A Decent Outcome Depends on a Prompt Withdrawal: William R. Polk
Banking While Muslim: Jeff Taylor
Shopping for War: Bob Herbert
Army's Morale on the Downswing: William Pfaff

Dress it as we may...huzza it, and sing swaggering songs about it, what is war, nine times out of ten, but murder in uniform?
– Douglas Jerrold
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Updated January 2, 2005 - 11:56 PM EST
Iraq Ushers in 2005 With Deadly Attacks
Counterinsurgency Plagued by Fear, Doubt
33 Iraqis, Including 23 Troops, Killed in Attacks
Iraq's Election Officials Resign Fearing Reprisals
Tsunami Temporarily Puts Iraq Out of Spotlight
Fresh Details Emerge on Harsh Methods at Gitmo
White House Plans for Longer-Term Detention of Suspects
Pentagon Misses Goal for Missile Defense System
Jordan Bans Protest by Families of Slain GIs
For Many Americans, Iraq War Has No Consequences  by Ronald Brownstein
Banking While Muslim  by Jeff Taylor
Iraq 2004 Just as Intense as Vietnam 1966
by Phillip Carter and Owen West
Shopping for War  by Bob Herbert
Army's Morale on the Downswing
by William Pfaff
Boy Bush Offs Older, Wiser Republicans  by Sidney Blumenthal

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Israeli Spy's Passport Spurs UK Foreign Office Protest
Iraqi Officials Cite Rise of Interest in Elections
Iraqi Prime Minister Warns Neighbors
Iraq Torture Investigators Reveal Scores of New Cases
Insurgents Kill 12 Iraqis, One US Marine
1 US Soldier Killed, 1 Wounded in Iraq Attack
Al-Qaeda Video Shows Police Execution
Sadr Aide Shot in Baghdad
'If I Had Been British, I'd Be Dead'
Yanukovich to Pursue Ukraine Presidency
A Deadly Year Continues to Get Worse for US Soldiers in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Allawi Vows 2005 Decisive for Iraq, as Radical Iraqi Groups Threaten Elections
Police Find Beheaded Bodies
Iraq Coach Quits After Home Destroyed
Iraqis Free Captured Bangladeshi Driver
Attacks Continue
Local Government Official Killed Northeast of Baghdad
Lebanese Shot Dead in Baghdad's Green Zone
Clashes Around Baghdad
Four Wounded in Basra Blast
Saboteurs Blow Up Iraqi Oil Pipeline
Iraq Oil Ministry Says Foils Refinery Attack
Iraq Occupation
US Releases 260 Detainees in Iraq
US General Visits Embattled Troops
Battery B Heads to Iraq Early
US Military Hospitals Flooded With Gifts
Army Medics Receive Intense Training
The New Iraq
Iraq Reinstates Coins First Time Since Early 1990s
First Iraqi Airways Flight From Baghdad to Basra
Battle of Britain
Iraq Controversy Expected as UK Govt Opens Up Files
British Information Act to Set Blair Iraq Poser
Murdered Aid Worker Hassan Awarded Irish Peace Prize
Americans Keep Dying
Mother, Teacher Share Memories of Slain Lincoln County (MT) Soldier
Oklahoman Slain in Iraq Named Oklahoman of the Year
Wisconsin Father, Football Coach Killed in Iraq
Death in Iraq Wounds a Marine's Family in Warren (MI)
Marine From Plant City, FL Killed in Iraq
Indianapolis Marine Killed in Fallujah
Navy Sailor (CA) Killed by Non-Hostile Gunfire
Local Soldier (LA) Wounded in Iraq Dies
Reston (VA) Soldier Dies in Baghdad After Collision
Puerto Rican Soldier Killed in Iraq
Modesto (CA) GI in Iraq, 19, Killed by Car Bomb
The War at Home
One California City Learns to Cope With Iraq War Casualties
GI Families United in Grief, but Split by the War
War Profits Clothed in Sadness
Homeland Security
FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley Retires
War Talk, Perpetually
Palestinian Politics
Abbas Says He Wants to Shield Militants
Gulf Begins to Grow Between Abbas and Hardline Palestinians
Abbas Gets Hero's Welcome in Gaza Tinderbox Rafah
Jenin's Guns Overshadow Peacemaker
Bungled Israeli Killing Revealed
West Bank Youth Move Into Gaza to Obstruct Pullout
IDF to Review Its Policy on Militants' House Demolitions
Stray Rocket Kills Palestinian Girl
Middle East
Iranian Presidential Election Set for June
Most Wanted Terrorist Among Five Riyadh Car Bombers
Libya Is Enticing US Executives With Its Abundant Oil Reserves
Pakistan, India Swap List of Nuclear Facilities
North Korea to Face Critical Decision in 2005
US Military Will Operate in Indonesia for First Time
US to Send Up to 1,500 Marines to Sri Lanka for Relief Work
Turkmenistan Cuts Gas Supplies to Russia, Ukraine Over Price Dispute
Khartoum Says Deal With Southern Rebels Has Completed Peace Process
Uganda's Northern War Resumes After Truce Runs Out
Uganda to Clamp Down on Rebels
Suspected Rebels Massacre 16 in Colombia
Colombian Rebel to Appear in US Court Next Week
Peru Soldiers Take Police Hostage
Weekend Reviews
Our Oldest Enemy: A History of America’s Disastrous Relationship With France
Enforcing the Peace: Learning from the Imperial Past
The Truth About Terrorism

The Great Crime Spree of 2004

Confused About Democracy

Train of Abuses

The Neoconnerie’s Plan For Iran

Ivan Eland
Greater Government Spending Has Not Enhanced National Security

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Ran HaCohen
The Third Intifada

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq – Yet Again?

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