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Which War Is This Again?: Tom Engelhardt
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The State acquires power... and because of its insatiable lust for power it is incapable of giving up any of it. The State never abdicates.
Frank Chodorov
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Updated March 11, 2005 - 11:00 PM EST

UN Envoy to Give Syria an Ultimatum

US Denies It's Ready to Accept Hezbollah Role

Bush to Israel: Be Quiet on Lebanese Politics

US to Join Europeans, Offer Incentives to Iran

Democrats Slam Report That Clears Pentagon

Budget Deficit Hits Record $114 Billion

Pakistan Admits Scientist Gave Iran Nuclear Centrifuges
Muslim Clerics in Spain Issue Fatwa Against bin Laden
Under US Pressure, EU Brands Hezbollah 'Terrorist'
In Seeking War, George W. Bush Held True to Form by Robert Higgs
That's Not Democracy on the March in the Middle East by Seumas Milne
Remembering All Those Arguments Made 1,500 Deaths Ago
by Joseph L. Galloway
MoveOn Makes Peace With War
by Norman Solomon
The 'CNN Factor' and Kosovo
by Christopher Deliso
Aviano All Over Again?
by William Pfaff

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US Ready to Reluctantly Recognize Hezbollah

Children Said Among Abu Ghraib Prisoners

The Cedar Revolution: Bogus, but a Great PR Success

Army, CIA Agreed on 'Ghost' Prisoners

Bush Names Envoy in Kabul to Be Ambassador to Iraq

Distrust Festers Between US Muslims, Intel Agencies


'Eyes Wide Open' Brings War Into Focus

Iraq Today

Shi'ites, Kurds Strike Deal to Form Govt

For a Little Cash, Iraq Insurgents Can Join Police

Tales of Blood and Terror on Reality TV, Iraqi Style

US Addresses Iraqis' Losses With Payments

US Troops Search Iraqi Roads for Bombs

Hooded Iraqis Interrogated by MI6

Iraq Attacks

Suicide Bomber Kills 47 at Iraq Funeral

Iraqi Forces Dying at Twice Rate of US

Two Baghdad Police Chiefs Killed

Gunmen Kill Five Police Officers in Iraqi Capital

Giuliana Sgrena

Italian's Death Forces US to Review Rules for Firing on Iraq Vehicles

Troops in Sgrena Shooting Were to Protect Negroponte

Italy Denies Paying Ransom for Journalist


Abbas Seeks Truce With Militants

Abbas Anticipates Full Ceasefire

Israelis Kill Militant Behind Tel Aviv Blast

Gunmen Break Up Party Meeting to Challenge Abbas Leadership

Israelis Kill Militant, Raising Questions About Truce

61 Outposts Built on Palestinian Land

Egypt and Israel Agree on Border Deployment

Israel Showcases Latest Ultra High-Tech Military Inventions

Israeli Missile Test Spooked by US Spy Planes


Chechen Rebel Says Russia Has Lost Control

Rebel's Death Stirs Debate on Strategy for Chechnya

Kremlin's 'Victory' in Maskhadov Killing May Be Short-Lived

Chechnya Rebels Name New Leader

Russia and Her Neighbors

US Doctors Treated Yushchenko

Georgia Lawmakers Push Russian Withdrawal

15 Russian Troops Killed in Copter Crash


Serbia Set to End Kosovo Boycott

Croatia's Hope of Joining EU Hit by Failure to Find War Crimes Suspect

Kosovo's Ex-PM Gets 37 War Crimes Charges


Spanish Muslims Issue Fatwa Against bin Laden

Gloomy Prospects for Czech Referendum on EU Constitution

EU: European Militants in Iraq May Return to Use Roadside Bombs


Russian Plant Ready to Send Nuclear Fuel to Iran

Iranian Monarchists Stage Protest on German Plane

Middle East

Mubarak Pushes Forward

Bahrainis Protest Arrest of Activists


US's $5 Billion Nuclear Gamble With China

Secession Law Forces Taipei to Delay Plans

'Anti-Secession Law' May Allow Arbitrary Use of Force Against Taiwan

Taiwan Plans Massive Protest Against China Law

In Other News

60 Years Later, Tokyo Comes to Terms With US Annihilation of City, 100K Civilians

Canadian Military Hopefuls Called Anti-Social

US Court Dismisses Agent Orange Suit

Hong Kong's Leader Resigns; China to Pick Successor


No Hint of Orange in Lebanon

Which Way Will Lebanon Go Next?

PM Comeback Risks More Turmoil in Lebanon

Syria's Exit May Mean More Power for Hezbollah in Lebanon

UN Envoy to Seek Syria's Pullout Plan

Retreating Syria Troops Quit Lebanon Mountain Villas

Torture and Oppression of Kurds in Syria

US Military

New US Interrogation Methods Seek to Correct Ill-Defined Policy

Senators Press Author of Prisoner-Abuse Study

No Plan to Pay Back Soldiers for Buying Own Equipment

Commander Implicated in Abu Ghraib Scandal Is Reprimanded

Military Review: No Officials at Fault for Abuse

Marines Miss Recruiting Goals for Second Month

Pentagon Abuse Review Exonerates Policy

US Soldier Dies, Two Hurt in Kenya Vehicle Accident

Pentagon Sees Missile-Defense Progress

Military Strain Prompts Rumors of Draft

US War at Home

Air Marshals' Coverage Said Inflated

US Air Security Gets an 'F'

Pentagon Sued for Records on Targeting US Civilians

House Panel Studies Merger of Counterterror Agencies

Vermont Versus the War

What Now for the Peace Movement?

Senators Question Absence of Blame in Abuse Report

Antiwar Memorial Stirring Passions Among Parents of Deceased

Rice: Terrorists Trying to Enter US

Blair's 'Case' for War

Another Blow Hits Blair's Questionable Case for Conflict

Nine Paragraphs to War

Blair Admits Cabinet Had No Written Case for War

Blair's Terror Bill

Without New Terror Law, UK Will Have to Release Suspects It Can't Charge With Any Crimes

UK MPs Locked in Bitter Struggle Over Expiration of Terror Bill

UK Lords Impose Six-Month Time Limit on Terror Bill

UK War at Home

UK Army Reviews Recruiting, Training Practices

Judge Grants Bail to Belmarsh Detainees

UK Quaker Tax Protesters Challenge Law

UK Terror Suspect Released on Bail

Terror War

'Bring My Son Home,' Pleads Guantánamo Camp Detainee's Father

A Year After Madrid Attacks, Europe Stalled in Terror Fight

Bombings Shocked Spain Into Urgent Security Action

Anti-Terrorist Bills May Be Windfall for Silicon Valley

First Kuwaiti Suspect Released From Guantanamo Faces Court

Yemeni Sheik Convicted of Plotting to Fund Terror Groups

Australia to Probe Habib Detention

Annan Unveils Global Strategy Against Terrorism

South Asia

Abuse of Afghan Villagers by GIs Is Reported to Congress

India Expresses Concern Over US Arms Sales to Pakistan

Bomb Blasts Rock India for Second Day


US Military Warns of Growing Chinese Presence in Latin America

Louisiana Gov. Seals Trade Deal With Cuba


The Wonderful Wizard
of Washington

Parsing the President

The Haradinaj Affair

The International Highway to Hell

Ivan Eland
Ending the Death Penalty for Juveniles Is Not Enough

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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