Rumsfeld's Muddy Quagmire: Ivan Eland
Iran is Iraq All Over Again: Gordon Prather Interview
Fallujah as a 'Model City': Dahr Jamail
Challenging the Israel Lobby: Chris Moore
The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor: John T. Flynn
The spirit of this country is totally adverse to a large military force.
– Thomas Jefferson
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Updated Dec. 7, 2004 – 9:20 pm EST
FBI Agents Witnessed Gitmo Abuse
Powell Clashes With Russians Over Ukraine
Factional Disputes Beset Shi'ites as Vote Nears
CIA Reports Offer Grim Warnings on Iraq's Path
Navy: Some SEALs Photos Important for Intel
NBC: Foreigners Enter Iraq to Launch Suicide Attacks
ElBaradei Certain N. Korea Has Made Fuel for 4-6 Bombs
McCain Slams Iraq Policy, Won't Endorse Rumsfeld's Reappointment
Where Have We Heard This Before?  an interview with Gordon Prather
Mainline Protestants Challenge Israel Lobby  by Chris Moore
Another Casualty, Another Question
by Bill Berlow
Founders' Antipathy to Militarism
by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Hawks Find a Goat  by Trudy Rubin
Russia Missteps, America Oversteps
by Uwe Klussmann

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Ukraine in Turmoil as Agreement Crumbles
Karzai Sworn in as Afghan President
Supreme Court Won't Fast-Track Terror Case
Fallujah's Displaced Grow Angry in Harsh Conditions
Kurds Threaten Election Boycott Over Kirkuk
Shi'ite Clergy: Voting a Religious Duty
Rumsfeld Sees Four More Years in Iraq
Reservists Who Refused Orders Escape Court-Martial
US Soldiers Sue Over Extended Tours in Iraq
Saudis Blame 'Al-Fallujah Brigade' for Attack on US Consulate in Jeddah
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Shi'ites Plan Autonomous Region
Fallujah as a 'Model City'
Cost of Guards, Guns Deters Some Contractors
Abu Ghraib Soldier Loses Bid to Dismiss Trial
Getting to Iraq
Iraqi Forces Take Delivery of More Weapons, Materiel
Violence Continues
Running Battles in Baghdad as US Combat Toll Nears 1,000
Five US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Clashes Flair in Sunni Heartlands
Gunbattle Spills Into Busy Baghdad Streets
Heroes, Martyrs and Unknowns in Iraq Fighting
Insurgents Attack Northern Iraq Oil Pipeline
Iraq Occupation
Commander Says US Role Shifting (Again) to Training Iraqis
Marines' Raids Underline Push in Crucial Area
Generals See Progress Against Iraq Insurgency, Still Unwilling to Predict Victory
Vietnam-Style River Patrols Root Out Rebels Along Euphrates
Abizaid: Troop Reductions Possible Next Year
Special Forces Unit at Colorado Fort Secretly Deployed to Iraq
California Coast Guard Cutter Being Sent to Iraq
Iraq Elections
Resistance Ups Campaign to Disrupt Elections
Shi'ite Clerics Waver on Militancy
Bush Visits With Yawar, Pledges Elections on Schedule
The New Iraq
UN Envoy Says Iraq Is a 'Mess'
Southern Iraqi City Sees Tuberculosis Outbreak
Iraqi Kidnap Victim Blames Police
Big Role Predicted for Security Firms in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Canadian Troops to Iraq?
Azerbaijan: No More Troops for Iraq
India Set to Shift Gears on Iraq Policy
Allawi Visits Moscow
Oil, Access Top Russia's Agenda for Iraqi Talks
Norway to Send Military Instructors to Iraq
Italians to Stay in Iraq Until 'Stable'
Iraq Asks Australia to Help Train Its Spies
Japan Won't Decide on Extension of Iraq Mission Until DM's Report
Philippine Embassy Asks US Company to Stop Hiring Filipinos in Iraq
Battles of Britain
UK DM Defends Regiment Cuts
Another Top MI6 Officer Quits
UK Tories Press Leadership to Oppose National ID Cards
Survey: Abuse in UK Army Commonplace
UK Defense Chiefs Discuss Army Cuts
United Nations
Blair Backs Annan Over Oil-for-Food Criticism
US Bill Would Withhold UN Cash Over Oil Probe
Taliban Vow to Disrupt Karzai Inauguration
Did Pentagon Lie in Reports on Death of Pat Tillman?
