"Under the constraints of the embargo, and the most intrusive and comprehensive industrial surveillance system ever instituted, we are asked to believe that, somehow, Iraq managed to not only maintain but expand its covert weapons program. Yet not one scintilla of evidence exists to support this conclusion."

~ Antiwar.com editorial comment, June 1998

We told our readers long before Day One that the War Party was intent on lying us into war, and we clearly foresaw the consequences. That same long-ago editorial goes on to say: "The approach of Gulf War II is ominous indeed. For what it promises is the dismemberment and division of Iraq, the permanent U.S. occupation of the Iraqi oilfields – and a leap into a morass from which there will be no extrication."

They lied us into war in Iraq, and they're getting ready to do it again. But the power of lies is receding with the advent of the Information Age. The War Party didn't reckon on the power of technology in exposing and debunking a campaign based on tall tales, unchallenged suppositions, and outright forgeries.

War propaganda is harder to pull off in these days because the Internet is a wonderful weapon against the war makers, if you know how to use it – and we do.

Antiwar.com isn't just a Web site: it's a knowledge bank from which anyone can withdraw any amount of data they want, on any topic, easily and as often as they like. This isn't just any old Web site – we're a database. All viewpoints linked on Antiwar.com are being databased and categorized according to country, region, author, and topic.

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Updated February 8, 2005 - 11:23 PM EST
US: 13,000-17,000 Insurgents in Iraq
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Kurds Gain in Election at Expense of Shi'ites
Shi'ite Coalition Split Over Choice of Iraq Premier
Iraq Electoral Commission Admits Vote Problems
30 Killed in Iraq Attacks, Bombing
Despite Proposed Cuts, Bush Budget Is Bigger
Sharon and Abbas Declare End to Four Years of Hostilities
Imperial Hubris: An Author Reviews His Reviews  by Michael Scheuer
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Most Shootings Aren't Publicized
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Deadly Cases of Mistaken IDs
Hostage Crises
US Troops Free Four Egyptian Hostages
or... Four Hostages Set Free in Iraq
Italian Hostage Not a Spy and Will Be Released: Web Site
The New Iraq
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Women's Rights: Iran's Bitter Lessons for Iraq
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No Canadian Troops Will Be Sent to Iraq, PM Says
First Cadets Report to Afghan Military Academy
Afghan Archaeologist Seeks Sleeping Buddha
Pakistan Rejects US Claims Khan Sold Secrets to Arab Countries
Gunmen Kill Pakistani Journalists in South Waziristan
Baloch Rebels Threaten Oil Field
More Money for Indonesia's Thugs
Indonesia Troops Kill Aceh Rebels
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Cutting an Oil Artery
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In 'Lean' Bush Budget, Defense and Homeland Spending Up
Troops' Pay Raise, Retooling Efforts Come With Price
Bush Budget Cuts Nerve Gas Destruction Money
Budget Seeks $459m for Iraq Programs
US Government Ratchets Up PR Budget
2006 Defense Budget Plan Eliminates Navy Aircraft Carrier
Marine Corps Budget Plan Adds Two Battalions, Rolls Back Purchases
Proposed Air Force Budget Calls for Reduction of Active-Duty Airmen
Bush Budget Raises Drug Prices for Many Veterans
Army Prioritizes Vehicles, Focuses on Force Protection in 2006 Budget Plan
The US and Weapons
US Envisions Makeover for Nuclear Arms
US Nuclear Upgrade May Violate Test Ban
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The War at Home
Revocation of Medals Adds Insult to Marines' Injuries
Breaking Ranks to Shun War
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Court Lets Recruiters Continue to Trespass on Law School Campuses
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War on Terror
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Dutch Police Charge 12 Suspected Muslim Militants
Iran and US in 'Heated Exchange' at Saudi Anti-Terror Meet: Report
Russia-Iran Nuclear Plant Deal This Month
Iran Releases Dissident Cleric After Four Years
Mideast Peace?
Israel and Palestinians Plan Conditional Pledges to Halt Fighting
A Moment for Peace in the Middle East?
The Odd Couple Seeking Enough Common Ground to Make History
For Palestine, a Window of Opportunity
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Profile of New US Mideast Envoy
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Fatah Begins Hunt for Arafat’s Missing Millions
Saudi Arabia
Saudis Commended for 'Substantial Progress' in Fighting Terrorism
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Middle East
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