Sistaniís Triumph: Justin Raimondo
Resisting the Security State: Turse/Engelhardt
Let the Israelis Do It?: Gordon Prather
The Iraqi Ballot, Translated: Hawra Karama
The Way Out of Iraq: Ivan Eland

War settles nothing.
– Dwight D. Eisenhower
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Updated January 31, 2005 - 11:01 PM EST
Violence-Weary Iraqis Await Poll Results
Al Jazeera Airs Video of UK Plane Shootdown
US Judge: Gitmo Tribunals Unconstitutional
Making Sense of Iraq's Vote
Audit: US Lost $9 Billion in Iraq
Four US Marines Killed in Iraq Fighting
Confusion Surrounds Iraq Poll Turnout
Turkey May Not Recognize Election Results in Kirkuk
Shi'ites and Sunnis, Triumph and Tragedy
Palestinians Given Control of Some West Bank Cities
Resisting the Homeland Security State  by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
Decentralization: The Way Out of Iraq  by Ivan Eland
Juan Cole vs. Christopher Hitchens
by Charles H. Featherstone
A Sourpuss? Moi? by Peggy Noonan
The Iraqi Ballot, Translated
by Hawra Karama
Let the Israelis Do It?  by Gordon Prather

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Irregularities Mar Northern Iraq Poll
Up to 15 UK Troops Killed in Hercules Crash in Iraq
Rice Says More Iraq Violence Ahead
44 Killed in Poll Attacks
Rice: Iran, Syria Not Helpful
Halliburton Pulling Out of Iran
White House Fears That the Enemy Is ...the CIA
FBI Is Growing Concerned About Russia's Growing Number of Spies
Kurds Make a Strong Showing in Relative Safety
Today in Iraq
Iraqis Defy Threats as Millions Vote
Summary of Attacks on Election Day
Analyst: Iraq War Encourages Militants
At Least 232 Civilians Die Doing US Work in Iraq
Iraq Interior Minister Says He Expects Foreign Forces to Be Gone in 18 Months
Counting Votes and Bodies a Grim Task
The Womenís Vote: Critical but Unknown
Muslim Scholars Critical of Iraq Elections
Election Day
Across Iraq, Snapshots of Historic Vote
Vignettes From Iraq
Election Day
Reporters' Logs: Iraqi Elections
Even in the Wake of Suicide Blast, 'They Didn't Want to Go Back Home'
Voices From Around Iraq
Polls Close an Hour Early in Iraq
Shi'ite Alliance Says Confident of Iraq Poll Win
Sistani Can't Vote, but Remains Influential
Sistani Inspires Many to Vote
Shi'ites Queue for Their First Chance of Power in 100 Years
In Najaf, a 'Triumph Over 35 Years of Suppression'
Massive Turnout in Shi'ite Stronghold of Najaf
Long Lines in Basra as Joyous Iraqis Go to Polls
For Shi'ites, a Sense of Triumph
Northern Iraq Votes
Mosul: Despite Troops' Pleas, Fear Keeps Many Away From the Polls
In Kirkuk Vote, It's Sunnis vs. Kurds
Assyrian Christians Say Kurds Wouldn't Let Them Vote
For Kurdish Minority, a 'Very Happy' Day
Mosul: Threats Fail, and Glitches for the Kurds
Attacks Continue
Post-Election Blasts Shake Baghdad
Zarqawi Group Says 13 Suicide Bombers Hit in Iraq
US Marine Killed in Action West of Baghdad
Bomb Spurs Australian Embassy Move
Suicide Bomber Kills Nine in Iraq
Bus Bombing Kills Five Iraqi Voters
Iraq Occupation
Prayers Ride Shotgun on US Convoys
When Robots Do the Killing
Global Iraq Fallout
Turkey Calls for Withdrawal of Foreign Troops From Iraq
Iran Denies Having a Spy Network in Iraq
The Iraq Vote: What the Papers Are Saying in the Mideast
Australian FM: New Iraqi Govt Will Decide When Our Troops Come Home
Australian PM: European Criticism of US 'Irrational and Unfair'
Russia Sees US Double-Standards in Elections
The Press Sizes Up the Iraqi Election
Football Boss Caught in Poll Fracas
