America's Death Squads: Justin Raimondo
Europe Retreats From US's Quagmire: Chris Deliso
States, War, and Peace: Joseph Stromberg
ElBaradei 1, Bolton 0: Gordon Prather
A Phony War on 'Terror': Max Hastings

With no notice to the American people...this country entered the war...Stranger than the fact was the passive acceptance of it.
– Garet Garrett
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Updated January 10, 2005 - 11:40 PM EST
GIs Kill 19 Iraqis in 2 Mistaken Attacks
Pentagon Denies GIs Killed Iraqi Civilians
US Plans Salvador-Style 'Death Squads' for Iraq
Abbas Declares Victory in Palestinian Election
Baghdad Police Chief, 2 GIs, 4 Iraqi Police Killed
GOP Congressman: Iraq Pullout Should Be Considered
Second US Attack on Civilians Feeds Calls for Withdrawal
Congress Passes 'Doomsday' Plan
Europe Retreats From America's Quagmire  by Christopher Deliso
Rumsfeld's Legacy: The Iraq Syndrome?  by Lawrence Freedman
Did Iraq's Insurgents Kill Missile Defense?  by Paul Rogers
ElBaradei 1, Bolton 0  by Gordon Prather
A Phony War on 'Terror'
by Max Hastings
Chasing Down the Truth About Torture  by Georgie Anne Geyer

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Rumsfeld Turns to Luck, Not Neocons, for Iraq Help
CIA Director Cuts Meetings on Terrorism
Natl Guardsmen Describe Mistreatment in Iraq
Allawi Party Leader Assassinated in Iraq
Citing Safety, Anbar Electoral Board Resigns
Why Our Embeds Don't Tell All
Eight Coalition Soldiers Killed in Iraq Explosion
More UK Soldiers on the Way to Iraq
Yushchenko Looks to Iraq Withdrawal
Gonzales Faces Widening Guantanamo Scandal
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Police Chief Assassinated
Riyadh City Council Member Kidnapped
No Escape for Civilians in Iraq War of Attrition
Attorney Says Iraqi Body Not Yet Exhumed in Drowning Case
UK Soldier Faces Court Martial Over Iraqi Abuse Photos
Iraq Sunnis Seek Troop Pullout Timetable
UN: Gulf War Victims Overpaid by $5 Billion
Iraqi Election
Iraq Sunnis May Abandon Vote Boycott Call
Sistani: Sunnis Must Have Effective Participation
Obstacles Plague Absentee Voting for US Iraqis
Powell Voices Concern but Says Election Must Happen on Schedule
UN: Iraq Must Vote Despite Problems
Iraq Occupation
In Fallujah, Marines Try a New Tactic
For Marines, Home at Iraqi Dam Is Like Villain's Lair
The New Iraq
In Iraq, a Winter of Discontent
'I Hope for Freedom of Movement, for Peace'
Global Iraq Fallout
Hit Insurgents Near Baghdad, Blair Urges
French Journalists Defend Right to Report From Iraq
A French Call for a New Day With US
War and the Tsunami
Civil Strife Mars Aid Efforts in Aceh and Sri Lanka
Relief Workers Warned About Aceh Rebels
Afghan Judge Admits Harboring Attackers
Waste of War Still Killing in Afghanistan
Pakistan Imposes Indefinite 24-Hour Curfew After Ambush
Nepal Maoists Release 300 Hostages
Seven Killed in Kashmir Violence
Putin Continues to Roll Back Reforms, While Increasing Powers
Putin Unlikely to Loosen Grip On Russia
Peace Deal in Sudan Brings Hope to Five Million Refugees
Analysts, Diplomats Say Sudan Accord Will Be Challenge to Implement
Sudan Looks to Peace and Wealth
In Other News
Tsunami Like a 'Nuclear Strike'? Not Exactly
UK's Gibraltar Commander Found Dead
Sinn Fein 'Knew of IRA Heist Plans'
Venezuelan Troops Enforce Land Grab Law
New Zealand's Agent Orange Role Exposed
Detaining Justice
Guantanamo: Three Years Later
Nightmare of Guantanamo
Britain's Abu Ghraib
Families of Guantanamo Prisoners Waiting
US Loses Bahraini Detainee's Notes in Post
Translator to Plead Guilty to Taking Gitmo Documents
The War at Home
Threats Loom, but US Focused on Iraq
Targeting Teens for Troops
Military College Takes Financial Hit With Cadets' Deployment
Courts to Resolve Contractors' Deaths
Seventh-Day Adventists Criticize Marine Corps for Imprisoning Convert
Congress Seeks Further Intelligence Reforms
War on Terror
Former Soviet-Bloc Couple Suing CIA for Breach of Clandestine Deal
Albanian Chemical-Weapons Cache Raises Fears
U. of Maryland Gets $12 Million to Study Terrorists' Motives
UK Has ID Card 'Army' Despite No Approval
German's Claim of Kidnapping Brings Investigation of US Link
France's Islamists Forced Underground
France Increases Security at Nice Airport After Threat
Palestinian Election
Abbas Will Need More Than His Likeability to Follow Arafat
Abbas Camp Accuses Palestinian Election Organizers of 'Serious Mistakes'
Mixed Feelings in Gaza at Abbas Agenda
Abbas, an Arafat in a Suit Who Means Business
Palestinian Demands for Their Leaders
Bush Praises Outcome of Palestine Election, Pledges Aid
A New Start for the Palestinian People?
Blair: Bush Can Lead Final Status Talks on Palestinian State
Palestinians Extend Voting by Two Hours
Abbas Faces Challenge of Success
Sharon Wants Post-Poll Peace Talks
Israeli Army Dismisses 34 Officers Who Signed Refusal Letter
Gaza: A Study in Conflicting Realities
Israeli Raid in South Lebanon Kills French Officer
Hezbollah Kills Israeli Officer in Border Attack
Jewish Group to Call on NATO to Grant Israel 'Associate Membership'
In Gaza's Berry Fields, a Family Reels After Losing Seven Boys to Israeli Fire
Gaza Gunmen Briefly Abduct Two Spanish Reporters
Explosion Reported Near Israeli Army Post in Gaza
Middle East
UN to Take Samples From Iranian Nuclear Site
Saudi Police Kill Four Militants

America's Death Squads

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