Kill Missile Defense Now: Ivan Eland
It Can Happen Here: Rep. Ron Paul
Justice Perverted: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Shameful Silence on Torture: Los Angeles Times
A Catastrophic Success: Robert Higgs

When will mankind be convinced and agree to settle their difficulties by arbitration?
– Benjamin Franklin
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Updated December 21, 2004 - 11:54 PM EST
Attack on US Base Kills 19 US Soldiers
Poll: Most Think Iraq War Not Worth It
Bush: Don't Expect Quick Departure From Iraq
Bush Admits Iraq Bombers Are Having Effect
FBI: Military Wrapped Detainees in Israeli Flags
White House Threatens Sanctions on Syria
US Programs Tread Thin Line in Ukraine
Why Rummy Should Stay
by Ehsan Ahrari
Remembering Rumsfeld's Rules
by Greg Mitchell
A Shameful Silence on Torture
Los Angeles Times
It Can Happen Here  by Rep. Ron Paul
Justice Perverted  St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Saddam Didn't Do It Alone
by Eric Margolis

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Bush: Palestinian Elections Don't Mean Democracy Has Arrived
CIA Loses Bid to Keep Abuse Records Secret
ACLU: Bush Authorized Mistreatment of Detainees
Blair Makes Surprise Baghdad Visit
Iran May Be Big Winner in Iraq's Election
Allawi: Sunni Insurgents Trying to Start Civil War, Derail Elections
The New Military Life: Heading Back to the War
Inflation Hits Iraqi Insurgency: Guns-for-Hire Reportedly Charging $200 Per Attack
Today in Iraq
Yemeni Youths Head to Iraq Seeking Martyrdom
Khamenei: Israel, US Behind Najaf, Karbala Bombings
Kurdish Intelligence: Iraqi Insurgency Fragmenting Into Smaller Groups
Iraq Says Some Fallujans Can Go Home
Iraqi Police: Bombing Suspects Linked to Iran, Syria
SEAL Acquitted in Prisoner's Death
Displaced Fallujans Unsure of When They Can Return Home
Religious Hostility Surfacing in Iraq
In Iraq: One Religion, Two Realities
Attacks Continue
Kidnappers Demand US Company Leave Iraq
Police Arrest 50 After Attacks Kill 70 Iraqis
Driving on Iraqi Highways a Life-Threatening Risk
Northern Iraq Oil Pipeline on Fire After Blast
14 Killed in Iraq Attacks
Four Americans Hurt in Iraq Blast
Turkish Truck Driver Killed Near Tikrit
Iraqi Politics
Lottery Sets Order of Ballot in Iraq
Iraq Presses Ahead With Election Plans
Allawi Meets With Ba'athists
Saddam Says Election Is a US Plot
Iraq Election Drives Attacks on Shi'ites
Iraqi Election Conference Held in Canada
Global Iraq Fallout
Polish Special Forces Return Home From Iraq
Pakistan Offers to Help With Iraqi Reconstruction
Switzerland to Help Inquiry Into UN Oil-for-Food Scandal
Karzai Hits Hurdle in Forming Cabinet
Six Dead in Afghan Checkpoint Firefight
US Up in Arms Over Sino-Israel Ties
China's Leader Lauds Policy in Macau in Nod to Hong Kong, Taiwan
North Korea's Nukes: Advanced, but Hidden
Thousands of Pakistanis Protest Musharraf's Plan to Stay as Army Chief
Grenade Scare Puts Jakarta on Alert
Bush Wants to Keep Ties With Putin
Auction of Seized Yukos Unit Raises Suspicions
Russian Military: 1,200 Rebels Currently in Chechnya
The Frontier of Russian Capitalism
In Other News
US Funds to Help Disarm Colombian Militants
Basque MPs Back Autonomy Plan
War at Home
Bush Defends Rumsfeld As 'A Caring Fellow'
The President's Grand Elusion
Families of Slain Soldiers Slam Rumsfeld's Machine-Signed Signature
Bush Vows Intelligence Director Will Have Real Power
Schools Forward Private Information to Military Recruiters
War's Horrors Turned Iraq Vet Into Conscientious Objector
British Big Brother
Northrop Grumman to Provide Biometric Technology to UK
ID Card Revolt Leaves UK Leaders Humiliated
UK MPs Boycott ID Card Vote
UK Home Secretary Condemns ID Card Opposition as Luddites
UK Home Secretary Pledges to Reform Terror Laws
UK MPs: ID Card Plan an Illogical and Costly Threat to Civil Liberty
Hezbollah Threat Hovers Above Palestinian Poll
Israeli Police Chief: Public Opposition Could Prevent Disengagement
Israelis Fear Civil War Over Gaza
World Bank President: Gaza Pullout Is Not Enough
Israel to Boycott Blair's Peace Conference
Settler Group Backs Resistance to Gaza Plan
Israel Radio: UN to Slam Israeli Policy in Report on Bethlehem
The 'Olive Branch' That Ought to Cross the Wall
The Ever-Cautious Abbas
Sealing Syria's Desolate Border
US Denies Entry to Syrian MP
Cyprus Threatens to Veto Turkey's EU Membership
Turkey: Embassy Team Ambushed by Kurds
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Fears Attacks from Insurgents Battle-Hardened in Iraq
ElBaradei: US Phone Taps a Violation of Privacy
Iran Tries to Quell Internet Media Wave
Opposition: Jordan Arresting Critics of US
Yushchenko Tells TV Audience: PM Tried to Steal the Election
Ukrainian Candidates Trade Barbs in Debate
Sudanese Govt Agrees to End Military Operation in Darfur
African Union Helicopter Attacked in Darfur
Many in Darfur Completely Reliant on Humanitarian Aid
Rwanda Withdraws Threat to Invade Congo
100,000 Displaced in Congo
Stench of Congo Carnage

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