Pakistani, Afghan Troops Exchange Fire in South Waziristan
Afghan Authorities to Collect Old Stinger Missiles
UN Sees Drop in Afghan Opium Growing
Terror Suspect Declares Jihad on Musharraf
Tribesmen Warned of Military Operation in North Waziristan
Gunmen Kill Sunni Cleric in Pakistan
Tribesmen Bomb Electricity Towers in Pakistan
Baloch Nationalists Call Strike on February 12
Tanker Carrying Oil for US Forces Attacked Near Pak-Afghan Border
China Has Begun Marketing Guided Missiles
Thousands Mourn Chinese Ex-Leader
Direct China-Taiwan Flights Start
The War at Home
Bush Hails Election as a 'Resounding Success'
Praise, Doubts About Homeland Security Nominee
CIA Refusing to Give Congress Documents on Nazi Links
Crude Oil Futures Decline After Iraqi Election
Antiwar Documentary Wins Sundance Award
Iraq Veterans Against the War Kick Off Tour in Boston
Iraq Veteran Undergoing Liver Transplant for Mysterious Ailment
Detaining Justice
Secret Gitmo Hearings Under Fire
Briton Saw Gitmo Detainees Beaten to Death
Lawyers for Two UK Terror Suspects Make Plea for Bail
Freed Aussie Gitmo Detainee Was Told He Was Being Sent to Egypt for More Torture
Lawyer: Aussie Gitmo Detainee Mentally Scarred
Battles of Britain
UK 'Shadow Chancellor' Would Allow Pacifists to Not Contribute to Military Spending
EU Warrants Undermine UK Law
Britain's Growing Tyranny
UK Lord: House Arrest Without Trial Is 'Not Internment'
Mideast Peace?
Mofaz: Up to 75 Percent Drop in Attacks in Recent Days
Settler Movement Launches Massive Anti-Pullout Rally Near the Knesset
Sharon Hails Abbas' Gun Ban
Abbas to Meet Putin as Russia Returns to Mideast Peace Talks
Hezbollah and Hamas Sign Agreement to Uphold Resistance Against Israel
Hamas Victory Rally Erupts Into Violent Shootout
PA: Israel Provoking Palestinians
Israel Tells US It Will Look Into East Jerusalem Land Seizure
Palestinians: Rice to Visit in February
Talks in Ankara Lead to New $1.5 Billion Arms Deals Between Turkey and Israel
Israeli Colonel Indicted in Military Court on 14 Counts of Rape
Israeli Treasury Seeks to Continue Jews-Only Land Sales
Target: Iran
Be Very Afraid if Bush Takes the War on Terror to Iran
Iranian FM: 'No Rapprochement' With US
Pakistan Pressing Iran to Compromise on Nuclear Dispute
US Pressing Arab States on Iran
UN Urges US-Iran Dialogue
ElBaradei Praises Iran's Cooperation
Middle East
Deep Split in Turkish Opposition Party
Battle With Militants Leaves Five Dead in Kuwait
France Reaffirms Syria Must Withdraw From Lebanon
US Consulate in Saudi Arabia Reopens
US Oil Companies Return to Libya
Jailed Russian Tycoon Warns of Revolt Against Putin
Backlash in Beslan as Families Fight Government Inaction
Darfur Rebels Demand More Troops
Annan: Darfur Misery 'Fault of Sudan'
UN Commission: Darfur Killings Not Genocide
US Lobbies Security Council on Darfur Crimes
Yushchenko's EU Plans
Yushchenko Vows to Tackle Corruption
Bomb Explodes in Spanish Resort After Warning From ETA
UK and Italy Join US Copter Deal
Dutch Challenged on Free Speech
War on Drugs Not Working in Mexico, Either
Venezuelan Ambassador: US Preparing to Invade
Bolivia Grants Province Concession on Autonomy
Canadian Deputy PM Doubts Anything Will Come of Western Separatist Movement
Crimes of Brazil's Dictatorship Resurface
Chile Secret Police Chief Jailed

Iraq Election: Sistaniís Triumph

Elections and Torture

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Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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