The Ukrainian Template: Justin Raimondo
Another Iraq Exit Strategy: Jeremy Sapienza
Plenty of Strategy, Just No Exit: Mark Rothschild
What ElBaradei Said: Gordon Prather
The Gift of War: Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.
– Thomas Jefferson
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Updated Dec. 13, 2004 – 10:10 pm EST
GIs Court-Martialed for Making Do
8 US Marines Killed in Fallujah Area
Suicide Bomber Kills 13 Near Green Zone
Army Repair Posts Scramble for Materiel
Many Iraqis Confused Ahead of January Election
A Year On, Saddam's Capture No Turning Point
Barghouti Pulls Out of Palestinian Race
More Talk of Desertion, Disgruntlement Amongst Troops
Another Iraq Exit Strategy
by Jeremy Sapienza
Teddy Roosevelt Fathered the Bush Doctrine  by David Beito & William Marina
I Want YOU in the Coalition of the Willing  by Nicholas D. Kristof
Plenty of Strategy, Just No Exit
by Mark Rothschild
Giving the Gift of War
by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
What ElBaradei Said  by Gordon Prather

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Diplomats: Iran Refuses to Give Up Nuclear Research
Turkish PM Warns of Terror Wave if EU Rejects Membership
US Troops, Insurgents Battle Across Iraq
US Warplanes Fire on Fallujah
Shortage of Armor May Greet National Guard in Iraq
Romanian Opposition Wins Close Election
US Pursues Old Enemy in Mosul
Mosul: A Model City Slides Into Chaos
Mosul: A Model City Slides Into Chaos
Today in Iraq
Zarqawi Targets Europe for Recruits for Iraq
US Soldiers Detain More Than 50 North of Baghdad
Aussie Detained in Iraq
Blackouts Across Iraq After Power Plant Fire
Freed Sri Lankan Hostage Says He Was Treated Well in Iraq
US Soldier Killed in Roadside Bomb Blast
Attacks Continue
Militants Continue Attacks in Iraq
Gunmen Assassinate Director of Baghdad's Criminal Intelligence Agency
Gun Deaths Routine at Iraqi ER
Fighting Rages in Fallujah
Gunmen Abduct Iraqi Oil Executive
Iraqi Election
No More UK Troops Planned for Iraq Election
How Iraqi Vote Is Supposed to Work
UN in Talks to Help Iraqi Expats Vote
Communist Party Competes in Iraqi Election
Shi'ite Clerics Use Saddam's Unfinished Mosque to Encourage Voting
Money No Object for Saddam in 'The Mother of All Trials'
US Denies Saddam Is on Hunger Strike
Japan and Iraq
Koizumi's Popularity Plummets After Extending Iraq Mission
Japan Will Withdraw From Iraq if Security Deteriorates
Battles of Britain
Paramedics Question Kelly Suicide
What's Next for Black Watch?
Scottish Regiments' Unconditional Surrender
UK Army Captain Refused Passport Because He Served Overseas
Scottish Antiwar Protesters Call for Wave of Civil Disobedience
Afghan President Says bin Laden in Region, Will Be Caught
Two Taliban Commanders Caught
Afghan Judges Fast-Tracked for War on Drugs
Afghanistan's Information Highway
US Soldiers Run in First Afghan Marathon
Pakistan, India Discuss Advanced Notice on Missile Tests
Kashmiri Govt, Separatists Meet in Nepal
Nepal Army Kills Six Maoists in Kathmandu
An Angry Japan Considers Sanctions on North Korea
Bomb in Philippines Market Kills 15 Shoppers
Burma Frees 5,000 More Prisoners
Grenade Kills Two at Sri Lanka Concert
Russia and China in Defense Talks
Activists Protest as Putin Ends Election of Governors
The Bloody Decade Russia Wants to Forget
In Other News
Critics Lash Out at UN, but Annan Survives
Report: Spain to Deploy 64 Patriot Missiles Facing Mediterranean
Pricey Oil Here to Stay
Protecting the Troops?
'Hillbilly Armor'
GIs' Paychecks Fund Truck Armor
Another Guardsman Questioned Rumsfeld on Armor Last Year
Detaining Justice
More Gitmo Torture Allegations Emerge
Company Fed Rotten Food to Abu Ghraib Prisoners, Sparking Rebellion
New Oversight Standards at Abu Ghraib
At Mock Prison, Soldiers Train to Prevent Another Abu Ghraib
The War at Home
Soldier Injured in Iraq Gets Donations, Little From Army
Iraq War Vet Among Those at Cleveland Antiwar March
WWI-Era Minister Was Jailed for Antiwar Beliefs
Homeland Security
White House Looks for New Security Chief
Officials: Kerik Didn't Reveal Nanny Problems to White House
Kurdish American Fights Retroactive Terrorism Charges, Deportation
War on Terror
Spanish Leader Bids to Reshape Terror War
Bomb Threat Forces 70,000 to Evacuate Real Madrid Stadium
Germany Struggles With 9/11 Prosecutions
CIA Behind Automated Chat Room Spying Scheme
Fearing Attacks, Norwegians Protest US Embassy Relocation
Yushchenko: Delay Poison Probe Until After Election
Ukrainian Officials Reopen Investigation into Yushchenko's Poisoning
Spy Chief Is Poisoning Suspect
KGB's Legacy of Poison Politics
In Ukraine, TV Shakes Off Some Shackles
Abbas Apologizes to Kuwait Over Palestinian Support of Saddam's Invasion
Why Abbas Didn't Condemn Rafah Attack
5 Israeli Troops Killed in Gaza Tunnel Blast: Hamas, Fatah Claim Attack
Seven Schoolchildren Wounded in Israeli Attack
Explosion Rips Through Israeli Checkpoint Near Rafah
US Reportedly Held Iran War Simulation
Military Officials Cautious About Iran Plans
US-European Discord Over Iran Deepening
Iran Convicts Nationals for al-Qaeda Ties
Middle East
Turkey Offers to Heal the Wounds Between the West and Islam, for a Price
Syria Warming to PLO After Arafat's Death
Dubai First Mideast Port to Participate in US Sea Cargo Security Program
Saudi Authorities Detain Activists
Powell to Arab Leaders: Defeat Extremists With Reform
Rival Congo Army Factions Clash Near Rwandan Border
Ugandan Rebels Kill Seven in Southern Sudan
Libya Snubs Africans as It Turns to the West

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Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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