Today's Conservatives Are Fascists: Justin Raimondo
Humvees Aren't the Problem: Aaron Glantz
Overblown Threats: Gordon Prather
FOIA Eyes Only: Eric Umansky
The End of Illusions: Tony Karon

We need a type of patriotism that recognizes the virtues of those who are opposed to us.
– Francis John McConnell
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Updated January 3, 2005 - 11:58 PM EST
Iraq's Shi'ites: US Troops Should Stay
Iraq Battling 200,000 Insurgents: Intel Chief
Rules Relaxed to Tempt Iraq Sunnis to Vote
Two Days of Attacks Leave 42 Iraqi Troops Dead
US Plans Detention for Life Without Charges
Sen. Lugar: Lifetime Detention Without Trial a 'Bad Idea'
Landmines Another Form of Danger in Tsunami Aftermath
Humvees Aren't the Problem
by Aaron Glantz
Dr. Strangefeld & the Long-Rod Penetrator  by Alexander Zaitchik
FOIA Eyes Only: Classifying and Redacting the Truth  by Eric Umansky
Overblown Threats  by Gordon Prather
What's at Stake in Saudi Arabia
by Charles H. Featherstone
Abu Ghraib's Collateral Damage
by Andrew Rosenthal

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Iraq, Iran, North Korea Top Bush Agenda
Powell Predicts Shi'ite Victory in Iraqi Elections
What if Iraq Taps Pro-Iran Leaders?
Training Failures Left Guard Unit Unready for Iraq
Jordan Bans Protest by Families of Slain GIs
ElBaradei Unchallenged for Third Term
ElBaradei's Run a Setback for US
Two US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Returning Fallujah Refugees Find Battle-Worn Hometown Unlivable
Today in Iraq
Syria to Offer Iraqi Expat Polling Sites
Thousands of Fallujans Demonstrate
Iraq National Guards Hold 228 Suspected Insurgents
Insurgent Attacks Kill 33 Across Iraq
US, UK Consulates in Basra Shelled
Kurds Seek to Maintain a Fragile Autonomy
A Violent Election?
Iraq Election Officials in Baiji Quit Over Threats
Powell Warns of Increasing Violence Before Iraq Vote
Sunni Marginalization Risks Worsening Iraq Turmoil
The New Iraq
Iraqi Insurgents Waging 'All-Out War' on Oil Industry: Minister
Risky Business: Exploring New Oil Fields in Iraq
Jailed Iraqi Scientist's Health Causes Concern
Global Iraq Fallout
Iranian FM Snubs Iraq Conference in Jordan
British WMD Whistleblower: 'I Just Had to Tell the Truth'
US Says Syria Improved Border Security
Spanish PM Says Iraq Withdrawal Was His Best Move in 2004
Sudanese President Suggests Power-Sharing Talks
Sudan Military to Withdraw From South Within 30 Months
50,000 Ethiopians Denounce Border Talks
New Year's Eve Finds Peace in East Africa
Palestinian Politics
Israel Arrests Several Palestinian Candidates in West Bank
PA Minister: Israel Bars Prisoners From Voting in PA Elections
Israel Will Let Abbas Campaign in East Jerusalem
Abbas Calls Palestinian Rocket Attacks 'Useless'
Abbas Will Not Fight Militants
Abbas Wins Backing of Palestinian Militants
Hamas Defends Firing Rockets
Powell Says Next Palestinian Leader Must End Terrorism
Israeli Settlers: 5,000 Troops Endorse Refusal of Orders in Petition
Cameraman Shot by Israeli Troops
Israelis Launch New Raid in Gaza
Rockets Fired From Gaza Wound Several Israelis
Debate Over Israeli Army's Role in School
GIs Coping With Iraq
Reservist's Auction Raises Nearly $3,000 for Armor
Soldier Blinded in Iraq Sees Opportunity
Largest Texas National Guard Group Set to Deploy to Iraq
Fighting Words: Decoding Iraq War Lingo
Army to Step Up Training for Medics
Orlando Resort an Oasis for Troops
Troops Stationed in Iraq Turn to Gaming
Soldiers Slam Dance the Night Away in Iraq
The War at Home
US Intelligence Shake-Up Meets Growing Criticism
The War Vote Beat Me, Claims Kerry
Analysts Urge Bush to Quickly Outline Foreign Policy Goals
Needing Cash, Veterans Sign Over Pensions
Politics of Middle East Play Out in Class Fracas
Missile Defense Agency Continues Space-Based Lasers Research
More Abuse
Interrogation by Enema
Abu Ghraib Abuse Trials to Begin at Texas Base
Gitmo Briton Tortured for Reciting the Koran
War on Terror
Terrorism Fight Prods NSA to Look Beyond Its Fortress
US Terror Trial for Briton Caught in FBI Sting
Homeland Security Hunting Immigrant Fugitives
Yanukovich Resigns, but Vows to Fight On
Irregularities Observed in Third Round of Ukraine Vote
Croatia Poll Goes to Run-Off
Croatia Struggles for Post-War Harmony
Middle East
Report: US Fighters Violate Iranian Air Space
The War Inside the Arab Newsroom
In 2005, a Mideast Window of Moderation
Looking at Past News
UK Archives Reveal Alleged Torture of N. Ireland Internees
MI6 Double Agent Was 'Betrayed by a Journalist'
Spanish Civil War Victims Speak Out

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