Driving a Flattened Iraq: Engelhardt/Hiro
Celebrating in Quicksand: Robert Parry
$250 Billion and Counting: Charles Peña
Stretching Terrorism: Elaine Cassel
The 9th Nuclear State?: Praful Bidwai

We are the ones responsible to determine whether the war that our marines, soldiers and airmen are fighting in is worth the cause...
Scott Ritter
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Updated February 17, 2005 - 11:05 PM EST

'Rogue States' Join to Defend Against US

Goss: Iraq War Recruiting Terrorists

Bush Picks Negroponte for Intelligence Czar

US Tensions With Syria Escalate

Critical Republicans Look to Cut War Request

Democrats to Back Additional War Spending

Shi'ite List, Backed by Clergy, Holds Majority

Iran: We Helped US Get Support for Iraqi Elections

Stretching 'Terrorism' to New Limits
by Elaine Cassel
Did the US Military Kill Journalists in Iraq? by Danny Schechter
War-Tax Resisters Want a Better World by Glen Milner
Driving a Flattened Iraq
by Tom Engelhardt and Dilip Hiro
Celebrating in Quicksand
by Robert Parry
Action/Reaction Paints Grim Picture
by Michael Austin

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Supplemental War Spending Bill Expected to Pass

Rumsfeld Defends Budget as Essential to Terror Fight

Iran and Syria: An Unlikely Alliance

Bush Administration Blurs Media Boundary

Kerry Calls for 40,000 More Troops

Pentagon: Killbots Will Be in Use in Less Than a Decade

In Iraq, No Stated Timetable, but Plenty of Goals

Two Successive Failures Reflect Vulnerabilities of US Missile Defense


Iraq Exile Chalabi Refuses to Admit Defeat

Occupying Iraq

American Unit Rotations Continue in Iraq

Iraq Sunnis Make US Pullout Top Priority

US Troops Detain 53 Across Iraq

Iraq Today

Arabs Flee Occupation, Head for Free-Market Kurdistan

Turkey Wary as Kurds Assert Power in Iraq

UN Congratulates Iraqis on Elections

Rights Group Links 'Chemical Ali' to Massacres

Iraqi Politics

Shi'ite Leaders Meet in Baghdad to Discuss New Government

Shi'ites Can't Agree on PM Nominee

Iraq's PM Race Goes to Secret Ballot

A Look at Iraq's Election Commission Seats

Jaafari: A 'Pragmatic' Islamist?
Iraq Attacks

Shi'ite Crowd Attacks, Kills Suspect Iraq Bomber

Iraq Official Confirms Turkey Oil Export Line Hit

Saudi Militant in Iraq Shows Suicide-Bomb Skills

Officer Killed as Saboteurs Hit Iraq Pipelines

Police Find Eight Bound, Gagged Corpses North of Baghdad

Four US Soldiers Die in Iraq

Iraq Hostage's Family Chides Swedish Indifference

Kidnapped Italian Reporter Pleads for Her Life

Two Lebanese Hostages Freed in Iraq


Mystery Blast Near Iran Nuke Facility

Iran Blast Panics Financial Markets

Conflicting Stories Given for Iran Blast

Iranian TV: Aircraft Fired Missile Near Dallam Nuclear Plant

Iran Threatens to Shoot Down US Drones

Iran: US Spy Planes Seen Over Nuclear Sites

IAEA Digs Into Past of Iranian Program

Business as Usual for Halliburton and Iran


Israeli Court: Release of Palestinian Prisoners Will Prevent Attacks

Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians

Israeli Army Chief to Leave Post

Palestinian Officials Approve New Cabinet

Abbas Authorizes Execution of Collaborators

Palestinians to Rebuild Gaza Sea Port

Israel Demilitarizes Prisons

Settlers Rake It In

Israeli MPs Approve Bribe for Gaza Settlers

Gaza Settlers Allowed to Move to West Bank
Russia and Her Neighbors

Car Bomb Kills One in Dagestan

PM Says Ukraine Will Contest Thousands of Privatizations

Mystery Still Shrouds Beslan

Putin to Sharon: Russia to Sell Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Syria

