Progressives Ready to Withdraw?: Norman Solomon
Two Years Too Many: Cox/Exdell
Other Blood on Their Hands: John Pilger
Playing the Democracy Card: Hiro/Engelhardt
The Character Assassins: Justin Raimondo

To declare that the end justifies the means, to declare that the government may commit crimes, would bring terrible retribution.
Justice Louis D. Brandeis
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Updated March 18, 2005 - 11:25 PM EST
Forged Cable Smeared Writer as Iraq Spy

White House Defends Secret Transfer of Suspects

Iraq Kurds, Shi'ites Expect Deal in a Week

583 Antiwar Events Planned for 2nd Anniversary

Palestinian Militants extend Mideast Cease-Fire
Afghan Elections Delayed – Again

Spate of Violent Crime Spurs Taliban Nostalgia

Negroponte Leaves Baghdad, Khalilzad Waits in the Wings

America's Ready for Withdrawal – but Are Progressives?
Norman Solomon
Playing the Democracy Card
by Dilip Hiro and Tom Engelhardt
The Bush Administration's War on Information by Steven Aftergood
Two Years Too Many
by Stan Cox and John Exdell
Other Blood on Their Hands
by John Pilger
The CIA's Campus Spies
Dave H. Price

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Captain Convicted of Terrorizing Iraqi Town

CIA Director Defends Interrogation Practices

Changing Pentagon's Global Posture an 'Enormous Undertaking'

Is Iraq Becoming the World's Biggest Cash Cow?

Abu Ghraib Taint Doesn't Slow General's Ascent

Funds for Global Democratic Revolution Running Low

The 2001 Anthrax Mystery Lingers


Kurds, Shi'ites Make Progress on New Iraq Govt, but Peshmerga Still a Thorn

Iraq: Two Years On

Iraq: Two Years Later

Patchwork of Progress and Perils in Iraq

Most Iraqis Say Future Looks Brighter

Life Has Improved for Baghdad Families, but Only at Home

Zarqawi Still Shrouded in US-Fed Myth, Mystery

'Sistani Will Not Endorse Islamic Constitution of Iraq'

Would-Be Sistani Assassin Captured

Saudi Militant Pledges Help for Iraq Insurgency

Report: Spanish Hostage Freed in Iraq

Roads Out of Baghdad Become No-Go Zones

String of Iraq Assassinations Ongoing

Occupying Iraq

Bulgaria Latest US Ally Seeking Iraq Pullout

Journalists Tell of US Fallujah Killings


Italian Troops May Stay, After All

Berlusconi Accused of Bowing to US


Vanunu Charged for Talking to Media

Settlers Rampage Across West Bank, Knock Down House, Wound Five

Bush Invites Sharon to the Ranch

Rafah Marking Rachel Corrie Anniversary

EU Finds No Proof of Palestinian Aid Funding Terror

Mideast Peace?

Palestinians and Israelis Take New Step on Peace Path

Sharon Welcomes Militants' Offer of Ceasefire

Palestinian Truce Gives Best Peace Chance Yet

US Cautiously Welcomes Palestinian Factions Agreement to Extend Calm

Gaza Pullout

Settlers Fast, Rally in Gaza Strip Against Disengagement

Israel to Curb Gaza Media Access


Roadside Blast Kills at Least 5, Wounds 32 in Kandahar

Rice's Afghan Visit Marred by Bomb

Poppy Farmers Attacked, Wounded by Afghan Cops


Rice: Pak-Afghan Cooperation Will Revive Region

Heavy Casualties in Balochistan Fighting

Pakistani Interior Minister: No Military Operation in Balochistan


Protests Erupt in Nepal

Nepal Govt Rules Out Talks With Maoists

East Asia

US Forgoes Anti-China Human Rights UN Resolution

Japan's Star Rises in Jerusalem

China Releases Uigher Dissident

North Korea to Continue Nuclear Build-Up

Rice Arrives to a Tense East Asia

Indonesia Ousts Christian Groups in Aceh

In Other News

Chavistas Whipped Into Anti-American Fervor: 'Fatherland or Death!'

Explosive Growth for 'Private' Armies

OPEC Considers Second Output Hike

NATO to Protect Its Troops With Anti-Missile Defense System by 2010

Cold War Strategist George F. Kennan Dies

War at Home

CIA Asks Attorneys to Give Back Documents in Iraqi Inmate's Death

Senators Seek to Centralize Intel Agencies at the Pentagon

Bush Adviser Seeks Debate on PATRIOT Act

Man Arrested, Money Seized for Sending Remittances to People in Syria

Halliburton Exec on Fraud Charges

Anthrax Response Brings Calls for Summit

Has 'Security' Become an Excuse for Government Secrecy?

US Military

Protesting Military Recruiters Leads to Arrests at College

US Army Asks for Longer Enlistments as Recruitment Numbers Fall

American Troops Rotate for Third Time

Military Unlikely to Meet Recruiting Goals


Wolfowitz to Spread Neocon Gospel

Europeans Resigned to Wolfowitz Appointment

Wolfowitz Insists: World Bank Will Be Safe With Me

Bush's 'Shocking' Choice of Wolfowitz for World Bank Provokes Outrage

Israel Pleased With Choice of Wolfowitz

Terror War

Four Iranian Brothers Released After Long Immigration Detention in Los Angeles

No Convictions Among Guantánamo Suspects Sent Home

For Canada Police Agencies, 'A Multidimensional Failure'

Report: Terrorists Train for Seaborne Attacks


Syria Ends First Phase of Lebanon Pullout

Annan Expects Full Syrian Withdrawal From Lebanon Before Elections

EU Blocks Hezbollah TV Broadcasts

London Times: Syria Assassinated Hariri

Chief: Hezbollah Will Not Disarm

As Syria Exits Beirut, Can a Pro-Syrian President Remain?

Middle East

US May Reopen Libya Embassy by Year End

Jordanians Gets Antsy as Liberalization Drags

Yemeni Opposition Accused of Causing Riots After Govt Jacks Taxes on Poor


Arab Militia Attacks Force UN to Quit Darfur

Sudan Slaps Travel Restrictions on US Diplomats

Angolan Displaced Still Suffering


French Likely to Reject EU Constitution

Latvian SS March Sparks Clashes

Sinn Féin All but Forgotten in US

Irish Peace Activists Protest US Use of Airport in Iraq War

Madrid Removes Last Franco Statue


Iran Offers 'Guarantees' on Uranium

Iran Hardliners Fail to Keep Lid on Ancient Fire Festival

Iran and Pakistan: 'Brothers' in Arms


Cossacks to Fight Terrorism in Russia’s Far East

Russian Official Survives Bomb Attack

Russian Army Chief Arrives in China Ahead of Joint War Games

18 Suspected Russian Arms Smugglers Were 'Amateurs'


The Character Assassins

Eastern Empire Rising?

Morning in the Islamic World?

Proxy Wars

Alan Bock
Parsing the President

Ilana Mercer
The International Highway to Hell

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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