Failure after Falluja?: Ivan Eland

Which War Is This Anyway?: Tom Engelhardt

The Case for Restraint With Iran: Rep. Jim Leach
Dead Wrong on the Iraqi Elections: Juan Cole
Bullies at the Airport: Rep. Ron Paul
Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is perhaps the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other.
– James Madison
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Updated Nov. 30, 2004 – 8:00 pm EST
US Toll in Iraq at Highest Monthly Level
Iraqi Forces Foundering in Face of Rebels
US Upset as IAEA Drops Threat Against Iran
US Firm on Iraq Election Date in Face of Rising Concerns
American General: Mosul Violence Undermining Elections
Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge Resigns
Ukraine Parliament Fails to Pass No-Confidence Vote
Red Cross Finds Detainee Abuse in Guantanamo
Pentagon Report: They Hate Our Policies, Not Our Freedom
Under Fire in Bayji: 'The Whole City, From Every Side, Was Fighting'
Get Real: The Case for Restraint With Iran  by Rep. Jim Leach
Bullies at the Airport  by Rep. Ron Paul
'Living a Disaster'  by Dahr Jamail
Nuclear Deception Enters 60th Year
by Norman Solomon
Dead Wrong on the Iraqi Elections
by Juan Cole
Missing the Story in Ukraine
by Peter Lavelle
Which War Is This Anyway?
by Tom Engelhardt