Russia Is Accused of Backing Rule by Terror in Chechnya

Southeast Asia

Bombs Greet Thai PM's Trip South

US Urges Burma to Include Opposition Parties

East Asia

Kim Celebrates Gluttonous Birthday as North Koreans Starve

France Urges End to China Arms Embargo

Open Hostility Toward Japan Prevalent Among Chinese


Irish Antiwar Groups Plan Another Iraq Demonstration

Northern Ireland Peace Holds, for Now

EU Tells Croatia to Hand Over Suspect

In Other News

Haitian Cops Run Wild, Killing Randomly With Western Backing

Australian Govt Keeping Database of People Who Oppose Its Policies


'No Timetable for Return of US Ambassador to Syria'

'Ties With Syria Worsen After Assassination'

Rice Wants $6 Billion to Fight Terror, Fund Iraq

Rice Sees Tensions With Syria Growing


'Estimates on Iraq Insurgency Unreliable'

'Terrorists Regrouping to Strike'

Rumsfeld States Case for Burrowing Weapon

'North Korea Could Resume Missile Tests'
'North Korea Nuclear Capability Has Increased'
'China Military Buildup Threatens US Forces'
'Al-Qaeda Attack a Matter of Time'
War at Home

Pentagon Spending More Per Soldier Than During Previous Wars

Lawyer: Marine Corps Changed Story on Iraqi Murder Charges

Rumsfeld on the Offensive – Always

States Use Taxpayer Funds to Further Subsidize 'Part-Time' Troops
Homeland Security

Homeland Security Dept. Seized 'Immoral' Art Exhibit Items

Uncle Sam Gets 'D-Plus' on Cyber-Security

United Kingdom

Britain's Major Nuclear Site Has 'Lost' 30 Kg of Plutonium

Protesters Occupy UK Army Center in Antiwar Demo

UK's Historic Infantry Regiment Continues Battle for Survival

British Court Told Iraq War Was Illegal, Protesters' Rights Violated

UK Soldier 'Embarrassed' by Abuse Photos

UK Soldier Accused of Abusing Iraqi Has Record for Assault

United Nations

Official: UN Was Unprepared for Oil-for-Food Program

EU: US Will Never Accept World Court


Syria's Role in Lebanon Under Fire

Lebanese Funeral Fuels Hate for Syria

Dark Times Descend on Beirut

Experts: Blast That Killed Hariri Hard to Prevent

With a Rare Display of Unity, Lebanese Bury Former Premier

Israeli Sources Deny Tel Aviv Role in Lebanon Blast


UK Doubles Money to Afghanistan for Anti-Poppy War

Woman to Rule Afghan Province

Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan Discuss Fate of Afghan Refugees

Taliban Claim Mullah Omar Is Alive

Linking Kashmir

India and Pakistan Agree to Kashmir Bus Service

Kashmir Bus Carries New Hopes for Peace Deal

Kashmir's Severed Link


Nepal Media Blackout Heightens Risk of Abuses

Minister: Nepal to Return Rights 'Gradually'


Many Fear al-Jazeera's Privatization

Suspected Yemeni al-Qaeda Member Surrenders


Two Power-Supply Towers Blown Up in Balochistan

Pakistan Receives 24 US Helicopters


Minnesotan Urges US to Install Coup to Rule Somalia

African Leaders Seek to Revive Darfur Peace Talks

How Many Have Died in Darfur?

Top Uganda Rebel Surrenders


Syria in the Crosshairs

The 9th Nuclear State?

A Fresh Approach to North Korean Nukes Is Needed

Dim Hopes for Peace

Nebojsa Malic
Quislings Do It Better

Ilana Mercer
Ink Stains and Blood Stains

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Ran HaCohen
The Threat of Peace

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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