Never Smile at a Crocodile II: Teresa Whitehurst
What's All the Fuss About A.Q. Khan?: GordonPrather
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05: PrafulBidwai
US Relief Group Calls for Iraq Withdrawal: Jim Lobe

The obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people.
– Ron Paul
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Updated December 26, 2004 - 11:54 PM EST
US: Insurgents Infiltrating Coalition
Iraq Rejects US Talk of Boosting Sunni Role
Militants Release Video of Mosul Base Attack
Yushchenko Claims Ukraine Victory
FBI Reports Back Gitmo Detainees' Abuse Claims
Tense Christmas in Iraq's 'Triangle of Death'
Iraqi Christians Brave Bombs for Christmas Prayers
Rumsfeld: Defeating the Insurgency Is an Iraqi, Not American, Problem
No Peace on Earth During an Unjust War  by Andrew Greeley
What Is All the Fuss About A.Q. Khan?  by Gordon Prather
So Much for Liberating Iraqi Women  by Haifa Zangana
They Stopped a War for Christmas
by Steve Packer
Why We Must Stay in Iraq – or Not
by Harry Browne
The Butcher's Bill  by Jack Beatty

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Report: Al-Qaeda May Target British New Year Celebrations
Revealed: the UK's Secret Terrorism Agency
Hiding Christmas in Iraq
A Difficult Little Christmas in Iraq
Pope Talks of His Apprehension for Iraq
Archbishop Criticizes Billions Spent on War
Ansar al-Sunnah Army Gains Clout, Nearly Outshining al-Qaeda in Iraq
Turkish Shipping Magnate, 3 Others Kidnapped in Iraq
Clerics: US Forces Killed Sunni Scholar in Raid
Ukraine Court Annuls Election Law Change
Yushchenko Hit by Renewed Fears of Election Fraud
Short Outbreak of Sanity,
War the Only Casualty
Today in Iraq
Two 'Zarqawi Network' Leaders Captured in Ramadi Sweep
UN Launches Operation to Reach Four Million Expatriate Iraqis to Vote
Russia Sends Two Aid Planes to Iraq
Letterman Tapes Christmas Eve Show in Iraq
Iraq Wants New Bids to Develop Oil Field
Attacks Continue
Christmas Bombing Toll in Iraq Up to 12
Car Bomb Kills Five Civilians Near Najaf
Nine Die in Attack on Baghdad Embassy
Officials Targeted in Iraq Attacks
Gunmen Kill Baghdad University Dean
US Soldiers Wounded in Iraq Suicide Bombing
Aftermath of Mosul
Injured Soldier Describes 'Pandemonium' of Mosul Blast
In Mosul, Troops Pray for Their Futures
US Arrests 34 in Mosul
Legal Issues in Iraq
Lawyer Wants Iraq's Aziz Freed for 'Lack of Proof'
Tariq Aziz Denies Iraqi Role in UN Oil-for-Food Scandal
Ghost Firms Hinder Oil-for-Food Probe
Iraqi Official Says Najaf Bombers Arrested
Americans Keep Dying
Slain Soldier's (CA) Mom: US Should Bring Them All Home
For VA Guardsman Killed in Iraq, 'Being a Soldier Was All He Ever Wanted'
Dad (CA) Outraged Over Son's Iraq Death
Freedom (ME) Soldier's Death in Iraq Stuns Family, Friends
IL Soldier Struck, Killed by Car in Kuwait
Gulfport (MS) Navy Chief Killed in Mosul Blast
Charlotte (NC) Army Captain Killed in Mosul
Slain NYC Soldier Left Panamanian Army
Acadiana (LA) Loses Another Soldier
Iraq Bomb Took Life of Soldier From Tennessee
WV Soldier Killed in Mosul Was Scheduled to Leave Next Week
VA Soldier Died in Mosul Bombing
Louisiana Soldier Killed in Baghdad Bomb Blast
Maine Army Mechanic Killed in Mosul Bombing
Lena (IL) Marine Killed in Iraq Humvee Accident
Freeland (PA) Soldier Killed in Mosul Bombing
Bronx (NY) Neighborhood Mourns Another Soldier Killed in Iraq
Texas Army Specialist Killed in Kuwait Car Accident
San Antonio (TX) Marine Killed in Iraq
VA Soldier One of Two Area Guardsmen Killed in Iraq
Christmas Truce of 1914
The Story of the Christmas Truce
The Christmas Truce
Movie Being Shot About the "Christmas Truce"
Letter From a Soldier
Christmas in the Trenches
The War at Home
Bishops Called to Speak Out Against Iraq War
Guard, Reserve Troops Await Iraq Call-Up
War on Terror
Intel Officials: Terrorist Threat Exists but 'Chatter' Lacking
UK Church Leaders Condemn Terror Overspending
Israeli Troops Bury Palestinian Fighter Alive in Jenin
Arafat Heirs, Hamas Both Pleased With Local Election Results
Abbas Begins Election Campaign Citing Arafat's Legacy
Abbas Promises to Lead Palestine to Statehood
Middle East
Prosperity Tempers Desire for Democracy in Dubai
Shot BBC Journalist Plans to Return to Saudi Arabia
Britain Prepares to Send 3,000 Troops to Darfur
Violence Forces More Charities Out of Darfur
Sudan, Rebels Set Date to Sign Peace Pact
French Army to Stay in Ivory Coast
Kenyans to Vote on Constitution
US Widens Afghan Focus
Afghan Insurgent Dies While Planting Bomb
Pakistan Denies Osama 'Secret Base' Report
Pakistan: India Blocked Belgium F-16 Deal
Four Pakistani Troops Killed in Rocket Attack
Kim: North Korea Has No Plans to Invade South
US Ally Uzbekistan to Vote in No-Choice Poll
Kashmir Rebel Leader Arrested in Raid
Nepal Combats Maoist Blockade
18 Separatists Killed in Aceh Fighting
Philippines Insurgents Vow to Seize Power
In Other News
Albania’s Strela Missiles Meant for New Macedonian Conflict Zones
Missile Defense Revival Polarizes Canadian Christians
Five Children Killed by Vietnam War Shell
Memorial to Berlin Wall Victims Divides the City Again

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