanka
Basque Separatists Fail to Renounce Violence
Spain Spurns Offer of Talks With Basques
Netherlands Seeks to Detain Suspects Without Evidence
Ukraine's Presidential Elections: To East or West?
Pardons Sought for Irish Soldiers Executed in WWI
Colin Powell's Departure
Bush Locks in Foreign Policy Direction
The Good Soldier Takes His Leave
Powell Was Outnumbered
Powell's Painful Four Years
Mixed Reactions Around the World to Powell's Departure
Europe Sorry to See Powell Quit
Powell Not as Hawkish as Colleagues
CIA Upheaval
It's War: The CIA vs. Bush
An Internal War at the CIA
Top Spies Threaten to Leave the Fold Over CIA Reform
White House Orders CIA Shakeup to Get Rid of 'Soft Leakers and Liberal Democrats'
CIA Tumult Causes Worry in Congress
The War at Home
New AG Gonzales' Views on the Question of Torture
Duelfer Report: Good Literature, Bad Investigation
Selective Service System, Education Department Swap Notes, Prepare for Possible Draft
Texas Cop Helps US Snipers
Ex-Boeing CFO Pleads Guilty to Conflict of Interest
Colorado Mother Waging War on Military's Anthrax Shot
SEC Files Fraud Charges Against Conrad Black
Homeless Vets Already Strain Welfare System – and Another Generation Is Coming
War of Tomorrow
Massive 'Raygun' Fires Up in Megawatt Last Test
Wireless Network to 'Change Warfare'
'Homeland Security'
US Says It's Tracking Down 400,000 Alien Fugitives
Domestic Terrorism: New Trouble at Home?
Airlines Ordered to Expose Data
Beefed-Up US Border Screening Begins
Palestinian Politics
Arafat's Death May Change Very Little
Hamas, Jihad Won't Participate in Elections; Israel Says East J'lem Arabs Can't Vote
No Candidates Yet for Palestinian Elections
Fatah Militants Warn New Palestinian Leaders
Palestinians' Challenge of Consensus by Election
New PLO Chief Pleads With Fatah Factions to End In-Fighting
Palestinians Hold Meeting Among Rivals About Power
Young Palestinians Hope End of Arafat Means End of Corruption
Report: Mossad Rocked by Internal Crisis
Interview With Mordechai Vanunu
Hezbollah Fires Rockets at Israel
Israel Willing to Coordinate Gaza Pullout
Foreign Sub in Israeli Waters Likely Gathering Intelligence
Israeli Army Withdraws From Jenin
Israel Rights Group Slams Army
Rafsanjani May Return to Iranian Politics
Britain, France and Germany Announce Accord With Iran
Europeans Try to Play Down Deal on Iran's Uranium Plans
Russia & Her Neighbors
Putin Says Japan Can Take Back Two Islands
Russian Soldiers' Mothers to Meet With Chechen Rebel Leader
In Moscow, Volunteers Keep an Eye on the People Next Door
Ivory Coast
Chirac: French Troops to Remain in Ivory Coast
UN Imposes Arms Embargo on Ivory Coast
African Leaders Back Ivory Coast Sanctions
In Darfur, Private Security Against State Hostility
Rights Group: Darfur Security a 'Farce'
Sudan's Tent Cities Swell
In Other News
Pope Urges Use of Force as Last Resort
Uganda Declares Limited Ceasefire

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US and India: Unequal Allies, Uneasy Partners

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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