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Updated February 11, 2005 - 11:12 PM EST

Rumsfeld: Syria, Iran Behind Iraq Rebels

Iran War Drums Beat Harder
US Rejects Direct North Korea Talks

Al-Qaeda No. 2 Hits Out at US in New Audio

Bush Team Tried to Kill Pre-9/11 al-Qaeda Report

23 Killed in Attacks at Iraq Bakery, Mosque
The Next President of Iraq?

Syria: US Should Check Facts Before Making Accusations

Liberals and Neocons: Together Again by Tom Barry
Bush Puts Criminal in Charge of Democratization by Ari Berman
A More Powerful President Is the Last Thing We Need
by Anthony Gregory
Which Way Out of Iraq?
an interview with Ivan Eland
Bunker-Busters and City-Levellers
by Jeffrey St. Clair
Reflections From an Antiwar Advocate by Tibor Machan

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Iraq Insurgent Attacks Kill More Than 50

Rice: Change in Substance or Merely in Style?

Rice Backs European Integration Process

Rumsfeld Pays Visit to Iraq

North Korea Ups the Ante

US: If Canada Wants More Influence, It Needs a Bigger Military

US Reviews Ties With Saudis as Allies Drift Apart

Analysts Say Bush's 'Lean' Budget Is Bound to Swell

'Private' Armies March Into a Legal Vacuum

Germany: Up to US to Prosecute Rumsfeld for Torture
Occupying Iraq

General: Marines Will Reduce Iraq Presence, Army Will Increase

Moldova Ends Iraq Military Mission

Portuguese Police Back From Iraq

Iraq Today

Chalabi Still a Player in the New Iraq

Two Years Later, Blix Is Still Right

Sadr's Shi'ites to Work With British Army

Ill-Equipped Iraqi Forces Attempting to Take Charge in Combat Zones

Iraq Group Demands Italy Pullout to Save Hostage

Fallujah Three Months After Its Destruction

How Will Iraqi Women Fare Under Sharia?

Iraq's Election Was a Technical 'Success' but Insurgency Still Rages

Iraq to Close Borders Next Week

Why Baghdad Is Happy to See the Americans Leave

Security Costs Eat Into Iraq Reconstruction Funds

Iraq Attacks

20 Convoy Drivers' Bodies Found Near Baghdad

At Least 10 Iraqi Police Killed South of Baghdad

Tape Shows Gunmen Killing Four Iraq Policemen

US Helicopters Evict Insurgents From Iraq Police Station


Iran Stokes Diplomatic War of Words With US

Iran Promises 'Scorching Hell' if Attacked

Khatami: Iran Could Reverse Nuclear Policy Amid 'Psychological Warfare

Middle East

UN Envoy Presses Syria on Lebanon Withdrawal

Unrest Spills Into Kuwait


North Korea Admits Nukes, Suspends Talks

North Korea's Rejection of Talks Prompts ... Call for Talks

North Korea Declaration Draws World Concern

Why North Korea Won't Talk

Rice: North Korea Only Isolating Itself More by Having Nukes

Timeline: North Korea's Nuclear Program

The South Korean Bombshell That Wasn't


Rice Praises Pakistan

South Waziristan Militants Deny al-Qaeda Debt, Say Pakistan Money Was to Rebuild


Philippines Military Threatens Muslim Rebels

Clashes Continue in Philippines


Maoists Attack Nepal Jail, Free 166 Inmates

Nepal Moves Against Protesters


China Aims to Keep Burma From Getting Too Close to India

Tensions With China Rise as Japan Seizes Disputed Islands

US Marines End Sri Lanka Tsunami Mission


Zapatero Gets It From Both Sides on Basque Independence

German-US Relations Remain Strained 2 Years After Iraq

German Police Ban Iranian Protesters

War at Home

Woman Admits Iraq Heroism Story Was Hoax

Prosecutor: Soldier Covered Up Iraqi Shooting

Marine Charged With Murdering Two Iraqis

Rights Group Says US Killed Detainees

Mother of Two Called Back to Army

United States

More Media Manipulation From the White House

Bush Budget Scraps 9,790 Border Patrol Agents

Senators: Bush 'Playing Games' With Pentagon's Budget

Unveiling 'Deep Throat': Is He Better Left Unknown?

Halliburton Lost Radioactive Shipment in October, Alerted Govt Now

Airlines Oppose Security-Tax Hike

Arab Bank May Quit American Market, Citing Lawsuits

Agreement but No Solutions at France NATO Meeting

US and NATO to Bolster Training for Iraqis

NATO Plans Iraq, Afghan Roles

NATO Troops Ready to Expand Afghanistan Mission

US, NATO Missions to Merge in Afghanistan

United Nations

Annan: World Needs UN

Annan Calls for Sanctions Against Groups That Use Child Soldiers

'Shocked' Annan Backs Zero Tolerance to Stop Sex Abuse in Congo

UN Troops in Congo Barred From Having Sex

War on Terror

Vegas Cabbies Join Terror War

Secret FBI Tape 'Shows Missile Sale'

Kuwait: Jailed Militant Died of 'Heart Condition,' Not Torture

New York Lawyer Found 'Guilty' of Aiding Terrorist

AP: NBA Star's Mosque Funded Terrorism


US: Gitmo-Held Pakistani Urged al-Qaeda to Obtain Nuclear Arms

Gitmo Detainee to Tribunal Judge: 'You Are Not the Master of the Earth'


Abbas Orders Security Crackdown

Abbas Sacks Gaza Police Chiefs

No Room in Gaza for Faith in Truce

Israeli Media Spotlight on Gaza Referendum

Sharon Tells Likud Members Referendum Would Lead to Increase in Hatred 

Hope, Pessimism Fill the Streets

Abbas Warns Hamas of Strong Response if Cease-Fire Broken


US Slams Venezuela's Purchase of Russian Weapons

17 Soldiers and 11 Marxist Rebels Die in Linked Colombian Clashes


Somali 'Government' to Return Despite Threats From Clan Elders

West African Leaders Reject New Togo Leader, Threaten Sanctions

Togo Awaits International Action After Coup

Russia and Her Neighbors

Activists Call on Putin to Start Talks With Chechens

Russia Says It's Ready to Arm Saudi Arabia

Ukraine Atty General: Yushchenko Poisoning Deliberate

Calm Before the Chechen Storm?


Iraq's Dodgy Election

Dim Hopes for Peace

Quislings Do It Better

Ink Stains and Blood Stains

Ivan Eland
Iraq: Purple or Still Black and Blue?

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Ran HaCohen
The Threat of Peace

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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