Pat Tillman's True Tragedy: Alan Bock
Rumsfeld Forever!: Harold Meyerson
New Labour: Be Very Afraid: Nick Herbert
US Credibility Under Friendly Fire: Col. Dan Smith
War brings out the most negative emotional human responses on both sides.
– Henk Middelraad
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Updated Dec. 10, 2004 – 11:30 pm EST
5,500 GIs Deserted Since Iraq War Began
Kerik Withdraws as Homeland Security Nominee
US Funding for Iraq, Afghanistan Likely to Surge
Army Plagued by Desertion and Plunging Morale
He Lost an Arm in Iraq; the Army Bills Him for It
Intel Bill Expands Police Powers
One Million US Troops Have Gone to War in Iraq, Afghanistan
'Abducted' Marine Charged With Desertion
US Says Evidence Gained by Torture Allowed
Debate on Costly Secret Program Bursts Into Open
US Gives Rosy Picture of Reconstruction as Iraqis on the Street Seethe
US Credibility Under Friendly Fire
by Col. Daniel Smith
Occupation, Not Islam, Is Iraq's Problem  by Ian Buruma
A Cold-War Bagman Looks at 'People Power'  by Mark Almond
Rumsfeld Forever!  by Harold Meyerson
New Labour: Be Very Afraid
by Nick Herbert
Media Cheerleaders No Longer?
by Stewart Nusbaumer

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FBI Steps Up AIPAC Probe
GI Pleads Guilty to 'Mercy Killing' of Iraqi
Ex-CIA Alleges Retaliation for WMD Honesty
Mosul Proving Hard to Secure for Election
In Iraq, a Small Mistake Becomes a Security Crisis
Shi'ites Present United Front, Except Sadr, for Vote
FBI Searches Saudi Arabia's PR Firm
Pakistan to Let IAEA Question Khan
US, UK Agree: Counting Civilian Deaths in Iraq Not Worth the Bother
Amputation Rate for US Troops Twice That of Past Wars
Photo courtesy Purple Hearts
Today in Iraq
Town Reflects Rising Sabotage in Iraq
Fallujah Leader Vows to Resist Occupation
US Prevents Saddam's Lawyer From Meeting With Him
General: Fallujah Almost Cleared of Arms
Red Cross Team Visits Fallujah
Powell Slams NATO Iraq Mission Boycott
Top UK Military Man: Media to Blame for Attacks on Black Watch in Iraq
Iraqi Election
A New Bid to Delay Iraq's Vote

Iran Rejects Accusations Over Iraq Vote

Prying Open the Iraq Election List
Attacks Continue
Insurgents Steal Weapons, Blow Up Police Station
Senator Feinstein Almost Hit by Missile in Iraq
Clashes Kill Seven Iraqis, Hostage Is Freed
Mortar Strike Kills Three on Baghdad Street
6 Iraqi National Guards, 10 Civilians Wounded in Mosul Bomb Attacks
Explosions Rattle Italian Embassy in Iraq
Iraq Occupation

Marines Talk of Guns and God on the Front Lines

NATO Agrees to Increase Training Force in Iraq
Marines Hunt Down Fallujah's Strays to Head Off Rabies Threat

