'Progressives' for Slavery: Kevin B. Zeese
More Empty Rhetoric for Vets: Ron Paul
Wartime Feel Returns to Lebanon: Marianne Stigset
The Teetering Empire: Scott Horton
The Bureaucratic Buffet: Ivan Eland

Society has arisen out of the works of peace; the essence of society is peacemaking. Peace and not war is the father of all things.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated April 5, 2005 - 10:41 PM EDT
Iraq Factions Agree Upon Government

A Larger Military, Even if It Means a Draft

Centrist Dems Push 'Muscular Internationalism'

Abu Ghraib Attack 'Highly Sophisticated'

Iraqi General Kidnapped in Baghdad
Four GIs Killed in Attacks Across Iraq
That Wartime Feel Returns to Lebanon
Iraqi Officials Say Insurgency Has Killed 6,000 Civilians
US and Iran Oppose Plan for Nuclear Moratorium
More Empty Rhetoric for Veterans
by Ron
Suspending Disbelief: Alias vs. the Real CIA by Mitra Ebadolahi
WMD Commission: Yet Another Intelligence Failure by Rahul Mahajan
The Teetering Empire by Scott Horton
'Progressives' for Slavery
by Kevin B. Zeese
Destiny Not in Iraqis' Hands
by Carolyn Eisenberg

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Bush: US to Bear Burden of Iraq Costs

Will New High-Tech Passports Put Americans at Risk Abroad?

Iraq Reality Show Features Captured Insurgents

Largest Anti-Terror Drill Underway in Conn., N.J.

US Envoy: Increasing Malnutrition of Iraqi Children Not Our Fault

Seven Die in Saudi Shoot-Out


Northern Iraq Pipeline Hit, Oil Exports at Standstill

Iraq Today

Kirkuk Oil Wealth Fuels Prosperity

Red Cross Saw Riot Denied by US

A Gentleman's Agreement in Iraq

Combat Forces in Northern Iraq Bristle at New Command's Focus on Rules

Second Attack on Iraq Prison in 48 Hours Wounds 5 Iraqis

Bomb Explodes Near Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq

Iraq Fallout

UK Troops Hope to Hand Over Control of Some Areas to Iraqis

RAF Man Faces Court Martial for Causing Fatal Crash in Iraq

Abu Ghraib Probe Suggests CIA Role in Iraqi Deaths


Israel Plans to Save Cash by Dumping Waste Near Nablus Water Supply

Islamic Jihad: Truce With Israel Ends if al-Aqsa Mosque Is Attacked

Abbas Moves to Disarm Militants

Hate Slogans Scrawled on Rabin's Grave

Shin Bet Foils Terror Attack on Museum Near Ramallah


Gaza Strip Settlers Seek to Be Moved as a Group

Sharon to Meet Settlers on Possible Relocation to Beachfront Land in Israel

Pullout Panel Hears Just Eight Claims by Settlers

Sharon Defies International Objections by Allowing 3,500 New Homes on West Bank

US Expresses Displeasure at Settlement Construction

PA Seeks a Stop to Israeli Settlement Expansion


Somali 'Government' a Growing Burden for Kenya

Ivorian Summit as War Fears Grow

Aid Workers Under Threat in Darfur

Glimmers of Defiance in a Wary Zimbabwe

Hotel Rwanda Touches Raw Nerve


Kyrgystan Parliament Promises to Protect Akayev, but Not His Assets

Fervor Dies Down in Bishkek

Akayev's Resignation Paves Way for New Elections


Moldova's Parliament Reelects Pro-Western Communist as President

Bush Outlines NATO Conditions for Ukraine

Bush Agrees to Help Ukraine Join WTO

Party Mood Could Swing Against Blair

Berlusconi Scorched by Regional Election Defeat

Death of the Pope

Did John Paul II Bring Down Communism?

In Poland, Pope Seen as 'Author of the Victory Over Communism'

In China, a Divided Church Cautiously Honors Pope's Memory

Funeral to Unite Bush, Blair, and Clinton – but Castro Will Stay Away

US Military

From Video War Games to Signing Up for Military?

Soldier Facing Trial in Death of Prisoner Wins Round

Army Already Redesigning Stryker Vehicle Over Safety Complaints

Military Spending in Nevada Up 35 Percent in Three Years

Soldier Killed in Iraq Gets Rare Medal of Honor

Kentucky Soldier Returns Home, Disappears


Gonzales to Defend PATRIOT Act Renewal

The Next Chapter in the PATRIOT Act

Middle East

UN Envoy Presses Lebanon on Hezbollah Disarmament

Lebanese Prices Go Up as Syrians Head Home


Zarqawi Driven by Emotion, Ex-Cellmates Say

State Dept Issues $5 Million Reward for Last Fugitive in 1993 WTC Bombing

South Asia

Karzai Slams Aid Corruption

Bombings Lead to Fear Unrest Is Spreading in Thailand

300 Arrested in Kashmir Before First Bus Runs

Pakistan to Buy Four Chinese Warships

East Asia

Chinese FM Reaffirms Support to Afghanistan

Battles Around New Asia Summit

Where Being a Christian Leads to Prison and Torture

North Korean Envoys in China for Nuclear Talks

China Web Opposition to Japan's UN Hopes Targets Beijing

Strange Cross-Taiwan Strait Bedfellows

Southeast Asia

Indonesia Restricts Foreign Aid Agencies

Cambodia Privatizes the Killing Fields

Indonesia and Australia Agree on Security Partnership

In Other News

Border Patrol Complains About Anti-Immigrant Activists

Chávez Wants 1.5 Million Army Reservists: 'Invaders Will Bite the Dust'

Scandal-Hit Annan Tries to Cool Staff Anger With a 'Pep Talk'


In Defense of John Paul II, Peacemaker

Another Commission Recommends Bureaucratic Buffet to Fix U.S. Intelligence

Getting Withdrawal Done

Carnival of the Absurd

Ilana Mercer
Second Thoughts, First Principles

Sascha Matuszak
Bumpin' It in China

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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