W and Dostoevsky: Justin Raimondo
What Chance for Reality?: Alan Bock
Kirkuk at the Crossroads: Aaron Glantz
Time to Talk Withdrawal: Norman Solomon
The Company Bush Keeps: Les Dell

Although tyranny...may successfully rule over foreign peoples, it can stay in power only if it destroys first of all the national institutions of its own people.
– Hannah Areddt
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Updated January 21, 2005 - 11:09 PM EST
Bush: The Crusade Must Go On
Iraq Shadows Bush's Inauguration
Iraq to Arrest Chalabi for 'Maligning' Govt
Wolfowitz: Iraqi Deaths Show US Strategy Works
Cheney: Israel Might Get Iran Before We Can
Car Bombs Kill 21 at Wedding, Mosque in Iraq
Attack Wounds 9 UK Troops in Retaliation for Abuse Photos
Israel's Prosecution of Sami al-Arian  by John Sugg
Know Bush by the Company He Keeps  by Les Dell
Julia Roberts Has a Better Chance of Winning This War  by Max Hastings
'Real Men Want to Go to Tehran'
by Chris Toensing
Time to Talk Withdrawal
by Norman Solomon
Abdicating the Moral High Ground
by Michael Kessler

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Cheney: Saddam at Fault for Long Iraq Recovery
Rice Promises More of Same
Bush Can't Count on Putin Anymore
Air Force Launches New Space Power Lab
Bush Blocks Reappointment of UN Refugee Chief
US Soldier Killed During Anti-Guerrilla Raids
Bush Dedicates Second Term
to 'Ending Tyranny'
Today in Iraq
To Leave or Stay in Postwar Iraq?
Iraqi VP: Civil War Fears Overblown
Baghdad Streets Quiet for Three-Day Eid
US to Overhaul Training of Iraqi Forces
Slain US Contractor Accused Iraqi DM of Graft
Kirkuk at the Crossroads
Britain Offers to Ensure Safety of Japanese Troops in Iraq
Official: Scope of Iraq Reconstruction Scaling Down
Iraq Election
Iraqi Official: Hundreds of Pre-Election Attacks Planned
Logistical Challenges Remain Before Iraqis Cast Ballots
Hope No Longer on the Menu as Weary Baghdad Prepares to Vote
Attacks Turn Iraq Election Into 'Stealth' Campaign
UN Can't Observe Iraqi Elections
Kurd Official: Allawi Heading for Defeat
Sunni Leaders Hope to Gain Influence by Distancing Themselves From Elections
Neocon Poll: 80% of Iraqis Say They Plan to Vote
Iraq Election Group Told to Leave Illinois Offices for Security Concerns
Attacks Continue
US Troops Launch More Raids Around Mosul
Ansar Wages War on 'Heretical' Iraq
Iraqi Militants Say Killed Briton and Swede
Zarqawi Tape Vows Lengthy War in Iraq
Hamas Vs. Abbas
Israel Accepts Palestinian Police Plan
Israelis Kill Palestinian Boy With Toy Gun
Security Plan Warms Israeli-Palestinian Ties
Gaza Security Talks Inch Forward
Israel to Reopen Egypt-Gaza Border
PA to Deploy 500 Policemen in Gaza to Prevent Attacks on Israel
UK's Straw Urges Europe to End Ban on Arms Sales to China...
...and Europe Does Lift the Ban...
...as Japan Expresses 'Concern'
China's Zhao Will Get a Funeral After All
Ukraine Supreme Court Confirms Yushchenko Victory
Ukraine's Parliament Sets Inauguration of Yushchenko
Yushchenko Seeks to Mend Ties With Russia
Putin Congratulates Yushchenko
Indonesian Army Ignores Ceasefire to Attack Rebels
Indonesia Says 120 Aceh Rebels Killed
Other News
Dutch Court Backs Ban on Kurd Extradition to Turkey
Thatcher May Be Barred From Entering US
For Sale: Soviet Tanks
Inauguration Madness
Bush Avoids Iraq in Inaugural Speech
Analysts Note Gap Between Bush Rights Rhetoric and Reality
Unwelcome and Unfazed, Demonstrators Push Messages
An Ambitious President Advances His Idealism
Speaker at Anti-Bush Rally Draws on Marine Experience
Antiwar Demonstrators Mourn Those Killed in Iraq
Washington's Streets Deserted at Bush Inauguration
The Stars of Bush's Inauguration Have Scars
The War at Home
US Charges Conscientious Objector With Desertion
Military Offers Special Perks in Bid to Retain Special Forces
Antiwar Groups Oppose Univ. Hawaii Navy Research Center
United Kingdom
UK Denies Urging Iraq Troop Pullout Timetable
Judge Gags UK Politicians and Soldiers on Abuse Case
British DM Slammed for Downplaying Iraq Injuries
Three British Soldiers Court-Martialed for Iraq Prisoner Abuse
UK Govt Hires PR Firm to Praise EU
Report: Military Dominates UK Research Spending
War on Terror
FBI Adds 10 Names to List in Boston 'Threat'
Reports of 'Dirty Bomb' Threat Mean High Anxiety in Boston
US Refuses to Allow Released Detainee to Use US Airspace
Australian Gitmo Detainee's Return Delayed by US Demand for Shackles
Gitmo Detainees' Legal Bid for Freedom Is Thrown Out
UK Terror Suspects Could Be Tagged and Released
America: Military Dump
US to Be Aussie Nuclear Dump
Chemical Weapons May Be Shipped Across US to Disposal Sites
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Mosque Bombing Plot Foiled
Fighting Terror, or Silencing Saudi Dissidents?
Saudi Cleric Urges Muslims Not to Engage in Terror Attacks
Saudi Cleric: Militants 'Lured by the Devil' to Attack Country
Pakistan's Envoy Urges US to Use Diplomacy With Iran
Iranian President: US Attack Would Be 'Lunatic Action'
Europe, US in Good-Cop, Bad-Cop Roles With Iran
Afghan Warlord Escapes Bomber
Ending Afghanistan's Drug Trade Could Spark Civil War
South Asia
Rice Confirms US Has Contingency Plan for Pakistan Nukes
24 Nepal Troops Killed in Clashes With Maoists
Indian Maoists Clash With Police
Indian Army May Stop Troop Withdrawal From Kashmir
Software Re-Enacts Rwanda's Genocide
Guinean President: Only God Can Unseat Me

W and Dostoevsky

What Chance for Reality?

A Broken Promise

The Threat of Peace

Ivan Eland
US Foreign Policy: Question All Assumptions

Joseph Stromberg
Murray N. Rothbard on States, War, and Peace: Part II

Ilana Mercer
Yes to US Aid, No to USAID

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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