Last Exit Before Gas: William S. Lind
A Thoughtful Look at Iran: Michael Ewens
Once Upon a Peace: Nebojsa Malic
Congress Rejects New Nukes: Jim Lobe
Stay Out of Sudan's Civil War: Rep. Ron Paul
Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.
– John F. Kennedy
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Updated Nov. 25, 2004 – 7:00 pm EST
US Struggles to Find Troops
Insurgents Step Up the Battle for Mosul
Fallujah Leaders Were Local, Not Foreign
Court Freezes Ukraine Result, Considers Appeal
Ukraine: What's at Stake
Two More Top Officials Quit CIA
UN: Iran's Suspension of Uranium Enrichment Incomplete
Top Brass Warns of Iraqi Civil War
After Seeing Son's Casket, GI's Mother Dies of Heart Attack
Stay Out of Sudan's Civil War
by Rep. Ron Paul
West Should Respect Ukraine Election Results
British Helsinki Human Rights Group
Regime Change in Chile
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Last Exit Before Gas  by William S. Lind
A Thoughtful Look at Iran
by Michael Ewens
A Few Thoughts Before We Invade Iran  by Steven LaTulippe

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Congress Rejects New Nukes
CIA: Iran Pursued Various WMD
EU Resists Iran's Attempt to Alter Accord
Pentagon: US 'Losing War' for Muslim Minds
'New' Zarqawi Tape Actually a Remix From Last Year
UK Families of Military Dead Furious at 'Blunders'
Iraq's Sunni Accuse Shia of Selling Out Islam
Still Dazed by War, Fallujah Fears for Future
UN Body Rejects Censure, Threatens Revolt
US Marines Say Fallujah Refugees Will Not Be Allowed to Return for Weeks
Today in Iraq
US Replaces General Who Ran Iraq Prisons
US Civilian Official Killed by Gunfire in Baghdad
US Soldier Charged in Murder of Iraqi Civilian
6,000 Iraqi Recruits Graduate
Ditched in the Trenches
Red Cross Pays Visit to Saddam
Occupation Battle Reports
US Military Calls Fallujah Weapons Haul 'Stunning'
US Sweeps Through 'Triangle of Death'
'Surgical' US Raids Go on South of Baghdad
In Pockets of Fallujah, US Troops Still Face Harsh Battles
UK Special Ops Join US Forces in Major Iraq Offensive
Violence Continues
Kurdish Fighters Killed in Northern Iraq Ambush
Two Killed in Attack on Deputy Iraqi Governor Convoy
Five More Bodies Found in Mosul
Suicide Drive Down Baghdad's Airport Road
Global Iraq Fallout
Show of Unity on Iraq Shows Its Differences
Iran Joins Outcry Against 'Excessive' US Force in Iraq
Jordan Gives Zarqawi 10 Days to Surrender
MPs Attempt to Impeach Blair Over Iraq
Two US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Bombing
Risky Revival of Afghan Theater Puts Women Center Stage
China Denies Troop Build-Up Along North Korean Border
The One That Got Away
Convoluted Case of the Coveted Kurils
Indonesia Confirms Four Held Over Bombing
Thatcher Faces Questioning Over Guinea Coup Plot
Thatcher: I'm a Dead Man
UN and US Think There Is Maybe a Possible Chance That Terrorists Might Train Somewhere in Somalia
Rwanda Threatens Hutu Rebels in Congo
Relief Workers Swept Up in Surging Darfur Violence
Gadhafi: French Intervention in Ivory Coast a Mistake
US Troops End Nine Years in Bosnia Force
Briton to Hunt Bosnia War Criminals
In Other News
CIA Documents: US Knew About Impending 2002 Chavez Coup
Sex Charges Haunt UN Forces
The War at Home
US Jewish Groups Press Mideast Peace
Great-Grandmother Being Deployed to Iraq
Vietnam Veteran, 53, Called to Active Duty
Auditor to Army: Dock Halliburton Pay
FBI Interviews Halliburton Whistleblower
The Burden of the Wounded
Bush Orders CIA and FBI to Step Up Intelligence Operation
Bush Wants to Bolster CIA but Doesn't Offer Specifics
Rumsfeld Vows to Back Bush in Search for Intelligence Deal
War on Terror
New Legal Papers Reveal Charges Against Detainee
Airlines Cough Up Passenger Data
Lib Dems Oppose National ID Cards for UK
Powell Rejects Ukraine Election, Threatens Action
Ukraine Declares Prime Minister Election Winner
Fears of Violence Grow as Face-Off Intensifies
East-West Showdown Looms as Poll Turmoil Divides Ukraine
Disputed Election Risks Reviving Ukraine Divisions
Ukraine: Protests in the Snow Herald New Cold War
EU Chief: 'Consequences' if Ukraine Fails to Review Vote
Israeli Officer Defends Murdering Palestinian Girl
Israeli Army Under Fire After Killing Girl
Vacuum Left by Arafat Threatens to Split Fatah
IDF Soldiers Force Palestinian to Play Violin at Checkpoint
Israel Dismisses Syrian Offer of Unconditional Talks as Nothing New
Sharon Cancels Meeting With Straw, Citing Health Reasons
UK Praises 'Positive' Israeli Attitude
After Dinner, Iran, US Remain Best of Enemies
The Ayatollah and the Transsexual
Middle East
Gulf Arabs Urge Bahrain to Drop US Trade Deal
Chirac Makes Historic Libya Trip
Banned From Driving a Car, Saudi Woman Becomes Pilot
Russia Ups the Nuclear Ante
War Crimes Prosecutor Accuses Belgrade of Withholding Fugitives
EU Keeps Pressure on Turkey

'Democracy' and Mendacity

Once Upon a Peace

Dubious Source for New Iran Charges

US Policy Harms Prospects for Middle East Peace

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Alan Bock
Hubris Goeth Before...

Ilana Mercer
Liberation Has a Body Count

Ran HaCohen
How to Remember Arafat

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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