Now They're After Rummy: Justin Raimondo
Scapegoating Rumsfeld: Patrick J. Buchanan
Fallujah: Little Stalingrad: William S. Lind
'Peaceful' Regime Change in Iran?: Jim Lobe
Shock, Awe, and the Human Body: William Pfaff

The occupation and robbery of a nation occurs under the illusion of freeing its citizens from brutal oppression.
– Ramman Kenoun
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Updated December 22, 2004 - 11:58 PM EST
Worst Attack on US Troops in Iraq
Bush Foresees a Deeper US Role in Iraq
Death Toll of Iraqi Policemen Hits 1,000
Bush: US Can't Force Iran to Abandon Nuclear Program
Insurgent Attacks Lead to Fears of Shi'ite Retaliation
Israeli Hubris May Have Gone Too Far  by Youssef M. Ibrahim
Shock, Awe, and the Human Body
by William Pfaff
Star Wars: A Spacy Idea Whose Time Has Gone Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Fallujah: Little Stalingrad
by William S. Lind
Blair's Meaningless Mideast Trip
by David Hirst
The Fallujah Gulag  by Douglas Lummis

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AIPAC Spies Weave a Tangled Web
Hawks Plan 'Peaceful' Regime Change in Iran
Policy Leak Brings Army Order on Keeping Mum
Putin Says He Can Work With Yushchenko
Pentagon Document: Some Prisoner Killings Not Fully Investigated
UK MPs Predict Ten More Years in Iraq
French Journalists Freed After 124 Days Because of Antiwar Stance?
Where's Zarqawi?
A Kinder, Gentler bin Laden?
Precision of Mosul Base Attack Worries Military Experts
In Instant, Mosul Mealtime Turns to Chaos
Mosul Explodes
Father Cut Off Talking to Son as Attack Struck Mosul Base (video)
Hardened Bunker for Mosul Dining Hall Was Days From Completion
US 'Chow Tents' Prime Targets for Mortar Attacks
Bush: Occupation a 'Mission of Peace'
Mosul: Northern Powder-Keg?
White House: Mosul Attack Shows 'Ongoing Security Issues'
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Minister Says al-Jazeera Funding Insurgents
Gunmen Shoot Dead Iraqi Nuclear Scientist
How Blair Got Into the Heart of Baghdad
Oil-for-Food Corruption: You Don't Know the Half of It
Iraqi Election
Iraqi Voters Fear Being Marked for Attack
Iraq Unveils Election Schedule
Journalists Feeling Increasingly Threatened Ahead of Iraq Elections
Secularism, Defeating Insurgency Key Planks in Allawi's Platform
Gulf Arabs Urge US to Make Sure All Ethnic Groups Participate in Iraq Elections
Saddam on Trial
Tribunal Prepares for Saddam
Saddam's Lone American Lawyer States His Case
Tribunal Vows 'Fair Trial' for Saddam, Aides
Iraq Occupation
US Air Strike on Iraqi Town Kills Six Civilians
Mystery Surrounds Fate of US-Held Jordanian Drivers
Rare Pneumonia Found Among US Soldiers in Iraq
Soldiers Hunt Bombs in Iraqi Ghost Town
Eyewitness Fallujah
Global Iraq Fallout
Last of Hungary's Troops Leave Iraq
Chirac Agrees to Visit Bush in Washington Next Year
Indian Army Major Imprisoned for Faking Kashmir Battle
India Deploys Israeli-Made Spy Drones in Kashmir
India Tests Supersonic Cruise Missile
Musharraf: South Waziristan Operation Not Against Tribesmen
Bhutto's Husband Rearrested
Court Told Indonesian Met With bin Laden
Indonesia's Anti-Terror Drive
Karzai: No Dual Nationalities Allowed for Afghan Cabinet
China Slams US Plan to Post Military Officers in Taiwan
Thailand Claims Proof of Militant Training Camps in Malaysia
Japan to Hold Talks With US About Military Shift
US Blames Both Sides for Darfur Violence
UK Charity Pulls Out of Darfur
Negotiator: Sudan Peace Deal to Be Signed Next Week
UN Troops Sent to Eastern Congo
Rights Group: 180,000 Congolese Have Fled
Ivory Coast, France's Little Iraq
Refugees Return to Liberia
More Abuse
Military Reviews ACLU's Gitmo Abuse Claims
Records Released in Response to Torture FOIA Request
New Prisoner Abuse Allegations Hit US
Rumsfeld's Role in Prisoner Torture
The War at Home
Iraq-Deployed Soldier Loses Custody of Son
9/11 Panel Members: Congressional Oversight of Intelligence a Threat to Safety
Grand Jury Probe Into Israeli Lobby Postponed
Yahoo Guards E-Mail Privacy of Marine Killed in Iraq
Report: Gulf Vets May Face Higher Cancer Risk
Shot Through Wall Kills Ranger in Training Session
US Settles WWII Looting Lawsuit
Interview With an Antiwar Vet
Antiwar Demonstrators Put Bush on Santa's Naughty List
Homeland Security
Value of Homeland Security's Registration Program Doubted
Homeland Security Officials Are No-Shows at Muslim Forum
Training Drill Mishap in US Raises Concerns About Uranium Security
War on Terror
Moroccan Judge Releases 'Bin Laden Guard'
Moroccan Charged With Helping Plan Madrid Train Bombings
Secret Evidence Used in Australian Terror Trial
UN Urges Canada Not to Deport Mexican Who Claims He Was Tortured by Military
Yanukovych: Ukraine Will Not Be Split
Report: Ukraine Separatists Being Given Russian Weaponry
Yushchenko Backers Barred From Donetsk
Yushchenko to Head to Israel for Plastic Surgery After Election
Blair Arrives in Israel for Talks
Israel Readies Troops to Oust Settlers
US Tells Israel: Don't Return Assault Drones to China
Missile Hits Gaza Settlement Synagogue
Israel Invades Gaza Camp Again
Israeli Settlers Liken Gaza Withdrawal to Holocaust
Turkish FM to Visit Israel
Gulf Council Calls for Palestinian State
Abbas Says He's Committed to Peace Deal
Middle East
Uncertain Quiet Descends on Syrian Front
Diplomats: Iran Atomic Work Breaks Spirit of Accord
UN Yields to US, Egyptian Pressure Over Arab World Report
US Unable to Confirm Russian Compliance With Weapons Treaty
Bush Won't Allow Putin's Actions to Harm Relationship
Putin Offers Insight Into Yukos Sale
Putin Says Yukos Auction Done Lawfully
In Other News
Annan: '04 a Tough Year for UN
Italian Army Woman to Face Abuse Inquiry
Bosnian Serb General Sent to UK Jail

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Dubious Source for New Iran Charges

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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