Racy Foreign Films Prompt Cable Ban in Afghanistan
Musharraf Wins Praise, but No Jets, From US
Pakistan, UK Agree: Root Causes of Terror Must Be Addressed
Musharraf: We Have Broken the Back of al-Qaeda
Musharraf Scorns Nuclear Probe
Germany Seeks to End EU Embargo on Arms for China
Rights Group: Chinese Activists Risk Torture
Origami Peace Gesture Met With Violence in Thailand
Bomb Wrecks Thai 'Peace Offering'
Thai Peace Plan Proves Paper-Thin
US General in Georgia to Train Troops
Indian Major Among Bomb Victims in Contested Kashmir
Iran, India Finalize Gas Deal
Okinawan Begins Hunger Strike to Protest Plans for New Base
Hiroshima Antiwar Campaigners to Hold US Responsible for WWII War Crimes
OPEC Revenues 'to Reach Record High'
New Worry for OPEC: Oversupply
Deal Brings Vote Near on Intel Bill
Elements of the Intelligence Bill
The CIA's Tough Task in Recruiting Spies
The War at Home
Sailor Refuses to Deploy With Iraq Strike Group
NY Times Attorney Expects No Decision This Week on Plame Appeal
Tax-Return Provision in Spending Bill Dropped
Yesterday's Draft Dodgers Help Today's War Resisters
Homeland Security
Judge Rules WTC Attack Is Two Events for Insurance Purposes
Homeland Security Efforts Ruining Alaska's Tourism Industry
War on Terror
Congressman: Heroin Finances bin Laden
Bin Laden Bodyguard Among Five on Trial in Morocco
French Luggage May Hold an Explosive Surprise
ETA Disrupts 'Democracy Fiesta' With Bombings
Putin Promises to Accept Results of Ukraine Election
Kuchma to Honor Call for New Election
1,000 Canadians Plan to Monitor New Ukraine Vote
Palestinian Politics
Fatah Threatens to Expel Barghouti
Polls Predict Tight Palestinian Election
PLO Holds Talks With Syria, Hamas
Abbas to Discuss Hamas' New Line
General: One in Five Israeli Troops Behave Badly at Roadblocks
Israeli Army Probes Charges That Troops Killed Unarmed, Wounded Suspect
Israeli Jailed for Role in Terror Group That Attacked Arab Schools
Palestinians Kill Suspected Collaborator
Palestinian Children Brave Checkpoints to Attend Music School
Uzi Cohen Key to Gaza Exit
Iranian Court Sentences Detained al-Qaeda Members
Students Heckle Iranian President
Saudi Arabia
Eyewitness: Attack in Jeddah
Attack Tests Saudi Security Strategy
Bush Links Saudi Attack, Iraq Election
Saudis Take Control of US Consulate After Attack
Raid on US Consulate Puts Pressure on Relations With Saudi Arabia
Saudi Ambassador Wins Libel Damages From Magazine Over 9/11 Charges
Abbas Makes Historic Visit to Syria
Syria's Assad Makes Peace Overtures to Israel
Middle East
Arab Internet Users Are Caught in a Terrible Web
Israel, Egypt, US to Set Up Free-Trade Zones
Bahrain Defends Free Trade Deal With US
Russia & Her Neighbors
India-Russia Alliance Turns Commercial
Russia Seeks Safety in Nuclear Arms
Russian Intelligence Kills Top al-Qaeda Operative in South Russia
Abkhaz Rivals Strike Deal to Avoid Russian Blockade
Opposition to Putin Produces Strange Bedfellows
Chechen Strike Kills Two Russian Soldiers
Chechen Official Is Abducted
Caucasus Peace: A Mountain to Climb
Protesters Besiege Nigeria Oil Platforms
Ivory Coast Peace Talks End
100 Die in Somali Clashes
Sudan Calls for Normalized US Ties
Albanian Armed Groups Demand Amnesty
Test of Strength in Kondovo: Can Ahmeti Keep the Peace?
In Kondovo, Mujahedin Claims Echo Old Fears
US Envoy Slams Serbian PM Over War Crimes Suspects
Low Turnout Voids Hungary Vote
Schroeder Rethinking German Role vs. US
French Soldier Surrenders After Threat

The New Cold War

Rumsfeld's Muddy Quagmire

Rethinking Secession

Democratic Terrorists, and Other Lies

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Feeding the Iraq Moloch

Praful Bidwai
Dubious Source for New Iran Charges

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Ran HaCohen
How to Remember Arafat

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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