Stop Copping Out: Ralph Nader
Accountability: Start at the Top: Michael Scheuer
Eastern Empire Rising?: Nebojsa Malic
Kurds to Regain Kirkuk: Aaron Glantz
Bush's Propaganda Hurts the US: Andrés Martinez

The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not sufficient warrant.
John Stuart Mill
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Updated March 17, 2005 - 11:28 PM EST

Bush: Troops in Iraq Indefinitely

Blair: No Time Set for UK Troops to Leave Iraq

Myers: US Weighs Long-Term Afghan Bases

US House Backs $81.4 Billion War Spending Bill

Report: 108 Died in US Custody
Time for Congress to Stop Copping Out by Ralph Nader
Wolfowitz to Follow in McNamara's Footsteps by David Corn
Accountability: Why Not Start at the Top? by Michael Scheuer
The Neocon Plan Is Still on Track
by Gary Leupp
Democracy – by George?
by Juan Cole
Charge al-Marri or Release Him
by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Bush Defends Packaged 'News Stories' From Government

Uranium Equals Kryptonite for Bush Nominee

CIA Challenged About Suspects' Torture Overseas

FBI Whistleblower Edmonds Files New Lawsuit

On Anniversary of Halabja Massacre, Kurds Poised to Regain Kirkuk

ATF to Provide Explosives Expertise to Military in Iraq


Jericho: The Seed of Independent Palestine?

Italy Out of Iraq

Italians Support Iraq Troop Withdrawal

Italy's PM Backtracks on Iraq Withdrawal

Italian Press: Troop Withdrawal an Election Tactic

Blair Shrugs Off Italy's Plans for Withdrawal From Iraq

Zarqawi Organization: Italian Troops Still Targets Until Pullout

Occupying Iraq

Bush Insists Iraq Coalition Not Crumbling

Two Years After War, US Troops Stuck in Iraq Training Local Troops

Israeli Firm Wins US Weapons Contract in Iraq

Iraq Reconstruction 'Rife With Corruption'

Officer Denies Abusing Citizens of Iraqi Town

Howard: More Australian Troops May Go to Iraq to Replace Italy...

...but Aussies Say No Way

Shipping Was Extra — a Lot Extra

Iraqi Politics

Jaafari: New Iraqi Government Within Two Weeks

Bombs, Lack of Deal Mark Opening of Iraq Assembly

Iraqi Parliament Opens to Sound of Mortar Explosions

Rifts Close as New Iraqi Parliament Meets

Iraqi Assembly Gets Off to Quiet but Telling Start

New Iraq Assembly Descends Into Farce

Iraq Today

Iraq's Oil Sector Still Limping Two Years After War

US Military Denies Troops Killed Iraqi General

Iraq Attacks

Six Killed, 24 Wounded in Two Iraq Car Bombs

Blast Hits Baghdad Newspaper Offices


Palestinian Militants Said Close to Deal on Halting Attacks

Militants Say Truce Depends on Israeli Offer

Jericho Handover

Peace Moves Meet Wall of Mistrust in Jericho

Jericho Handover Limited

Target: Somalia

Ugandan President Urges AU to Invade Somalia

UN: Privately Owned Weapons Threaten Somali Warlords

North Korea

North Korea Says US Military Exercises Reach 'Real War' Phase

North Korea Blasts Rice, Rules Out Nuclear Talks

US Official Turns Up Rhetoric on North Korea

North Korea Blames US for Holdup in Nuclear Talks

North Korea Sets Tough Tone Ahead of Rice Visit to Region

Southeast Asia

Philippine Militants Threaten Retaliation

Australia Bullies East Timor Over Sea Boundaries

US Ends Military Tsunami Relief

United Kingdom

MPs Slam UK Defense Cuts

UK Youth Group Lost Funding Because of Antiwar Protests

UK Army Blows Up Some Woman's Scooter

East Asia

Japan's 'Rights' Act to Muzzle the Media

Islands Come Between South Korea and Japan


Croatia's EU Talks Halted Before They Start

Ukraine's Orange Revolution After 50 Days


Threatened UN Staff Leave Darfur

Oil Prices at Fresh Highs Despite OPEC Output Boost

Killing Detainees

Murder Suspected in 26 Iraq, Afghan Prison Deaths

More Detainees Killed Than First Reported

Prisoner Deaths in US Custody


A Look at Some Wolfowitz Comments on Iraq

Wolfowitz Nomination to World Bank a Shock for Europe

Tsunami Tour Said to Spur Wolfowitz Move

Wolfowitz Pick for World Bank Prompts Head-Scratching

US Military

IED, Land Mine Kill Soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan

Father on Crusade to Prove Afghanistan Ambush Killed CIA Officer

'Friendly' Bomber of Canadians in Afghanistan Haunted by Memories

Military Recruiters Target Campus Activists

Pentagon Has Far-Reaching Defense Spacecraft in Works

Near-Space Programs to Provide Persistent Space Capability

Reservist Sues Army Over Not Letting Him Go

Sending in the Reserves


Gitmo Taunter Teaches Tactics

Graner Refuses to Testify in Other Abu Ghraib Trials

Flashback to Abu Ghraib, Where a Soldier's Day Only Feels Like a Year

Middle East

All Out for Middle East Peace

For Arab Writers, New Lines in the Sand

Syria Bans US-Funded Iraqi Reporter

Saudi's Shi'ites Walk Tightrope

Jordan Islamists Slam Terrorism in Iraq

Yemen's President Hits Back at US 'Double Standards'

Yemen Shuts 1,400 Illegal Religious Centers

Egypt Opposition Leader to Run for President


Hezbollah Rejects US Call to Disarm

Hezbollah Chief Says Group's Weapons Will Be Used 'Only Against Israel'

Flag Sales Boom in Lebanon

Bush Comes to Terms With Hezbollah in Politics

UN Wraps Up Investigation on Hariri Killing


French Court Sentences Islamists for Plot to Attack US Embassy

Canada Acquits Two in Largest Pre-9/11 Act of Air Terror

Anthrax Alarm Uncovers Response Flaws

Chertoff Orders Homeland Security Review

US Anthrax Scare Blamed on Sample Mix-Up

South Asia

Rice: Pakistan Model State for Muslim World

US May Sell Fighter Jets to India, Pakistan

Pakistan Seeks Relief Through Israel Ties

India, US Differ Over Iran, Arms to Pakistan

US General Terms Afghan Security Situation 'Very Good’

Mines Kill US, Afghan Soldiers

Twenty Years to Reach Air India Terrorism Verdict: Not Guilty

US May Help India to Build Nuclear Power Plant

Central Asia

US Backs Kazakhstan-China Gas Pipeline

Kyrgyzstan Opposition Takes Hostages, Demands President's Resignation

US Ambassador Slams Kyrgyzstan Elections


Handmaiden of the State

Eastern Empire Rising?

Morning in the Islamic World?

Proxy Wars

Alan Bock
Parsing the President

Ilana Mercer
The International Highway to Hell

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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