The New Cold War: Justin Raimondo
What Are We Up to in Ukraine?: Pat Buchanan

Icarus Over Iraq: Tom Engelhardt

Thwarting the Neo-Crazies: Gordon Prather
Preemption for All!: Paul Craig Roberts
Power always thinks...that it is doing God's service when it is violating all his laws.
– John Adams
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Updated Dec. 6, 2004 – 10:30 pm EST
Iraq Mayhem Looking Like Civil War
Saudi Militants Killed in Attack on US Consulate
Deal Clears Way for Intel Overhaul Vote
US Detains Sistani Election List Organizer
Sadr to Join Sistani's Election List
Returning Fallujans Face Police State, Possible Forced Labor
Ukraine Opposition 'On the Verge of a Deal'
Cheney May Be at Risk of Taliban Attack in Kabul
Several Blasts in Spain After ETA Threat
What Are We Up to in Ukraine?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Thwarting the Neo-Crazies
by Gordon Prather
The Face of Abuse, and the Hidden Hand Behind It  by Derrick Z. Jackson
Preemption for All!  by Paul Craig Roberts
Icarus Over Iraq  by Tom Engelhardt
Intelligent Intelligence Reform
by Col. Daniel Smith

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McCain: Even More Troops Needed for Iraq Election
Gen. Kimmitt: Abuse Photos Could Be Used as Tool Against US
Weekend Attacks Kill 70 Iraqis
Iraq Violence Spurs Calls for Election Delay
UK Army: Troops to Stay in Iraq Until 2008
US Orders Red Crescent Out of Fallujah
Old Soldiers Back on Duty
Iranians Link Nuclear and Political Power
UK Official Welcomes UN Plan That Would Make It Easier to Start Wars
Militants in Mosul Say They Are Trying to Avoid Fallujah Mistakes
Today in Iraq
Blogger, Military Show War Differently
Generals Expect Change in Insurgents' Tactics
Reuters Still Seeking Answers on Alleged Abuse of Staffers Outside Fallujah
Fallujah Residents Demand Right to Return
Jordan Closes Border to Those From Iraq
UNICEF Sounds Alarm on Iraq Food, Clean Water Supplies
World Bank Awards $145 Million for Iraq Reconstruction
Attacks Continue
Two US Soldiers Killed, Four Hurt in Iraq
Suicide Bomb Kills Iraqi National Guard Commander, Three Bodyguards
Insurgents Target Iraqis Working for US
Bombings Raise Fears for Election
Global Iraq Fallout
Aussie DM Says Baghdad Worse Than Ever
Japanese DM: No Decision Yet on Extending Iraq Mission
Japan DM to Visit Troops in Iraq
Musharraf: Iraq War Has Made World Less Safe
Blair Saves Historic Regiment
Army Spun Tale Around Pat Tillman's Mission
Karzai Faces Huge Task After Inauguration
Romanian Troops Find Weapons Cache Near Kandahar
Musharraf Arrives in UK for Talks
Pakistani PM: Defense Strategy Is Based on Deterrence
Thailand: Abuses Continue Despite Law's Defeat
Thai Govt Drops Origami 'Peace Bombs' on South
Japan Cautious Over North Korea Sanctions
Japanese Soldiers Train in Arizona
11 Killed in Kashmir Landmine Blast
Anti-Western Feelings Grow in Indonesia
Philippine Troops Kill Abu Sayyaf Kidnapper
Aid Workers Give New Evidence of Attacks Against Civilians in Darfur
African Union Hopes All Troops Will Be in Darfur by Year's End
Darfur Families Pledge to Care for Rape Babies
Two UN Troops Injured in Clash With Congo Militia
Zimbabwe Chooses First Woman Vice President
Mugabe Party Told: We Are at War With Blair
UK Foreign Office Quizzed Mercenary Before Equatoguinean Coup
In Other News
Annan's Son Used UN Link to Lobby for Business
Price Drop in Oil Leads to OPEC Call for Lower Production
Global Nuclear Inquiry Stalls
Hundreds Evacuated as French Soldier Threatens to Blow Up Depot
The War at Home
Bush Expected to Make More Overseas Visits This Term
US Withholds Details of Marine Who Killed Romanian Rock Star
Both Sides Predict Intel Bill Would Pass if Vote Allowed
Sen. Feinstein Urges Bush to Tell the Truth About Length of Iraq Mission
Boston Antiwar Protesters Charge Abuse by Police
Video Game Aims to Recreate Fallujah Slaughter
Missile War With Canada
Bush Visit Leaves Canadian PM With Missile Defense Dilemma
Quebec Liberals Urge Canada to Stay Out of US Missile Defense Plan
Homeland Security
Anti-Bioterror Labs Raise Risk to US, Critics Say
Bush Downplays Thompson's Terror Worries
Kerik Served as Guard and Investigator for Saudi Royal Family
War on Terror
Plastic Explosives Accidentally Given to Unknown Passenger in Paris Airport Exercise Now Missing
German Police Raid Islamic Group Accused of Funding Hamas
Muslim Leader: UK Creating a 'Climate of Fear' to Justify Policies
Musharraf: Bin Laden's Trail Has Gone Cold
Bribery, Corruption in Russia Helping Terrorists
Chile Debates When Crime Is 'Terrorism'
Ukraine Opposition Rejects Deal on Voting Rules, Presidential Powers
Yushchenko Victory Could Cost Russia Access to Black Sea Port
Orange Victory Sours East Ukraine
Report: Ukraine Govt Ready to Stage Terror Attack to Smear Opposition
Yushchenko Calls for More International Observers in New Election
Yushchenko Has Become a Legend in Ukraine
Kuchma Criticizes Supreme Court Ruling
Barghouti a Possible Partner, but Viewed Warily in Israel
Israeli Army Places Missile Battery Near Haifa
From Churches, a Challenge to Israeli Policies
UK to Host Summit on Middle East Peace
Palestinians Ask for European Monitors in Presidential Election
Qureia: Israeli Raids, Land Grabs Hampering Peace Process
German FM Backs Palestinian Elections
Children in the Crossfire
Vanunu: Israeli Nukes Push Neighbors' Atomic Programs
Middle East
Iran: Military Sites Off Limits to Inspectors
Iran Hands Over Suspected Assassin to Egypt
Egyptians Release Israeli Spy in Prisoner Swap
Saudi Arabia Slams Neighbors Over Pacts With US, UK
Putin Makes 1st Official Turkey Visit

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Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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