The Third Intifada: Ran HaCohen
We Are the Problem: Charley Reese
Iraq Blowback Is Growing: Ronald Bruce St. John
Burying Water, Hiding Truth: Kathy Kelly
Virtual Nukes: Gordon Prather
War is the statesmans game, the priests delight, the lawyers jest, the hired assassins trade.
– Percy Bysshe Shelley
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Updated Dec. 12, 2004 – 7:30 pm EST
US Tapped UN Nuclear Chief's Phone
Feith: Can't Rule Out US Action Against Iran
Barghouti Pulls Out of Palestinian Race
Reservists: Second-Class GIs in Iraq
Humvees No Match for Crude Bombs
US Denies Saddam Is on Hunger Strike
Saddam's Illicit Trade Was No Secret to US Officials
Army Does About-Face on Armor Assertions
Sunni Cleric Says Fallujah Drew Hundreds to Insurgency
18,000 Troops Begin Winter Afghan Offensive Against Taliban, al-Qaeda
We Are the Problem
by Charley Reese
Iraq Blowback Is Global and Growing  by Ronald Bruce St. John
Psy-Ops: They're Not Just for Foreigners Anymore by Joseph Galloway
Virtual Nukes  by Gordon Prather
Burying Water, Hiding Truth
by Kathy Kelly
Why Do We Fund the UN at All?
by George Getz

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Doctors Find Yushchenko Poisoned by Dioxin
Withdrawn: Why Did Kerik Leave?
White House Puts Blame on Kerik
70 Candidate Lists Registered in Iraq
Marines Learn How to Fight for Allah
Military Hardware Wearing Faster Than Expected
Philippines Market Blast Kills 14
Pentagon Ousts 'Whistle-Blower' Under FBI Probe
Retired Colonel, 70, Sent to Afghanistan
Feds Move to Silence Dissident Voices
Bungled Raids by US Troops Fuel Iraqi Anger
Today in Iraq
Last Week the US Lost Its 1,000th Soldier in Combat. Why Did No One Notice?
Insurgents Accused of Using Ramadi Hospital
Intel Reports: Saddam Planned Insurgency Before Invasion
Welsh Guards Seek Revenge for Redcap Killings
US Drops Massive Bomb on Mosul
Bounty Hunters Target Coalition Troops in Iraq
US Soldier Sentenced to Three Years for Killing Iraqi
Attacks Continue
Iraq Insurgents Kill Top Police, Hit US Convoy
US Marine Killed in Action West of Baghdad
Series of Insurgent Attacks Leaves 4 Iraqi Policemen Dead
British Soldier Tells of Hand-to-Hand Terror
Ten Iraqis Killed in Attacks
Rebels Trying to Scuttle Polls by Hitting Oil Wells
Iraq Occupation
US Airmen Morph Into Combat Roles, Providing Security for Convoys in Iraq
Writings Reveal War Through Troops' Eyes
Iraqi Citizen Convicted in Naval Reservist's Murder
Troops Stay in Touch on Intranet
Military Drug Tests Rising in Iraq, Afghanistan
Iraqi Oil
Sabotage Failed to Dent Iraqi Oil Exports, but Domestic Markets Hit
Iraqi Govt Steps Up Security to Tackle Fuel Crisis
Global Iraq Fallout
UN Iraq Oil-for-Food Audit to Be Released
Tariq Aziz Wins 'Unofficial Support' From Vatican
Turkey Warns US Against Killing Civilians in Iraq
Americans Keep Dying
Cheektowaga (NY) Woman Killed in Iraq
Sadly Fulfilling Marine's (VA) Dream
Soldier From American Samoa Dies in Iraq
Brooklyn (NY) Man Dies in Iraq
Lufkin (TX) Native Killed in Iraq
Elkhart County (IN) Native Slain in Iraq Attack
Maple Shade (NJ) GI Dies in Iraq
Soldier (VA) Killed in Afghan Crash
Kirkland (WA) Family Mourns Soldier Who Perished in Iraq
Los Angeles Marine Dies in Iraq
Oregon Loses Soldier to Enemy Fire in Iraq
Waterbury (CA) Soldier With Ties to NY Killed in Iraq
Body of Millstadt (IL) Marine Heading Home From Iraq
Texas Soldier Dies in Afghanistan
Marine From Warren (MI) Killed in Iraq's Anbar Province
Oxford (PA) Native Killed in Action
IED Claims Life of Texas Soldier in Iraq
Univ. of TX Student Dies in Iraq
Army Officer From Springfield (VA) Killed in Iraq
Camp Lejeune Marine Dies From Wounds Suffered Last Month
Detaining Justice
Guantánamo Torture and Humiliation Still Going On, Says Shackled Briton
Guantanamo Britons 'Losing Sanity' as Fears Grow for Terror Suspects Held in UK
Accused Taliban Fighter Gets Gitmo Hearing
Terror Detainees Sent to Hospital
The War at Home
New Spy Plan Said to Involve Satellite System
Recruiting at Any Cost
Charges Devastate Marine's Family
Gathering Focuses on Blast Injuries
Battles of Britain
Black Watch Home to Tears and Anger
UK Armed Services' Charities Condemn Ministry of Defense
2,000 in Tribute to Slain Hostage
Homeland Security
Kerik's Position Was Untenable, Bush Aide Says
Kerik's 'Gestapo' Tactics
War on Terror
Listening for Signs of Danger
Suitcase With Plastic Explosives Still Missing
Jordan Unions: Stop Supporting US 'War on Terror'
Ukraine's Repeat Election Race Under Way
Dioxins Widespread, but Yushchenko Case Is 'Unique'
Palestinian Politics
Barghouti Poised to Pull Out of Palestinian Election
Arafat File Fails to Halt Rumors
Israeli Politics
Israel's Likud and Labor Begin Coalition Talks
Peres: Labor Could Join Coalition With Likud Within Days
Israel to Start Freeing Dozens of Palestinian Prisoners Today
Arab Officials Criticize US Support of Israel
Israeli Troops Reoccupy Gaza Camp
Katsav Asks Syria to Return Body of Executed Israeli Spy Eli Cohen
Afghan Minister Wants Nearly 2,000 NGOs Closed
Seven-Year Drought Puts Afghanistan on the Brink
Pakistan Arrests an Afghan Militant
14 Arrested for Fatal Pakistan Blast
President Chen Dealt Setback in Taiwan Election
Japan's New Military Focus: China and North Korea Threats
Aceh Governor Detained for Graft
In Other News
Violence Threatens Darfur Talks
Grozny Revisited
Romania Angry at Marine's Role in Death of Rock Star

Rebellion in the Ranks

The Third Intifada

Tillman's True Tragedy

Deception as a Way of Life

Ivan Eland
Rumsfeld's Muddy Quagmire

Ilana Mercer
Feeding the Iraq Moloch

Praful Bidwai
Dubious Source for New Iran Charges

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq – Yet Again?

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