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Updated February 12, 2005 - 10:49 PM EST
Iraq Vote Results Available Tomorrow
The Most Powerful Man in Iraq
Shi'ite Envoy Angry With US Over Ba'athists
Attacks Fuel Fears of Rising Violence in Iraq
Car Bomb Kills 17 Outside Iraqi Hospital
Pentagon May Back Off Big Arms Cuts
US Rejects Direct North Korea Talks
US, Iran to Face Off in Munich
'Gannon' Interview: No Plame Subpoena, No Tie to White House, He Says
Could Bush Possibly Make the Same Mistake Twice? Yeah.
by Charley Reese
Condi Desperate to Stop EU-China-Iran Chain Reaction  by Gordon Prather
A National ID Bill Masquerading as Immigration Reform  by Rep. Ron Paul
We Have Nothing to Fear But Bush Himself  by Paul Craig Roberts
Kashmir's Untouched Village
by Muzamil Jaleel and Tom Engelhardt
Careful What You Wish For
by Robert Scheer

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'Mothers Against the Draft' Birthed
Charity Founder Convicted for Humanitarian Aid to Iraq
FBI, CIA Scuffle in Foreign Agent Flap
Iraqi Election Result Delayed Again
The Taming of Sadr City
Nuclear Weapons: Who Has What?
Cracks Appear in Mideast Truce Already
Iraq Closes Border Ahead of Poll Result
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Insurgents Kill 22 in Slaughter at Bakery and Mosque
Three US Military Personnel Killed in Iraq Friday
Hundreds of Arabs, Turkmen Demonstrate in Disputed Iraq Oil City
US Marine Charged With Murdering Iraqis
Rumsfeld Watches as Iraqis Troops Train to Crush Resistance
Iraq Town Remains Tense After Huge Battle With Insurgents
Journalist's Captors Demand Italians Leave Iraq
After the Vote
Islamic Parties Carry Iraq Provincial Vote
Figures Show Strong Iraqi Voter Turnout in Some Provinces
Voter Turnout in Iraq's Provinces
The Decline and Fall From Power of Iraq's Sunnis
Iraqi Clerics Want to Create Sunni Umbrella Organisation
Kurds of Iraq
Kurdish Aims for a Post-Election Iraq
Iraqi Kurds Hope Elections Help Self-Rule
Kurdish Leader Warns Against Sectarian Domination of Iraqi Govt
Iraq Occupation
US Gladly Puts Iraqi Forces in the Line of Fire
RAF Rules Out Grounding Hercules Fleet Amid US Alert
Bush, Allawi Discuss Iraqi Troop Training
Blunders Blamed for Mob Killing of Red Caps in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Polish Troops Won't Leave Iraq in 2005
Canada Shocked Bush on Invasion: Diplomat
Lombardy Leader Defends His Iraq Record
North Korea
US Rejects North Korea's Nuke Claim
North Korea Declaration Draws World Concern
Did Kim Jung Il Miscalculate?
Pyongyang's Nuclear Move Weakens Threat of Sanctions Over Abductions
WFP to Continue Food Aid to North Korea
North Korean Defections Strain Ties
Karachi Residents Say No to US Consulate
Commonwealth Scolds Pakistan
Bhutto Admits Contacts With Pakistani Govt
India Hails Pakistan Peace Talks
Musharraf Urges Joint Pak-Afghan Efforts Against Terrorism
Pakistani Pipeline Blown Up
US Threatens to Cut Off Nepal Aid
Nepal in Hunt for 145 Runaway Prisoners
Japan & Her Neighbors
Japan Urges Calm Over North Korea
Japan Leans on North Korea to Resume Weapons Talks
Japan to Kick in $22 Million Toward Khmer Rouge Trial
NATO Expands Afghanistan Mission
Manila Sends More Troops to Jolo
Concern Over Civil Liberties in Thailand
Kyrgyzstan FM Pledges Fair Elections
Blast at US Diplomat's Home in Georgia
World Bank Warns Cambodia on Corruption
Fiji Army Withdraws PM's Security 'To Save Money'
Official Says Hundreds of US Citizens Likely Died in Russian Gulags