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Ukrainian President Offers Prospect of Fresh Elections
'Kiev is Not Ukraine'
Video: Al-Qaeda's #2 Vows to Continue Anti-US Fight
Najaf Security Chief Arrested in Plot to Assassinate Governor
Annan 'Disappointed' by Son's Oil-for-Food Role
US Pushes War-Crimes Immunity in Foreign-Aid Bill
Hospital in Germany Treats 21,000 GIs
Panel Urges UN to Make It Easier to Start Wars
Hamas Calls Halt to Attacks on Israelis
Mosul's Militants Fight Mostly From Shadows
Today in Iraq
British Embassy Sounds Alarm Over Growing Dangers in Iraq
US Nears Highest Monthly Iraq Death Toll
Foreign Money Trail Said to Lead to Fallujah Rebels
General, Ambassador Build Powerful Relationship in Iraq
Iraqi Troops Struggle to Live Up to US Hopes
Violence Continues
Killings in Northern Iraq Confound US Forces
Suicide Bomber Kills 12 at Iraqi Police Station
At Least Six Die in Car Bombing Near Ramadi
Insurgents Kill Seven Iraqi Security Forces
One Soldier Killed, Two Injured in Vehicle Accident in Iraq
13 US Marines Wounded in Mortar Attack South of Baghdad
Seven Kidnappings a Day in Baghdad
Iraqi Election
Iraqi Election Creates Unusual Alliances
Kurdish Parties Endorse Iraqi Elections
US General: Iraq Election Security Won't Be Perfect
US Battle Reports
Shadow of Vietnam Falls Over Iraq River Raids
Raid on Baghdad Mosque Uncovers Bomb Workshop
US Captures 32 Insurgent Suspects South of Baghdad
Marines Aided by Robotic Airplane in Iraq
The 'Insurgency'
Iraqi Leaflets Urge People to Report US Tanks to Insurgents
US Military Says Fallujah's Mosques Hid Arms, Fighters
A Jihadist’s Journey
The New Iraq
Red Crescent Has Trouble Treating Civilians Hurt in Fallujah Assault
Fighting Fear With Faith
Daily Life in Iraq
Fear Hinders Rebuilding of Fallujah
Southern Iraqi Oil Exports Recover to 1.5 Million Barrels Per Day
Bush Goes to Ottawa
Bush to Ask for Canadian Help in Afghanistan and Iraq
Ottawa Prepares for Anti-Bush Protests
Slain Canadian Soldier's Mother No Bush Fan
Global Iraq Fallout
Huge Anti-Iraq War Demonstration in Jakarta
Iran Says It's Ready to Help Iraq on Border Security
Philippines Will Bargain With Iraqi Kidnappers
Australian DM Gives 15-Minute Speech on WMD, With No Mention of Iraq
Battles of Britain
Antiwar Protesters Burst Into UK Cabinet Office Building
UK's Deepcut Barracks Report Reveals Gang-Rape Claims
US Plane Missing Over Afghanistan
Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan Reduced to Tears
Afghans Block Road to Pakistan to Protest US Arrests
Pakistan Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile
Chechen Militant Held in Quetta
Pakistan Rejects Kashmir Autonomy Proposal
Musharraf Sees 'Light at End of Tunnel' on Kashmir
India Outlines Nine-Point Strategy on Kashmir
South Korea Escapes UN Referral Over Nukes
China May Trade Political Prisoners for EU Arms
Opposition Fears Crackdown After Kazakh Blast
Indian Army 'Overruns' NE Separatist Camps
Sri Lanka Attack Raises Tension
Rival Takes Control of Chirac Party
As US Forces Leave, Experts Debate Success of Bosnia Mission
Germany Probes Army Abuse Claims
Report: Moscow Tests New Missile System
Monitors Take Opposing Views on Romania Vote
The War at Home
Court Rules Colleges Can Bar Army Recruiters
Military Recruiters Target Schools Strategically
Shortly After His Father, Md. Marine Is Laid to Rest at Arlington
Pentagon Blinded by Science
Iraq War Veterans Face Long-Lasting Mental Health Issues
Seven US Soldiers Killed in Texas Helicopter Crash
Michael Jordan's Brother Leaves Family at Home, Heads to Iraq
CIA Names Replacements for Two Resignations
Bush Rules Out US Role at Global Conference on Land Mines
US to Eliminate Non-Detectable Landmines by End of Year
Homeland Security
Activists Crawl Through Web to Untangle US Secrecy
Clamor for Investigation Into Death of Elderly Haitian in US Custody
Santa Claus: A Terror Threat to Disneyland
Federal Plan to Keep Data on Students Worries Some
'War on Terror'
Blair: National ID 'Would Enhance Civil Liberties'
US Marines 'Itching' to Track Down Osama
Spanish PM Attacks 'Bomb Lies'
Yanukovich's Fans Dream of Secessionist Ukraine Republic
East-West Split Looms in Ukraine
Tough Choice for Ukrainian Court
Ukraine's Past Makes it Tough to Concur and Divide
Russians in Ukrainian East Vent Their Anger at 'Orange Revolt'
Ukraine Resentment Sank EU's Mediation
Palestinian Politics
Palestinians Face Obstacles Over Jerusalem Vote
Abbas May Pay Price for Support
Abbas Warns Palestinian Media: Don't Upset Israel
Fatah Takes West Bank Student Vote, Boosting Abbas
Palestinian Reformer Returns to West Bank
PA Sentences Gaza 'Collaborators' to Die
Abbas Presents Views
Sharon Conflict With Coalition Party Could Postpone Gaza Withdrawal
Israeli MPs Pass Two No-Confidence Votes
Israel Shocked by Soldiers Forcing Violinist to Play at Roadblock
Israeli, Palestinian FMs Meet
Checkpoints Take Toll on Palestinians, Israeli Army
New Wall Route to Annex Less West Bank Land
My Plumber, the Hero
US Says It Has Right to Report Iran Nuclear Case to UN
US Commander to Iran: Don't Mess With US
Iranian 'Sputnik' Could Be 'Trojan Horse' for Missile Program
Iran Protesters Stone UK Embassy in Tehran
Middle East
Saudi Opposition Group Calls for Street Protests
Millions of Land Mines Reap Bloody Harvest in Egypt
Is Syria Serious About Peace With Israel?
Egypt Offers to Mediate Israel-Syria Peace
Sudan Moves Two Expel Two Aid Agencies
Sudan Govt Bombs Town After Uprising
African Union Strives to End Deadly Cycle in Darfur
Ivory Coast Threatens to Take France to Court
Diplomat: Rwanda Sent Thousands of Troops Into Congo
Spain 'Backed' Equatoguinean Coup Plot
Northern Ireland
Bush Phones Sinn Fein for Aid on Ulster
Northern Ireland Peace Process Nears a Deal
In Other News
Colombia Moving Quickly on Rebel Disarmament

Watchdog: Chemical Weapons Destruction Making Progress, More Work Needed


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