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The Haradinaj Affair: Nebojsa Malic
The New York Times, a Massacre, and Elliott Abrams:†David†Corn
Lebanon and the Avaricious Superpower:†Uri†Avnery

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Updated March 10, 2005 - 11:22 PM EST
US Ready to Recognize Hezbollah
FBI Report Doubts al-Qaeda's Power
Shi'ites, Kurds Strike Deal to Form Govt
Mosque Bomb Kills 47 Iraqis at Funeral

Pentagon Hiding the Wounded

Lebanon Assembly Nominates Pro-Syrian Karami as PM
Gunmen Kill Five Police Officers in Iraqi Capital
Experts: Terror War May Breed More Terrorism
The New York Times, a Massacre, and Elliott Abrams by David Corn
Lebanon and the Avaricious Superpower by Uri Avnery
Heavily Armed Duo in No Position to Lay Down Law on Proliferation
by Richard Butler

Target: Al-Jazeera
by Christopher Brauchli

Murder or Ouster for Chávez?
by Jacob G. Hornberger
The New Blair Witch Project
by Martin Samuel

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Curbing Terror or Menacing Freedom?

Wolfowitz on the Record

Pulitzer Winner Hersh Gives Skeptical Outlook on Iraq

Rendition a Routine Practice

Nuclear Arms and Terror to Lead Rice's Asian Tour

US: IRA Must Disband Now

Rice Will Find Resentment Over US 'Meddling' During Visit to Mexico

Investigator: Lack of Oversight Led to Abuse of Detainees

Marine: 'Spider Hole' Saddam Capture Was a Lie
Iraq Occupation
Iraq Troop Level to Hold Steady for 'Several Months'

US Troop Conduct in Spotlight After 'Accidental' Deaths

Crisis Looms in Kirkuk Over Power-Sharing

Baghdad Mayor Seeks Lower Profile for US Troops

Shamed US to Hand Over Abu Ghraib Prison to Iraqis

US Bullets Found in Body Armor of Dead Bulgarian

Bulgaria Blames Lack of Communication in Death

Iraq Attacks

44 Bodies, Shot and Beheaded, Found in Iraq

Iraq Soldiers May Be Among Bodies Found

Two Iraqis Killed in Basra Attack on Local Police Chief

Iraqi MP Survives Assassination Attempt

US Soldier Killed in Iraq Blast

Suicide Truck Bomb Kills Three in Baghdad

30 Americans Among Those Injured by Truck Blast

US Troops, Insurgents Clash West of Baghdad

Russell Crowe: Al-Qaeda Wanted to Kidnap Me to Destabilize US

Iraq Militants Post Video of Two Sudanese Hostages

Journalist Attack

Italians Fume as US Delays Shooting Probe

US Commander Didn't Know of Bid to Free Italian Hostage

Slain Italian Agent Had US Permission for Operation

Italy: US Must Take Responsibility for Iraq Death

Berlusconi: Hostage Rescue Had US Permission

Berlusconi Signals Shift in 'Hostages' Policy


US to Israel: Leave Outposts or Relations Will Suffer

Israel, Palestinians Dispute Handover

Handover of Jericho on Hold After Israeli-Palestinian Talks Stall

Israel, US to Hold Joint Anti-Aircraft Exercise

US Officials Assure Congress $350 Million PA Aid Won't Go to Terrorism

An Israeli Refuser's Message for Peace

Israeli Army: Dungeons and Dragons Players Automatically Given Low Security Clearance

West Bank Outposts Expand Despite Israeli Pledge to Dismantle

All Militant Groups Agree to Stop Attacks on Israelis

Israeli Settlement Study Urges Criminal Probes

South Asia

Pakistan Acquiring New Chinese Fighter Jets

South Waziristan Militants Warn 'Situation Could Deteriorate'

Spate of Bomb Blasts Rock India

Indian Navy Arming Submarines With Missiles

Nepal's Army Steps Up Fight Against Maoists

Four Wounded in Northern Afghanistan Bomb Blasts

East Asia

US Calls for Beijing Rethink Over Taiwan Law

Taiwan Rebuffs China's Law on Secession

US Calls New Chinese Law on Taiwan 'Unhelpful'

US, Taiwan Fear Power Balance May Be Shifting

South Korean Agent Paid for Trips by US Lawmakers

In Other News

Oil Prices Leap Above $55 a Barrel Mark

Bolivia President's Resignation Rejected

Indonesia, Malaysia Settle Oil Dispute


Bush Calls Syrian Withdrawal a 'Half Measure'

Syrians Rally Around Assad

Hezbollah Enters the Fray

Syrian Army Evacuates Bases in Lebanon

Syrian Army Evacuates Bases in Central, Northern Lebanon

US Military

Iraq Veteran Tells of Combat's Horrors

National Guard Recruitment a Tough Sell

Army Study Says Recruiting All-Volunteer Force 'Increasingly Difficult'

Young Marines Grab Kids Early On

Pentagon Propaganda Secures a Public Outlet

Pentagon Investigation Exonerates Brass in Iraq, Afghan Prisoner Abuse

Germany-Based US Missile Crews Heading to Exercise in Israel

War at Home

Senator: US Not Example for Nuclear Nonproliferation

Ex-CIA Lawyer Calls for Law on Rendition

Bullet Hole Found in Jet: A Hunting Accident?

US Withdraws From International Death Penalty Protocol

Terror War

Harsh Words for US Anti-Terror Strategy at Madrid Conference

EU Unlikely to Add Hezbollah to Terror List

One of French Citizens Released From GuantŠnamo Camp Freed

9/11 Lawyer Bolsters Hamburg Defendant's Alibi


Chechnya Looks Beyond Maskhadov

A Misguided Strike at the Rebels' Heart

Maskhadov Killing May Deepen War in Chechnya

Chechens: Maskhadov's Death Will Be Avenged

Chechen Rebel Leader's Death Brings Predictions of More Violence

Chechen Defiance After Leader's Loss

Middle East
Egyptian Diplomat Rebuts Bush's Views on Mideast

Egypt Accused of Blocking Opposition Newspaper

Saudi Youths Export 'Holy War'

Americans in Saudi Arabia Relocated After Threat

United Kingdom

Battle Over UK Terror Law Reaches Final Showdown

Blair to Run for Reelection on a 'Security Over Civil Liberties' Platform

Blair Condemned Over Legal Advice on Iraq

UK Terror Bill Passes Commons Hurdle After MPs Win Concessions

UK's Foreign 'Terror' Detainees May Be Released Today

Blair Refuses to Water Down Anti-Terror Bill

Blair on Thin Ice

Northern Ireland

Blair Threatens to Axe Sinn Fein From N. Ireland Political Process

IRA's Offer to Kill Four Seen as 'Bizarre'


Regional Defense Officials Want AU to Clarify Somalia Mission

Darfur Taints Sudanese Hopes for New Era

Tanzania's Landmine-Detecting Rats

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia Confronts US on Nuclear Arms Pact

Baltics Bitter With Russia Over WWII

Georgian President Reflects on 'Miracle' of Country's Changes


The Specter of Fascism

The Haradinaj Affair

The International Highway to Hell

Ending the Death Penalty for Juveniles Is Not Enough

Alan Bock
Lebanon: Hope and Trepidation

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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