The Yushchenko Mythos: Justin Raimondo
Iraq and Damned Statistics: Juan Cole
Lying About Iran: Gordon Prather
This Time Last Year: Dahr Jamail
War Crimes or Withdrawal: Stephen A. Allen
Most quarrels are inevitable at the time; incredible afterwards.
– E. M. Forster
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Updated Nov. 29, 2004 – 9:30 pm EST
Ukraine President Supports New Vote
Iran Halts Nuclear Programs, Wins Concessions
Iranian Conservatives Consolidate Power
Suicide Bomber Kills 12 at Iraqi Police Station
Najaf Security Chief Arrested in Plot to Assassinate Governor
17 Bodies Found in Mosul, Totaling 57 in 8 Days
Videotape: Al-Qaeda's #2 Vows to Continue Fight Against US
War Crimes or Withdrawal
by Stephen A. Allen
This Time Last Year  by Dahr Jamail
Lying About Iran  by Gordon Prather
What Bush Could Have Learned in Chile  by Ariel Dorfman
Ukraine's Postmodern Coup d'Etat
by Jonathan Steele
Putin Should Butt Out of Ukraine. So Should We  by Peter Unwin
Ashcroft's Achievements  by Nat Hentoff

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FBI Links Madrid Bombs to 9/11
Hamas Calls Halt to Attacks on Israelis
War-Gaming Iran
Iraq Deputy PM: Delaying Vote Means Terrorists Win
Sectarian Electoral Maneuvers May Break Iraq Apart
Eight GIs Killed in Iraq Attacks
Clashes Erupt Across Iraq
Insurgents Attack US, Iraqi Forces North of Baghdad
No Sign of Deal on Intel Reform Bill
Election Squabble Fuels Fears of Ukraine Breakup as Key Region Schedules Vote on Autonomy
Today in Iraq
Sadr's Movement Re-energized, May Make Election Bid
Latest Offensive in Iraq May Impose Even Stiffer Demands
Insurgents Target Iraqi Security Forces
New Video Shows French Hostages 'in Good Spirits' in Iraq
Violence Continues
Bombs Kill Four Civilians and Two Marines in Iraq
Six Killed, Five Wounded in Samarra Car Bombing
Iraqi FM Escapes Car Bomb
Bomb Explodes Near US Military Convoy in Baghdad, Injuring Two
Inside Fallujah's War
US, Red Crescent Coordinate Relief Efforts in Fallujah
Fallujah's Health Damage
'Triangle of Death'
US Seizes Nine Insurgent Suspects South of Baghdad
Black Watch Joins River Assault
Zarqawi Group Claims Mosul Deaths
Zarqawi Group May Have Moved to Mosul
Voting in the Shadow of Fear and Death in Iraq's North
Global Iraq Fallout
Japan Asks Britain to Protect Its Troops in Iraq
Japanese DM: Troops Should Stay in Iraq Past Mandate
Turkish Demonstrators Protest US Offensive in Fallujah
Militants Raid Office, Kill Three Aid Workers in Afghanistan
Afghan Child Shot Dead as Guards Fire Into Crowd of Demonstrators
The New Face of Afghan Cinema
Top North Korean General's Son Missing
Two Blasts Rock Kazakh Ruling Party's HQ
China Releases Leading Dissident
Philippine Army Kills Top Militant
Darfur Governor Urges Aid Workers to Return
Sudan's Children Sinking in a Sea of Misery
UK Arms Dealer Faces Probe Over Sales to Sudan
Blair Ally Wanted for Questioning in African Coup Plot
Rwanda Army Masses on Congo Border
Francophone Countries Urge Peace Pact for Ivory Coast
In Other News
Ruling Party Claims Romania Poll
'Sorry Tale' for World Media
Vanessa Redgrave to Launch UK Human Rights Party
The War at Home
US Urges Ban on Antitank Mines, but Shuns Anti-Mine Conference
Relatives Fear for Forgotten War Wounded
Rice Hearings Delayed at White House's Request
Reporters in Plame Leak Case Lack Shield for Sources
Secret Navy Project Spurs Questions
Lieberman: Bush Holds Fate of Intel Bill
9/11 Commission Chairman: Bush Should Pressure Congress on Intel Bill
War on Terror
ETA Madrid Train Bomb Theory Gathers Pace
Muslims Seen as Asset in Terror War
Protest Held for UK Terror Suspect
UN Reform Panel Urged to Outlaw Terrorism
Amnesty: US 'War on Terror Mentality' Leads to Torture
Visa Crackdown Costs US Cream of Foreign Students
Ukraine Talks Going Badly
Old Divisions Resurface in Ukraine
Ukraine President Calls for End to Blockade
Split Ukraine Faces 'Catastrophe'
Kiev's Joan of Arc
Palestinian Politics
Al-Aqsa Endorses Abbas
Sharon, Abbas Ready to Meet
Barghouti Had No Choice but to Support Abbas
Woman to Run for Arafat Post
Abbas Urges Gun Control
Abbas: Palestinian State Possible by 2005
Israel Wants Arafat's Death Certificate Changed: Born in Cairo, Not Jerusalem
Sharon: EU Deal Won't Stop Iran's Nuclear Plans
Bomb Kills University Lecturer in Gaza City
Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Doctor in Southern Gaza
Israel Shocked by Image of Soldiers Forcing Violinist to Play at Roadblock
Shatila: A Gritty Symbol of Palestinian Survival
Humiliation and Brutality Routine at Israeli Checkpoints
Middle East
Kuwaiti Court Upholds Sentence for Antiwar Cleric
King Hussein's Favored Son Loses Claim to Throne
Syria Ready to Embrace Peace Push
Tens of Thousands of Moroccans Protest Against Bush Forum
Saudi Police Kill Suspected Militant in Jeddah

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Liberation Has a Body Count

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How to Remember Arafat

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