We've Been Warned: Justin Raimondo
Now for the Hard Part: Alan Bock
Us vs. Them at the NYT: Teresa Whitehurst
10 Million Martyrs: Christopher Deliso
Don't Expect Shi'ites to Toe US Line: Leon Hadar

What the people want is very simple - they want an America as good as its promise.
– Barbara Jordan
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Updated February 4, 2005 - 11:26 PM EST
Allawi Faces Defeat as Shi'ites Lead
Top Shi'ites Push for an Islamic Constitution
Congress Mulls 'Regime Change' in Iran
Rice: Attack on Iran 'Not on Agenda'
US Encourages Iran's Reformers to Oppose Clerics
Iran, Syria Dismiss Bush's Charges That They Sponsor Terror
New York-Bound Flights Get False Hijack Threats
Iraqi Officials Back Away From Eight-Million Voter Estimate
50-Strong Iraqi Police Convoy Ambushed, Most Kidnapped
'Good' Military Families vs. 'Bad' Military Families  by Teresa Whitehurst
'The Forces of Freedom' vs. 10 Million Martyrs  by Christopher Deliso
Making the World Safe for Imperial Democracy  by Anthony Gregory
Don't Expect Shi'ites to Toe US Line
by Leon Hadar
Have No Doubt, the Neocons Are Still in Charge  by Martin Sieff
$80 Billion for What?  by Ari Berman

