Mass Graves: Are We There Yet?: Mark Drolette
Iraq Is Getting Worse: Patrick Cockburn
How Iran Will Fight Back: Kaveh L. Afrasiabi
Easing the Mule Down From the Minaret: Georgie Anne Geyer
I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, that the less we use our power the greater it will be.
– Thomas Jefferson
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Updated Dec. 16, 2004 – 9:40 pm EST
War Fund Request May Hit $100 Billion
Pattern of Discontent in US Ranks
FBI Steps Up Israeli Lobby Spy Probe
Iraq Insurgency Growing 'More Effective'
US Fears Massive Iranian Interference in Iraq Vote
Purported bin Laden Tape Blasts Saudis
UK Terror Detention Law Ruled Illegal
Experts Predict a Flood of Troubled Soldiers Coming Home
Gitmo Detainees Finally Being Told of Right to Go to Court
Mass Graves: Are We There Yet?
by Mark Drolette
Why Saddam's Capture Accomplished So Little
by Patrick Cockburn
No to Ballistic Missile Defense
by Douglas Roche
The Revolt Against the Nuclear Double Standard  by Lawrence S. Wittner
Bush's Gifts to Iraq  by James Ridgeway
Easing the Mule Down From the Minaret  by Georgie Anne Geyer

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Rumsfeld Under Fire From Neocons
Anti-Rumsfeld Rumblings Grow Louder
Feith Wants Israeli Official Fired Over China Arms Sale
Failure Sets Back Missile Defense Plan
PM: Canada Won't Fund Missile Shield
Two Insurgents Speak
New Revelations Indicate Abuse Was Systemic
Bush Gets to Fill Ranks of New Intel Superstructure
Former FBI Agent Cites Penetration of CIA by China
Almost 900 Children Lost a Parent in Iraq
Today in Iraq
UN Reversal: More Staff Bound for Iraq
Odds Are Even in Iraq Information War
The Risks of the Zarqawi Myth
Iraqi Govt Asks Some of Saddam's Soldiers to Return to Work
'Chemical Ali' Will Be First Iraqi Official Tried
Saddam to Meet Lawyer for First Time
Who Killed Baha Mousa?
Blaming Iran and Syria
Iraqi Minister Accuses Iran of Orchestrating Insurgency
Bush Warns Syria, Iran Against Meddling in Iraq
Iraqi Campaign Raises Question of Iran's Sway
Iran Dismisses Iraqi Charges as 'Propaganda'
Rising Iraq Star: Shi'ite With Strong Iran Ties
Iraq Accuses Iran, Syria of Backing Terror
Iraqi Election
Iraqi Interim Leader Enters Election Race
Iraq Election Campaign Under Way
Smaller Parties Jostle for Piece of Iraq Election Pie
Intrigue, Power Plays as Iraq Campaign Season Starts
Attacks Continue
12 Killed in Bomb Attack on Karbala Shi'Ite Cleric's Office
Gunmen Overrun Iraqi Police Station in Samarra
Gen. Meyers: Pockets of Resistance Remain in Fallujah
Six Found Murdered South of Baghdad
Iraq Occupation
Pentagon Plans Troop Rotation
UK Calls Up 900 Reservists for Tour of Duty
Army Says It Is Spending $4 Billion on Armor
Marine Killed in Iraq Two Days After Leaving Hospital
Helicopter Crash in Iraq Kills Three Polish Troops
Congressman Asks Pentagon to Give Iraq Troops Aging Armor From Vietnam
Soldiers Take a Break With Video War Games
Tennessee Reporter in Rumsfeld Flap Files Embed Report From Iraq
Battles of Britain
British Minister and Blair Ally Blunkett Resigns Over Scandal
UK Ministers Face Grilling Over $2 Billion Saudi Arms Guarantee
British National Party Leader Arrested After Islam Comments
East Asia
US May Cut Troop Levels in Japan
North Korea Tells Japan: Sanctions Will Mean War
Chinese Wartime Sex Slaves Lose Compensation Fight in Japanese Court
Freer Market Ends China's Need for Foreign Aid
China Will Upgrade Weapons Technology if EU Lifts Arms Embargo
Australia to Police Up to Five Times the Width of Its Territorial Waters
Australia Alert on Indonesia Attack
Aussies Warn of Threat to Hilton Hotels
Indonesia Probes UK Arms Deal
Central Asia
Abducted Turk Dies in Afghanistan
Maoist-Army Clashes in Nepal Kill 26
Couple Bridge Kashmir's Divide
More Abuse
Pentagon: 130 Troops Punished for Abuse
Details of Marines Mistreating Prisoners in Iraq Are Revealed
Marines Found Guilty of Abusing Iraqis
US Defends Treatment of Afghan Prisoners
United Nations
UN: US 'Failed to Control' Iraq Oil
How UN Nuclear Watchdog Fell Out With US
Annan's Son Fights Oil-for-Food Claims
UN Court Dismisses Serbia Claims Against NATO
Doctor Who Criticized UN in Book Finds Himself Out of a Job
The War at Home
Some Marines Mentally Ill After Iraq, Documents Show
Inauguration to Emphasize Military – Under Tightest Security Ever
Bush's Second Inauguration Will Be the Most Expensive in History
Justice Dept. Reviews Request for Probe Of Satellite Reports
Bush to Sign Muslim-Specific Law Soon
Homeland Security
Newark Airport Screeners Lose Fake Bomb
Even With Huge Federal Spending, US Unprepared for Bioterror
US Leaders Speak
Families the 'Other Victims' of 9/11 Round-Up
Government Deal With a 'Merchant of Death'?
Hijackers of Athens Bus Give Up to Police
Two Terror Trial Defendants Face New Fraud Charges
Expert: Yushchenko's Poison Level More Than 6,000 Times Higher Than Normal
Yanukovich Vows to Bring Out Thousands for Rerun Vote
Turkey and the EU
EU Ignores Critics and Opens Door to Turkey
EU Ready to Say 'Yes' to Turkey, as Well as 'But'
Soldier Who Shot British Peace Activist Admits Lying
Hamas Cancels Massive Gaza Rally Over Assassination Fears
Israeli Official: Israel Can't Ignore Syrian Peace Overtures
FM: Israel Still Open to 'Road Map'
The Israeli Town Where No Settlers Are Welcome
Saudi Arabia
Saudis Launch PR Blitz to Get Criminals to Head for Jail
Saudi Exile Urges Regime Change
Middle East
The Egypt-Israel Ice Is Melting
Egypt Charts New Course Toward Middle East Peace
Democracy Stirs in the Arab World
Iran's Intriguing New Weave of Tradition and Change
France Bans Hezbollah TV Station
UN Warns of Darfur Aid Pull-Out
Congo Pygmies Struggle to Survive in War Zone
UN Sexual Abuse Alleged in Congo
In Other News
Yukos Files for Bankruptcy in US
Pinochet Warrant Suspended Under Challenge Over Competency
Incentives for Bosnian War Suspects Draw Fire
US Interests Chief Antagonizes Cuban Govt With Christmas Lights
Romania's Revolution Sends Signal Across Europe's Hinterland

The Yushchenko 'Poison Plot' Fraud

Lethal Weapons: Neocon Groupies

Next Target: Iran?

The Third Intifada

Alan Bock
Tillman's True Tragedy

Nebojsa Malic
Deception as a Way of Life

Praful Bidwai
Dubious Source for New Iran Charges

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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