Heading for the Exits: Justin Raimondo
Yes to US Aid, No to USAID: Ilana Mercer
Bush-Neocon Parting of the Ways?: Pat Buchanan
Terrorism Fears Are Unjustified: Leon Hadar
About That Cakewalk...: Paul Craig Roberts

The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labor.
– Emmanuel Goldstein
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Updated January 12, 2005 - 11:59 PM EST
Officials: US Considers Strikes on Syria
Allawi: Nationwide Polls Impossible
Rumsfeld Denies Mulling Hit Squads for Syria
Powell: Troops May Be Pulled From Iraq This Year
New Gallup Poll: 50% Say Iraq Invasion a Mistake
Two Years Later, US WMD Search in Iraq Ends
Ayatollah Alarms Sunnis With Pledge of Security Force Purge
Homeland Security Nominee Criticized Over Post-9/11 Policies
Bush-Neocon Parting of the Ways?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Investigate Violations of Law in Fallujah Attack by Rep. Jim McDermott and  Richard Rapport
Where Antiwar Protesters Should Not Protest  by Stewart Nusbaumer
Fears of Terrorism Are Unjustified
by Leon Hadar
Dear Ken: About That Cakewalk...
by Paul Craig Roberts
Doctor's Orders Ė Spill Your Guts
by M. Gregg Bloche and Jonathan H. Marks