Public Protests on the March in Russia
Putin Says 'Objective' Criticism of His Rights Violations Is OK
Russian Military TV to Beat Patriotic Drum
Russia Defends Chavez Arms Deal
Moscow Move on Strategic Assets Seen as Risky
Yushchenko Heads to Swiss Skin Clinic
Italians Mark War Massacre
Venezuela Dismisses US Weapons Complaints
Haitian Police Hunt Rebel Ex-Soldiers, Say No Talks
US Military
Senators Grill Military Leaders on Budget Tactics
Satellites Shake Up Military Thinking, Prompt Need for Speedier Decisions
Full Probe for Army's Mud Melee
Abusing Justice
'Religious Abuse' at Guantanamo
Interrogator Charged With Beating Afghan to Death Cites Bush Statements in Defense
UK Soldier Accused of Abuse Clashes With Prosecutor in Court
British Soldier Denies Destroying Abuse Photos
Locking Up the Lawyers
US Civil Rights Lawyer Faces 20 Years in Jail
Convicted Attorney Lynne Stewart: 'You Can't Lock Up the Lawyers'
Lawyer Vows to Appeal Terror Conviction
The War at Home
CNN News Chief Resigns After Saying US Military Killed Reporters in Iraq
Poll Shows Drop in Bush's Job Approval
Poll Shows Optimism About Iraq War
Democrats Want Investigation of Reporter Using Fake Name
California Antiwar Group Has 100th Weekly Rally
Homeland Security
Judge Gets Secret Evidence to Decide Case of Virginia Man in Saudi Jail
Critics Want 9/11 Panel's Full Report on Threats
Controversial Verdicts Deal Blows to Civil Liberties
Democrats Take Tough Look at Homeland Security
War on Terror
The Strange Case of the Disappearing Diplomat
UK Likely to Drop Plans for House Arrest Without Trial
ETA Threatens Spain's Tourists
PATRIOT Act Strikes Marshall Islands Bank
Gitmo Aussie's Home Broken Into Twice This Week, Intel Services Accused
US Reviewing Its Intelligence on Iran
EU Wants Mission to Help Iran Get Light-Water Nuclear Reactor
Rafsanjani: US Can't Stop Iran's Atomic Ambitions
Iranian Exiles Protest Tehran and Its Nuclear Agenda
Iran's Propaganda Painters
Iranians Answer Unity Rally Call
Report: Israel Downed 2 Syrian MIGs Last September Over Sea
Abbas Moves to Shore Up Ceasefire
Hezbollah Denies Plan to Assassinate Abbas
Israeli AG Orders Crackdown on Extremists After Netanyahu Harassed
Gaza Settlers Turn Carjackers
Saudi Arabia
Cleric-Backed Candidates Win in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Men Vote in Historic Poll
Saudis Grapple With Terrorism
Middle East
Egypt Mediating Syria-US Talks
Syria to Host Israel's Neighboring States Conference
Kuwait Denies Torture Death Claim
US Lifts Restrictions on Libyan Diplomats
Togo Cracks Down on Opposition
Togo Defies West African Leaders
Nigerian President Outraged at Togo 'Snub'
Somalis Protest Against AU Troops
Uganda Earmarks 2,200 Troops to Invade Somalia
Congo Militias Force 85,000 From Their Homes
Ivory Coast Army Threatens to Start New Conflict
Painful Legacy of Darfur's Horrors
Elections Approaching, Zimbabwe Govt Buys Votes With Food
Malawi President Forms New Party
Weekend Reviews
Author Cracks Codes That Keep the Public in the Dark
New Book Reveals Military Code Names
Kosovo and the Holocaust: Falsifying History
Following a Paper Trail to the Roots of Torture

Iraq's Dodgy Election

Dim Hopes for Peace

Quislings Do It Better

Ink Stains and Blood Stains

Ivan Eland
Iraq: Purple or Still Black and Blue?

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Ran HaCohen
The Threat of Peace

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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