Justin Raimondo: Iraq: An Exit Strategy
Left and Right vs. the PATRIOT Act: Bob Barr
Gunboat Democracy: Jude Wanniski
America's Fatal Embrace: Adam Shatz
Taiwan Roars: Joshua Samuel Brown

We thought, because we had power, we had wisdom.
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Updated March 30, 2005 - 11:05 PM EST
Syria: Troop Pullout to Precede Elections
Iraqis Angry at Parliament Stalemate
Wrangling May Delay Constitution and Next Vote
Pentagon: Iraq Insurgents Number 12,000-20,000
Powell: US Was 'Too Loud' Pushing Iraq War
US Prepares Classified Watch-List of 25 'Unstable' Countries
US Embrace Can Be Fatal to Arab Liberals  by Adam Shatz
Left and Right vs. the PATRIOT Act
Interview with Bob Barr by William Fisher
Taiwan Speaks Up, Damn the Torpedoes  by Joshua Samuel Brown
The War on Iraqi Christians
by Arnold Beichman
Gunboat Democracy  by Jude Wanniski
Media Woefully Deficient on Iraq
by Zaid al-Ali

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No Charges Against Annan in Oil-for-Food Probe
Western Aid Played Key Role in Kyrgyzstan 'Revolution'
Rice Alarms Reformist Arabs
Hamas Recruit Says He Was Trained in Syria
Lebanon's Prime Minister Steps Down, Again
In Lebanon, Fear and Hope
Parliament in Chaos as Iraqi Lawmakers Fail to Choose Speaker, Other Positions
Iraqi Govt in Chaos
Iraqi Govt: Two Months in and Still Foundering
Sunni Leader Withdraws From Iraqi Government
Bush Tells Iraqis Democracy Needs Compromise
Bush Plays Down Iraq Political Disputes
Iraqi Assembly Descends Into TV Farce
Rumsfeld Hopes Iraqis Will Sort Out Transition in 'Reasonable Time'
Attacks Continue
At Least 18 Wounded in Car Bombing in Iraq's Kirkuk, Official Targeted
Internet Video Shows Killings of Drivers
Hostage Crises
Missing Journalists Could Test Romania's Iraq Resolve
Romanians Kidnapped in Iraq Sent Desperate Message
Romanian President Calls for Help to Find Journalists Abducted in Iraq
France Has 'Reassuring' News on Iraq Hostage - PM
The New Iraq
Kurds Fete Culture, Precarious Freedom
Iraq School Repairs Plagued by Corruption
Iraq Occupation
US Military Is Pressed to Probe Run-Ins Between Reporters and Troops in Iraq
US Forces Impose Curfew on Iraq's Western Restive City
US Soldier Is Killed in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
British Labor MPs to Stand on Antiwar Ticket in Snub to Blair
Romanians Want Soldiers Withdrawn From Iraq
In Australia, More Want Troops Out of Iraq
Al-Qaeda Funding the Return of the Taliban, Top US Commander Says
Laura Bush Takes Quick Trip to Afghanistan
Four Tried in Paris on Role in Afghan Chief's Death
Attackers Injure Eight in Afghanistan Ambush
Four Injured by Kabul Road Bomb
Gitmo-Freed Pakistanis Jailed at Home
Pakistan Says F-16s Won't Hurt Peace With India
India Approves $768.5 Mln Defense Spending
Indian Army Officer Faces Probe Over Posing as Rebel Leader
Soldiers Killed in Kashmir Attack
China Backs Nepal King Against Maoists
Nepal Arrests More Protesters in Capital
Nepal Journalists Urge Free Press
North Korea
US Official: North Korea Must Show It's Serious About Six-Party Talks
North Korea Puts Restrictions on Aid Workers
China & Her Neighbors
China Military Expansion Worries US Admiral
Defense Report Warns of China Targeting Taiwan
Japanese Government-Backed Study Frets About Chinese Military Buildup
US Extends Waiver of Missile Proliferation Sanctions on China
Oil, Gas Bounty in Disputed Sea Area Not a Given
Grenade Attack on Tigers' Office
US Navy Warship Visits Vietnam
Bhutan's King Brings in Party Democracy
Mongolians Get Revolution Fever?
Donors Pledge $40m for Khmer Rouge Trials
Russia & Her Neighbors
Hundreds Protest Against Kremlin-Backed Ingush President
Revolution Echoes Around Russia