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A Triumphant Bush Pledges More, More, More
Iran-Contra Figure to Lead Democracy Efforts Abroad
Bush to Seek $419.3 Billion for Defense
'Fuzzy Math' and the Iraqi Election
Villagers Kill Five Insurgents
Kurds Serious About Independence; Arabs Worry About Expulsion
Marine General Counseled for 'Fun to Shoot People' Public Comment
Marines Come Up Short on Recruits
Wolfowitz Says No Nationalist Insurgency in Iraq, Recommends 10% Reduction in US Forces There
Today in Iraq
Two Marines Among 28 Killed in Iraq as Lull Ends
Iraqi Official: Zarqawi Barely Avoids Capture
Kurdish Party Says Self-Rule Inevitable
Kurd Leader Talabani Wants Top Job in Iraqi Government
Iraq Security Forces Only 30% Trained
Hercules Crash Theory: Arms Cargo Exploded
Insurgency Web Sites Valuable, Vulnerable
Torture and Murder
Seven British Troops Face Court Martial Over Iraqi Civilian Murder
Soldier Testifies Conditions at Abu Ghraib Were Deplorable
Army Major: Confusion Reigned Inside Abu Ghraib
British Soldier Cleared of Abuse Charge
Iraq Occupation
Three Marines Killed in Iraq
CT Woman Killed in Iraq Mortar Attack
101st Mission in Iraq Still Uncertain
Guardsman Takes Counseling Skills to Iraq
Rumsfeld: Iraqi Forces Make 'Good Progress,' US Military Withdrawal Unknown
After the Vote
Kirkuk's Sunni Arabs Complain About Ballot
Electricity Was Top Concern for Iraqi Voters
Basra Voters Wonder Who Will Mend the Drains
UN & Oil-for-Graft
Oil-for-Food Program 'Undermined' UN
Annan Promises Changes at UN
Volcker Report Will Be Sharply Critical of UN Oil-for-Food Operation
Oil-for-Food Scandal: UN Officials Are Linked to $64B Fiasco
All Players Gained From 'Oil-for-Food'
UN's Iraq Program Chief 'Solicited Oil From Baghdad'
Coping in Iraq
Basra Intellectuals United by Fear of Rise in Religious Intolerance
Kidnap and Ransom Price of Doing Business in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Syria Reeling From Flood of Iraqi Refugees
Norwegian Doctor Fakes Insanity to Avoid Military
Bush Speech Divides Foreign Media
Germany Says Eager to Help Build Iraq Institutions
Europeans Seek Role in Training Iraq Police
Battles of Britain
Antiwar Lib Dems Target UK Student Vote
Brown Wary of Offer to Become UK's New FM
Rice Heads to UK for Blair Talks
Identity Cards Plan Might Breach Convention on Human Rights
Libya Nuclear Evidence Could Point to Pakistan Instead of North Korea
Pakistan Denies US Artillery Aid
US: Al-Qaeda Still in Pakistan
Pakistan Requests F-16 Fighters From US
Baloch Senators Demand Dialogue to Resolve Crisis
China, Taiwan Test Ground for Wider Contacts
EU Finalizes Plan to Lift Arms Embargo on China
Rice Warns EU Over China Arms
Nepal King to Maoists: Talk or Else
Nepal's King Forbids Criticism
Dumped Nepali Parties Seek Peace Talks With King
Nepali PM Learned of Firing on TV
How Nepal's Maoists Have Become a Threat to the Monarchy
Nepalese King Bans Independent Media
US: Nepal Should Restore Civil Rights
Reports: Nepal Troops Fired on Protesting Students
Kathmandu Seethes in Silence After King's Coup
An Activist Hides Out in Kathmandu
US Seeks to Boost Military Ties With Indonesia
Security Increased in Thai South
14 Die in Indian State Polls, Maoists Suspected
North Korea’s Next Step Uncertain After Bush Speech
Afghan Passenger Jet With 100 on Board Goes Missing
Opposition Leader in Cambodia Flees
US Carrier Begins Aceh Pull-Out
Georgian PM Dead
Georgia PM Found Dead; President Assumes Functions
Moscow Denies Link to Georgia PM's Death
Yushchenko Ally Timoshenko Approved as Ukrainian PM
Ukraine Refocuses on Killing of Newsman
Rummy & the Pentagon
Rumsfeld Says He Offered to Resign Twice
How Rumsfeld Plans to Shake Up the Spy Game
Facing War Crimes Charges, Rumsfeld Skips Security Summit
Army Considers Extending Reserve Force Terms
Special Forces Offered $150K to Reenlist
Army Says Won't Withhold Payment to Halliburton
Congress Was Told of Pentagon Intel Plan
US Military Still Transforming Itself for Distant Battles
Some Troops Got Anthrax Shots After Judge Banned Them
Gonzales and Chertoff
Senate Confirms Gonzales for Attorney General
Senate Welcomes Chertoff to 'Dysfunctional' Homeland Security Dept.
Chertoff's Role in Torture Memo Called Into Question at Hearing
Chertoff Denies Advising on Interrogation Tactics
Despite Poor Civil Liberties Record, Homeland Security Nominee Questioned Mildly
Chertoff: Officials Acted Unacceptably After 9/11
Gonzales' Fingerprints All Over Abuse Scandals
The War at Home
Halliburton Doing Business With the 'Axis of Evil'
FBI Wasted $170 on 'Virtual Case File' Computer System
High School Principal Bans Quakers, Antiwar Literature
Rob a Country Club, Go to Baghdad
Fox News Sics Its Dogs on 'Un-American' Professors
Iraq Vets Speak Out Against War
Punishing the Wrong People
Antiwar Protester Tells of Police Assault at Inauguration
War on Terror
Sibel Edmonds: FBI's Compromised Security Damages Turkey's Security, Too
US: Europe Is 'Fertile Ground' for Terrorism
Koranic Duels Ease Terror
Canada to Counter PATRIOT Act
Former Australian Minister Defends Freed Gitmo Inmate
Habib Sues Aussie Govt, Demanding Return of Passport
Palestinians Call Prisoner Releases, Troop Withdrawals Inadequate
Hamas Refuses to Sign Pledges to Halt Attacks
Six Israeli Soldiers Hurt in Separate Incidents in Gaza Strip, West Bank
Killing of Palestinian Girl Shatters Family
Opposition Says Iran Tests Nuclear Trigger Mechanism
Iran DM: No Interest in Missile That Can Reach Europe
Rice Says US Won't Join Europe in Iran Nuclear Talks
Iran Envoy Hits at Europe Over Nuclear Deal
Russia to Launch Iran Spy Satellites: Report
Iran Gives 'Israeli Spy' 10 Years in Prison
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Still Battling Terror Cells
US Asks Saudi Arabia to Indict or Return Terror Suspect
Middle East
'Revenge Killing' at Beirut Court
Turkey: US Base Personnel Banned From Nearby Businesses
Kuwait Intensifies Crackdown on Islamist Militants
Arab League Chief Decries Berlusconi Comments on Arabs
Russia, Chechnya Dismiss Cease-Fire Report
Chechnya Calls Rebel Cease-Fire a Bluff
Moscow Demands Halt to UK's Channel Four Interview With Basayev
Putin Strengthens Power at Cost of Popular Support
New Anti-Putin Youth Movement Draws Old Reaction
Suspected Congo War Criminal a General
DR Congo Re-Erects Belgian Statue
Russia Might Send Troops to Sudan
Girls From Sudan's War Now Fight to Learn
Chirac Offers to Leave Ivory Coast
Mugabe Opponents to Run in Elections Under Protest
Life in Prison for Mauritanian Coup Plotters
Venezuela-Colombia Meet for Talks
Rebel at Center of Venezuela-Colombia Dispute Speaks of US Involvement
Colombian General Says Rebels on the Run
Colombia Opens Peace Conference
Irish Republican Army
Blame Game Over IRA Withdrawal From Arms Talks

IRA Warns of 'Serious Situation'


We've Been Warned
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