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Allawi Group Slips Cash to Journalists for Coverage
Few at Gitmo of Intelligence Value: US Official
'This Is Not a Life'
22 Members of Allawi's Party Killed in Last 2 Months
Families of the Fallen Unite in Grief and Anger
California Marine Who Didn't Want to Return to Iraq Ambushes Police, Kills One
Top US General Asks Turkey to Use Key Air Base
British Support for Iraq War at Record Low: Poll
Where Are the New Recruits?
Abbas May Surprise Skeptics and Deliver
Israel Wants US to Partly Fund New Checkpoints
Inmate Says Graner Laughed During Abuse
Today in Iraq
Unknown Militant Group Declares War on Extremists in Iraq
$100 Notes for Journalists 'Are Just Iraqi Hospitality'
Iraq-Syria Border Closed to Trucks Until After Election: Lebanon
US Seeks Constitution Role for Sunni Arabs
Fear Reaches Grassroots as Iraqi Election Looms
The Taming of Sadr City
Ex-Ba'athists Play Crucial Insurgent Role, US Says
Butting In Over Elections
International Conference Urges Go-Ahead for Iraq Elections
US Analysts Fear Further Chaos in Iraq After Elections
Diplomat Questions Validity of Iraq Voting
Spanish PM Supports Iraq Election Efforts
Bush, Allawi Discuss Elections
Fallujah Residents Angry Over Destruction
Only 8,500 Fallujah Residents Return
UN: Many Fallujans Won't Return Until After Elections
Fallujah: City of Ghosts
As Iraqi Elections Draw Near, US Troops Face Security Challenge in Anbar
Attacks Continue
25 Killed in Latest Iraq Attacks
US Soldier Killed in Iraq's Anbar Province
Bomb Kills Seven Iraqis but Misses US Convoy
Trucks Carrying Iraqi Coins Are Robbed
Oil, Gas Pipelines Hit by Sabotage Near Kirkuk
Report of New Korean Hostages in Iraq Not Confirmed
Iraq Occupation
US Prevents Hundreds of Truck Drivers From Returning Home
US Hopes to Make Sadr City a Showcase for Reconstruction
Coping With Violence
The Plight of Iraq's Religious Minorities
Allawi: Attacks on Oil and Power Have Cost Iraq $10 Billion
Iraq Southern Oil Exports Cut 10%
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq, Turkey, US Discuss Steps Against Kurdish Rebels
US Hopes Ukraine's New Govt Will Review Iraq Troops Issue
Iraqi President Due in Paris for Fence-Mending Talks With Chirac
Vatican Wants US to Finish Job in Iraq
British Attorney General Refuses to Disclose Iraq Legal Advice
Gadafi: Bush's Policies Would Be Acceptable but for Iraq
Turkey Sends 1,600 Soldiers to Afghanistan
US Commander in Afghanistan: Osama Might Still Be Around Here, Somewhere
Afghans Trying to Coax Taliban in From the Cold
Afghanistan: Containment of Heavy Weapons Stalled in Panjshir
Musharraf Bomb-Attack Suspect Escapes Custody
Pakistani FM Stresses Kashmiris' Inclusion in Peace Process
Musharraf Seeks US Help to Resolve Kashmir Dispute
Pakistan, UN to Conduct Afghan Refugees Census
Musharraf: Peace With India Still Possible
Islamists Will Protect Aceh Aid Workers
Terrorist Tsunami Aid Slammed by Separatists
Indonesia Restricts Aceh Aid Work
Indonesia in Talks With Aceh Rebels to End Conflict
Japan's Missile Defense to Only Act if National Threat
Japan to Consider Joint Study on Airborne Anti-Missile Laser System
US Copter Barely Avoids Crossing Korean Military Demarcation Line
Sri Lanka Troops, Rebels Still at Odds
Gunmen in Colombia Kill Radio Journalist
US Senators Seek Improved Ties With Venezuela
Torture Trial
Iraqi Victim Says US Torture Worse Than Saddam
Guards Say Abu Ghraib Abuses Went Beyond Photos
CIA, Seals Beat Prisoners in Iraq, Witness Says
Guard Enjoyed Beating Iraqis, Three Testify
Defense Attorney: Abu Ghraib Photos Don't Show 'Real' Abuse
Detainee Calls Graner 'Primary Torturer' at Abu Ghraib
US Soldier Says He Was Not Ordered to Abuse Prisoners
Detaining Justice
Aussie Will Return From Gitmo After Three Years Without Charges
UK: Gitmo Britons to Be Freed in Weeks
Gitmo Brits May Face Arrest on Return
Freeing Detainees a Gesture From Bush to Blair?
1,000 Days of Hell
Homeland Security
New Homeland Chief Had Key Role in Writing Controversial 9/11 Policies
Flashback: Michael Chertoff: Ashcroft's Top Gremlin
Anti-Terror Funds Used for Lawn-Mower Races in Texas
The War at Home
Bulk of Pentagon Budget Cuts Donít Hit Until 2007 and Beyond
Powell: Annan Accountable for Oil-for-Food Program
Arkansas Soldier Back in Iraq After Lawsuit
Supreme Court Asks Whether the CIA Can Stiff Its Aging Spies
Slain Soldier's E-Mail Sparks Privacy Debate
Protester a Fixture in Wisconsin Town
War on Terror
Has the al-Qaeda Threat Dissipated?
US Official: UN Sanctions Hurting al-Qaeda
The Spy Who Billed Me
Canadian Court Urged to Drop Terror Case Over Missing Notes
President Abbas
Sharon Congratulates Abbas in Phone Call
Sharon and Abbas to Meet 'Soon'
Abbas Holds Out for 'Useful' Sharon Talks
New Militant Attacks Pose Early Challenge to Abbas
Jailed Barghouti 'Optimistic' After Abbas Victory
Bush and EU Back Drive to Full Palestinian Statehood
Israeli Army Seeks to Dig Trench Along Egypt-Gaza Border
Israeli Trench Plan Could Destroy Homes
Israeli Military Official: Gaza Exit Will Leave 46 Negev Towns Exposed to Missiles
Islamic Leader Accused of Funneling Cash to Hamas Strikes Plea Deal
Palestinian Militants Attack Israeli Settlements
UN Takes First Steps Toward Collecting West Bank Wall Damage Claims
Iran May Resume Uranium Enrichment if EU Talks Fail
Israel: Iran Will Be Able to Enrich Uranium in 6 Months
Iran Denies Execution by Stoning
Middle East
US Warns 'Terrorists' Still at Large in Kuwait
Britain Seeks Arab Support for Iraq Polls, New Palestinian Chief
Report: Al-Qaeda Still a Threat to Saudi Arabia
Rebels: Sudan Peace Deal Bad for Darfur
Peace Pact to Bring Energy Exploration to Sudan
Senegal Opposition to Amnesty Law
Mbeki Seeks to Push Ivorian Peace
Marathon Milosevic Trial Resumes
EU Auditors Question Balkans Projects
US Military Officials Meet With Serbian Leaders
US Wishes Europe Was More Militaristic
Yanukovich Camp Vows to Challenge Election
Minister Condemns Yukos Sale
EU-US Aircraft Deal Sought
US, Albania Complete Joint Engineering Exercises

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