Nation-Building Is Not Conservative: Rep. Ron Paul
Dangerous Delusions on Iran: Paul Craig Roberts
Beheading ElBaradei: Jude Wanniski
US Obstructing Medical Care in Iraq: Dahr Jamail
An empire founded by war has to maintain itself by war.
– Montesquieu
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Updated Dec. 14, 2004 – 8:40 pm EST
Iraqi Christians Mull Taking Up Arms
McCain, Schwarzkopf Blast Rumsfeld on Iraq
Pentagon Disinformation May Spread
US Groups Subvert Democracy Abroad
Abbas Calls for End of Palestinian Uprising
Another Green Zone Blast Kills Seven
Soldiers' Murder Hearings Raise Questions on Conduct
UK Soldiers Sue GIs for Running Them Off the Road in Iraq
Nation-Building Is Not Conservative
by Rep. Ron Paul
Rumsfeld May Soon Regret His Arrogance  by Georgie Anne Geyer
In Colombia, the Status Quo Gets Even Worse  by Ana Carrigan
Dangerous Delusions About Iran
by Paul Craig Roberts
Beheading ElBaradei  by Jude Wanniski
Slow Learners, Arrogant, or Both?
by Peter Dunn

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Labor Storms Out of Israeli Coalition Talks
Rate of Guard Deaths Higher Than Other Troops
10 Marines Killed in Iraq Since Sunday
US Military Obstructing Medical Care in Iraq
Iraqi President Criticizes Coalition
US Spies on ElBaradei
Pinochet Indicted on Human Rights Charges
FBI Investigating Israelis for Military-Industrial Espionage
Army Issued Reprimand for Murder of Afghan Man
Pentagon Admits Eight Afghan Detainee Deaths
13 Killed by Car Bomb in US Green Zone on Anniversary of Saddam Capture
Today in Iraq
Iraq Disputes UN Over Legitimacy of Election
US Spends $86 Million on Iraq Elections
Insurgents to Target Iraqi Candidates in Parliamentary Elections
US Soldiers Face Isolation in Ramadi
Killings Sting Proud Battalion
Halliburton Hires Colombian Mercenaries in Iraq
US Warplanes Bomb Fallujah After Eight US Marines Killed
Attacks Continue
Guarding a Highway of Hazards: The Baghdad Airport Road
Mortar Fired at British Consulate in Basra
Dangers on the Ground in Iraq Lead to Increased Use of Airlifts
Zarqawi Claims Baghdad 'Martyr' Attack
Fallujah: Iraq's Tora Bora?
Fallujans Face Winter as Refugees
Fighting in Fallujah Continues to Uproot People
Lawyer Says Saddam is on Hunger Strike, Despite US Denial
Saddam's Lawyers Urge Red Cross to Investigate Hunger Strike Reports
US: Hunger Striking Iraqi Prisoners Demanded Red Cross Visits
Saddam's 'Spider Hole' Remains Unfilled
Global Iraq Fallout
Bush Spares Blair by Avoiding Trip to Britain
Rumsfeld to Scrap German Visit if Probe Launched
Reliable Poland Is Feeling Like an Ally Scorned
Australia Supports ElBaradei Despite US Spying
Cambodian Govt Cracks Down on Sale of CDs Showing Iraq Hostage Killings
WTO to Open Membership Talks With Iraq, Afghanistan
US Military Rules Out Reducing Afghan Force
Weary Taliban Coming in From the Cold
Pakistan Denies CIA Has Bases on Its Soil
India Sours on US Arms to Rival Pakistan
Pakistan Questions Indian Arms Shopping Spree
UK: Kashmir Solution Vital for Regional Stability
Five Killed in Anti-Indian Protest in Kashmir
China & Her Neighbors
China, Russia Will Hold First War Games
US Warns EU on Arms Sales to China
Taiwan Vote Fails to Ease Tensions With China
Taiwan's Chen a Lame Duck
China Arrests Two Dissident Writers
North Korea
North Korea Lashes Out at US 'Smears'
Japan Freezes Food Aid to North Korea
High Alert After Philippines Blast
In Philippines, a Renewed Bid to Drive Out Terror Factions
In Other News
Romanian Opposition Wins Close Election
Canada Tiptoeing Around Weapons in Space
Cuba Put US on Notice With Massive War Games
The War at Home
Did Opinion Polls Foster False Osama-Saddam Connections?
Civilian Workers at Alabama Arsenal May Face Iraq Deployment
Democrats Planning Hearings on Administration Policies
Soldier Hospitalized After Losing Bid to Remain Home
US Military
Army Report Leans Toward Women in Combat
Study Calls Embedding of Reporters During Iraq War a Success
New Delay for US Missile Defense Test
Homeland Security
Mass Resignations Hobble FBI
Immigration Backlog Forces Justice to Shift Staffing
First Inauguration Since 9/11 Spurs Tightest Security
Change in Cruise Ship Screening Worries Maine's Port Officials
War on Terror
Bin Laden Likely in Pakistan, Search Remains Stalled
Spain Says Ex-Government Erased Data on Madrid Attack
Spanish PM: We Did Not Bow to Terror
UK Father Fears for Gitmo-Held Son
An Indonesian's Prison Memoir Takes Holy War Into Cyberspace
Italian Mobsters Beat Up Terror Suspect in Prison
EU Terror Expert Warns of Terror Sleeper Cells Among Albanians in Macedonia
UK Conservatives to Back National ID Card
Yanukovich: US Meddled in Election
Ukrainian MPs Seek Investigation Into US Funding of Opposition
Israeli Army to Withdraw for 72 Hours so Palestinians Can Vote
Israel Blamed for Christian Exodus from Bethlehem
Israelis Launch Missile Attack on Gaza City
Moves Toward Moderation in Mideast
Palestinian Militant Killed in Gaza Blast
Israel, EU Agree to Enhanced Ties
Realists Fret as Neocons Push Iran Attack
Swift Boat Author Taking Aim at New Target: Iran
Middle East
Rare Anti-Mubarak Demonstration in Cairo
Syria Blames Israel for Car Bombing
France Bans Lebanese Channel Over Violation of Hate Speech Laws
Controversial Palestinian Director Uses Dubai Film Festival to Promote Non-Violence
Russia Alerts World of New Mobile Nuclear Missiles by 2006
Russia's Dismantling of Yukos Seen as Part of a Troubling Trend
Report: Ceasefire Breaking in Sudan
Groups Urge US to Push for UN Intervention in Darfur
Two Aid Workers Killed in Darfur
UN Halts Darfur Aid Work After Killings
Rebel Hutus Live in Fear of Rwanda
Somali 'President' May Reappoint Prime Minister

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