First Black Watch Troops Return to UK

US Releases 114 Iraqis From Prison

Oil, Oil, Everywhere...
Oil-Rich Iraq Running on Empty

Baghdad Gas Crisis Blamed on Insurgent Sabotage

Acute Petrol Shortage Adds to Chaos of Baghdad
Global Iraq Fallout

Japanese Troops Will Spend Extra Year in Iraq

Most Japanese Want Troops Out of Iraq

South Korean Parliament Fails to Vote on Extension of Iraq Mission

Turkish Food Company to Stop Shipments to Iraq
United Nations
Ambassador Voices US Support for Annan
Moscow Threatening Its Own Oil-for-Food Probe
Schroeder Seeks UN Veto Power
UN Clears $2.9 Billion in Gulf War Claims
South Asia Arms Sales: The Other News Rumsfeld Made
India Warns US Not to Sell Weapons to Pakistan
Kashmiris Disappointed After India-Pakistan Talks
North Korea
US Promises 'Rich Basket' of Goodies if North Korea Disarms
NE Asia Alarmed by Tougher US Stance on North Korea
Kim Ousts Key Relative, a Potential Rival, From North Korean Govt
Taiwan's Elections Raise Tensions in the Strait
Karzai Declares Jihad on Poppy Cultivation
War Snares Nepal's Young
Indonesian Prosecutors Fail to Implicate Cleric in Bombings
US Airline Starts Vietnam Flights
Chechnya Tore Rights Movement Apart
Terrorism Caused Russian Gas Pipe Blast, Say Officials
Offensives on Oil Companies May Strain US-Russia Ties
Opposition Supporters Protest Election Fraud in Romania
Adams Warns of IRA 'Dissent' Over Disarmament
Military in Crisis
Fewer Soldiers Dying, but More Severely Wounded
Report: Army Doctors Scrambling
Officer Crisis Hits Army Reserve
Bush: We're Doing All We Can to Protect Troops, but We'll Do More
Rumsfeld Expects Army to Address Soldier's Concern

Defiant Soldier Never One to Hold His Tongue

Reporter Planted Rumsfeld Questions
Rumsfeld 'Pleased' to Hear Soldier's Complaints
The War at Home
Bush Manipulated N. Korea Intel, Too, Says Expert
Colorado Army Base Halts Access for Local Paper
Halliburton Passes $10 Billion in Iraq Orders
Several DC-Area Military Recruiting Vehicles Burned in Recent Days
Pentagon Moves Toward More Women in Combat
Nicholson Named Vets Affairs Secretary
Simulation, War's New Teacher
American Islamic Groups to Appeal Ruling on Death in Israel
Body of Soldier on Leave From Iraq Found in Upstate Florida River
Homeland Security
Airline Association Head Criticizes Govts' Airport Security 'Mess'
Driver's License Now a Matter of National Security
Kerik Has Big Critics in the Big Apple
War on Terror
UK Troops Claim Terror Attack Thwarted
Australia Passes 'Anti-Terror' Snooping Laws
Flood of Foreign Observers Expected for Ukraine's Election
NATO, Russia Deny 'Cold War Rift' on Ukraine
Kiev Govt Building Blockade Lifted
Palestinian Politics
Barghouti Offers to Quit Race
Whether He Runs or Not, Barghouti Will Influence Election
Israeli Elections
Likud OKs Coalition Talks With Labor Party
Sharon Warns Likud: Back Coalition or Face Elections
Sharon's 'Holiday Miracle' Still Needs Peres
Israeli Soldier on Trial in Girl's Death
Palestinian Militant Leader Hurt in Israeli Attack
Israeli Troops Kill Four in Gaza
French Diplomat Accuses Israel of Anti-French Neurosis
Saudi Arabia
Marines to Boost Security in Saudi Arabia
Saudis React to Attack With Mixed Feelings
Saudi Cleric Denounces Attack at US Consulate
Aid Agency: Congo Conflict Kills 1,000 Daily
US Opposes Rwandan Incursions Into Congo
DR Congo: Africa's Hidden War
For Kosovo's Leader, Independence Still Key
Serbian Church Sues Occupiers Over Kosovo
Kondovo: If Government Won't Do It, Will Macedonians Defend Themselves?
Bosnian Serb General Continues to Elude NATO Forces
In Other News
Syrian Police Break Up Rights Protest
Darfur Peace Talks Resume

Rebellion in the Ranks

Tillman's True Tragedy

Deception as a Way of Life

Rumsfeld's Muddy Quagmire

Ilana Mercer
Feeding the Iraq Moloch

Praful Bidwai
Dubious Source for New Iran Charges

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Ran HaCohen
How to Remember Arafat

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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