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Updated February 13, 2005 - 10:54 PM EST
Shi'ite Bloc Tops Election, Kurds 2nd
US Using Drones to Spy on Iran
New Coalition May Move Iraq Govt Closer to Iran
Vote Totals for Leading Parties in Iraq Elections
Pentagon Covers Up Failure to Train Iraqi Forces
Hamas, Islamic Jihad Agree to Halt Attacks on Israel
'01 Memo to Rice Warned of Qaeda and Offered Plan
Tehran 'Executed CIA's Spy Network 10 Years Ago'
Could Bush Possibly Make the Same Mistake Twice? Yeah.
by Charley Reese
Condi Desperate to Stop EU-China-Iran Chain Reaction  by Gordon Prather
A National ID Bill Masquerading as Immigration Reform  by Rep. Ron Paul
We Have Nothing to Fear But Bush Himself  by Paul Craig Roberts
Kashmir's Untouched Village
by Muzamil Jaleel and Tom Engelhardt
Careful What You Wish For
by Robert Scheer

More Viewpoints

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US Steps Up Campaign to Remove UN's Nuclear Chief
Our Man Sold Secrets to Iran, Admits Pakistan
Sectarian Massacres Shake Iraq
Insurgents Control All Major Roads Into Baghdad
Head of Oil-for-Food Program Blocked Audit
Army's Only Muslim Cleric Says Lack of Respect Has Cost US Lives
Iraq Closes Border Ahead of Poll Result
Today in Iraq
US-Led Forces Say They Are Moving in on Zarqawi
Prominent Iraqi Judge Is Assassinated
In the New Iraq, It's as Well to Check Just What Religion Will Allow You to Do
Iran-Iraq Border Is Rugged, Porous
Expert Fears Some Stolen Iraqi Art Funding Terror
After the Vote
Shi'ites and Kurds Set to Grab Presidency and Premiership
Election Result Expected to Deepen Sunnis' Sense of Isolation - and Stir Further Unrest
Too Angry or Fearful to Vote, Sunni Iraqis Are Marginalized
Make Way for the Women
Chalabi Sees His Prospects on Rise Again
Attacks Continue
Car Bomb Kills 17 Outside Iraqi Hospital
Car Bomb Targeting US Convoy Kills Iraqi Woman
US Troops, Insurgents Clash in Mosul
US Soldier Killed, Four Injured in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
US Military Advisers Will Stay to Help Iraqis
No Exit for British in Poor Corner of Iraq
Vehicle Accidents Kill Two US GIs in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Italians Balk at Hostage Ransom
Iraq War Hurts Blair's Reelection Bid
South Africa to Review Mercenary Law, Targets Iraq
Americans Keep Dying
Rock Island (IL) Woman Killed in Iraq
Marine Captain From Redondo (CA) Killed in Iraq
Broken Bow (OK) Soldier Dies in Iraq
North Texas Soldier Killed in Iraq
Soldier From Raymore (MO) Dies in Afghanistan
Friends, Family Mourn Mississippi Guardsman Killed in Iraq
Wisconsin Marine Killed in Iraq
Micronesian Man Killed in Iraq
Family Remembers Son (TX) Killed in Iraq Explosion
Broadkill Beach (DE) Marine Killed in Iraq
Mid-South Soldier (FL) Killed in Action
Mexican-Born Solider (TX) Dies in Iraq
Services for Batchelor (LA) Soldier Draw Crowd to Quiet Countryside
NW Ohio GI Fatally Wounded in Iraq
North Korea
North Korea Plays for Hard Bargain With Nuke Boast
Chinese News Media Critical of North Korea
North Korea Rallies Support for Kim
Japan Resists Formal Sanctions Against North Korea
Russia Raps North Korea Talks Pull-Out
Why North Korea Played Its Nuclear Card
Report: Poor Planning for Air Cover During Key Afghan Battle
Rockets Fired at US, Afghan Bases
Nepalese Respond Softly to Crackdown
Nepal Trapped Between Army and Maoists
Nepal Rebels Reject Talks
From Bad to Worse in Nepal
Aussie PM Defies Bush Over China Arms
Philippine Communists Warn US Troops on War Games
Japan Looks to Slash Spending on US Forces
Bhutto and Sharif Join Forces
US Soldiers
Reservist With 11 Children Headed to Iraq
Concern Spreads Over Drug Given to Troops
Back From Najaf
Marine Family Copes With Deployment
Trouble at the UN
UN Chief of Staff Fears for 'Vulnerable' Annan
Explicit Photos Fan UN Sex Scandal
Saddam 'Bribed UN Tanker Monitor'
Torturing Justice
UK Ministers Believe Briton Was Tortured by US Officers
Ex-Detainee Says He Was Tortured
War on Terror
Breaking the al-Qaeda Code
In the Wilds of Wyoming the Arapaho Are Ready if al-Qaeda Pays a Visit
US Accuses British Charity of 'Financing Terrorism'
Heathrow Passenger Charged With Terrorist Conspiracy
ETA: Ready to Talk?
Spanish Police Arrest Three ETA Suspects
CIA Operation in Iran Failed When Spies Were Exposed
Iran Warns US: Our Atomic Technology Is Peaceful, but Don’t Provoke Us
Iran Sees Atomic Deal With EU
Iran Nobel Winner Complains About Threats, Summons
Abbas Vows Crackdown to Protect Cease-Fire
Hezbollah Denies Helping Palestinian Uprising
Hezbollah 'is Plotting to Assassinate' Abbas
Deported Palestinians Allowed to Return
Teen Arrested for Attack on Netanyahu
Hamas in Damascus Ordered Shelling?
PA to Assume Security Control of Jericho This Week
Expelled Diplomat Linked to US Secrets
Middle East
Jordan Bars Kurdish Refugees
Syria Releases 55 Political Prisoners
Demonstrators, Police Clash in Togo
Opposition: Togo Protesters Killed
W. Africa Leaders Warn Togolese
Stateless Somalia Thrives
For Congo's Mothers, Unceasing Loss
Schröder Aide 'Passed NATO Plans to East'
Spain Gears Up for EU Referendum
Germany to Mark Raids on Dresden
Fear of Islamists Drives Growth of Far Right in Belgium
Rival Rallies Over Russian Reform
Serbian President to Visit Kosovo
Colombia President in Emergency Meeting With Commanders
Chavez Rejects Arms Criticism by US 'Terrorist State'
Mexico Probing Drug-Gang Missile Report
Chile Wants to Strip Pinochet of Immunity
Weekend Reviews
Author Cracks Codes That Keep the Public in the Dark
New Book Reveals Military Code Names
Kosovo and the Holocaust: Falsifying History
Following a Paper Trail to the Roots of Torture

Iraq's Dodgy Election

Dim Hopes for Peace

Quislings Do It Better

Ink Stains and Blood Stains

Ivan Eland
Iraq: Purple or Still Black and Blue?

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Ran HaCohen
The Threat of Peace

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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