Ex-Yukos Chief Facing Possible 10 Years in Jail
Yukos 'Sued by Its Former Unit'
Turkey to Sign EU Trade Protocol That Includes Cyprus
Greek, Turkish Ministers Call for Resumption of Cyprus Peace Talks
Daily Violence in Kosovo Rattles UN
Czech PM on Brink of Losing Parliamentary Majority
Divisions Leave French Socialist Leader Under Fire
UK 'Overseer' Sacks Top Bosnian Croat
Wolfowitz to Meet EU Officials Wednesday
Yushchenko Plans Constitution Reform
US Tries to Break Deadlock Over OSCE
Latin Leaders Try to Defuse Tensions
Chávez to Woo Foreign Allies at Summit
Chávez Arms-Sale Spat Splits Spain
Akayev 'Prepared to Quit' as Kyrgyz Leader if Given Protections
What Blooms After Kyrgyzstan's Tulips?
Kyrgyz Assembly Resolves Deadlock
Ousted Kyrgyz President Defiant
Ousted Kyrgyz Leader Ignores Calls to Step Down
Troops in Kyrgyzstan Focus on Afghanistan
Moscow Grapples With Kyrgyz Uprising
Interim President Set to Launch Probe in Kyrgyzstan
Gitmo Justice
Judge Bars US From Sending 13 Detainees Abroad
Memo Shows Harsh US Inmate Interrogation Plans in Iraq
Interrogation Tactics Draw Fire
Pentagon Reacts to Prisoner-Abuse Concerns
Canadian Sues US Over Trip to Syria
Report Assails CIA for Failure on Iraq Weapons
Presidential Commission: Dissent on Intelligence Is Critical
Bush Approves Tough New 'Spy vs. Spy' Effort
US Military
US Scatters Bases to Control Eurasia
US Space Domination Plans Raise Concerns
'I Can't Go Back to Iraq'
Amputees Begin Returning to the Battlefield
US Seeks Battlefield Robot Medic
Medic Speaks at Soldier's Court-Martial
The War at Home
Bush Faces Decline in Approval Ratings
Poll: Iraq War Is Top Problem for Americans
Arkansas Arsenal Ready to Fire Up Furnaces to Destroy Chemical Weapons
US Says Rights Are Key to Relations
White House to Award First Medal of Honor for Service in Iraq
Bechtel Sees Record Revenue in 2004
War on Terror
Moderate Muslims Celebrate Public Rebuke of bin Laden
Norwegian 'Bush Assassins' Escape Jail Time
RFID Cards Get Spin Treatment
Govt Lab Cited for Slack Security of Dead Anthrax Spores
Tories Unveil 'Border Police' Plan
Annan and the UN
US Offers Cautious Support for Annan After Report
Investigators Trace 'Shady Network' of Annan's Son
Annan Got Son a Job in Oil-for-Food Scandal Firm
The Shreds of Evidence That Could Destroy UN Chief
Lebanon Intelligence Official Steps Aside
Hariri Bomb Theory in Doubt
Lebanese Show Defiant Unity in the Face of Violence
Centrifuges Being Sent to IAEA at Iran's Request, Says Kasuri
Pakistan Not to Allow Use of Its Territory Against Iran: FM
Woman MP Wants to Run for President in Iran
Sharon Clears Final Legislative Hurdle Threatening Gaza Pullout
Israeli Settlers Threaten Violent Resistance to Pullout
Settlers Vow Gaza Pullout Protest Will Continue
Gaza 'Still Closed' Despite Truce
Islamic Jihad Attends First PLO Executive Committee Meeting
Israel Says Palestinians Have Anti-Aircraft Missiles
Report: Israel Using Ambulances to Transport Troops
Middle East
White-Haired Activist Daring to Take on Egypt's Power Brokers
Democracy Still a Dream for Egypt's Islamist Movement
Deadly Clashes Flare Up in Yemen
Sudan to Prosecute 164 for Darfur
Sudan Entering New Age Under UN Colors?

British MPs Rap UN Over Darfur Death Toll

Mugabe Calls Zimbabwe Opposition Traitors
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Courting Old Allies
On Old Trade of Food for Votes, Tables Could Turn in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Poll Victor Will Face Economic Headache
Zimbabwe Poll Victory Unlikely to End Mugabe's Problems
Mugabe's Poll Campaign Really Is the Pits for the British PM
Zimbabwe Opposition Says Ruling Party Youths Kill Supporter

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