Yushchenko's Gambit: Justin Raimondo
About a Boy: Ilana Mercer
Cooler Heads Review PATRIOT Act: William Fisher
Drugs, Bases, and Jails: Tom Engelhardt
Have We Heard This Before?: John MacArthur

Every government has as much of a duty to avoid war as a ship's captain has to avoid a shipwreck.
Guy de Maupassant
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Updated April 6, 2005 - 11:23 PM EDT

Major Iraqi Parties Pick Prez and 2 VPs

FBI Wants More Search Power, Less Oversight

Afghanistan Likely to Have Permanent US Military

US Copter Crash in Afghanistan Kills 16

Bush Accepts Ukraine's Iraq Withdrawal

Lebanese Grow Fearful as Bombings Persist
US Moves to Create a Beachhead in Space
Drugs, Bases, and Jails: The Afghan Spring by Tom Engelhardt
Warped Advice Blights American Intervention by Anatol Lieven
The Limitations of a Dialogue of Civilizations by Sarah Eltantawi
Prisoners in Their Own Fortresses
by Robert Fisk
Why Bush Looks So Relieved
by John Prados
Hypocrisy and Human Rights
by James J. Zogby

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Cooler Heads Review PATRIOT Act in Congress

US Raises Stakes for Europe on China Arms Ban

UN to Decide Fate of Nuclear Chief Opposed by US

Iraqi General Kidnapped in Baghdad

Pentagon Found Too Slow on Anthrax Alarm

Iran Hopes for Nuclear Accord With West


Iraqi Factions Choose Kurd as
New President

Iraq Today

Baqubah's Destroyed Sanitation System Brings Disfiguring Parasite

Foreign Fighters Convicted of Opposing US in Iraq

Bush: Iraqis Join Fight Against 'al-Qaeda'

Iraq Expo in Jordan Attracts Large Crowds of Exhibitors and Participants

Red Cross Demands Iraq Prison Riot Inquiry

Iraqi Officials Say Insurgency Has Killed 6,000 Civilians

Iraq Resuming Oil Exports Through Turkish Port

Violence Continues

Four US Troops Die; Militants Behead Iraqi

US Troops Wound CBS Journalist in Iraq

US, Iraqi Troops Battle Dozens of Insurgents

Iraq Rebels Hit Back After US Offensive

Second Attack on Iraq Prison in 48 Hours Wounds 5 Iraqis

US Drones Crowd Iraq's Skies to Fight Insurgents

Iraqi Politics

'Sausage-Making' in Iraq

Iraqi Sunni Meeting Ends in Curses

After Nine Weeks of Wrangling, Iraq Has a New Government


Reports: Romanian Hostages in Iraq Freed

Romanian Hostage Release Denied

Romania Arrests Businessman Over Iraq Hostages

Iraqi Suspect Says US Troops Took Mother, Sister Hostage


Lawlessness Has Abbas Going After the Law

Abbas to Force 1,000 Security Officers Into Retirement

Palestinian Official Denies Qureia Sacking

Israeli Soldiers Beat and Arrest Palestinian Policemen in Hebron

Palestinians Decry Israeli Trash Dump Plan


Israeli Censorship Chief to Become Top Military Spokeswoman

Jerusalem Court Sentences Three Policemen for Abusing Palestinian Youths

Gunman Wounds Israeli Near Gaza Settlement

Israel: Hezbollah Reduces Pressure for Palestinian Terror Attacks


Gaza Settlers Reluctantly Meet With Sharon on Evacuation Order

Minority of Gaza Settlers Organizing Resistance

Israeli Settlers Look for Deal on Withdrawal

Sharon to Mull Increasing Settler Compensation

Bush Says He'll Pressure Israel to Halt Settlement Expansion


Hague Takes on Darfur War Crimes

Sudanese March Against UN War Crimes Resolution

Uganda to Deploy Troops in Southern Sudan

Sudan Reportedly Hindering Darfur Relief


Yushchenko Get a Hero's Welcome at the White House

UK Drops ID Card Plans

UK Muslims Feel Stigmatized by Iraq War

Attacks on New Bolshoi Opera Revive Russia's Memories of Stalinism

Mladic Whereabouts

Serbian Authorities 'Know Where Mladic Is Hiding'

Serbia Security Chief Hits Back at Mladic Claim

'Security' Strangles America

New US Passport Rules 'Threaten Business Relations'

Drop in US Student Visas by Foreigners

Tighter Security Planned for Canada and Mexico Borders

American Islamic Scholar's Trial a First Amendment Test

US Military

Protesters: Don't Use Space for War

UK Panel: US Troops Too Heavy-Handed

Convicted GI Haunted by Decision

US Army Wants More Humvees Sent to Iraq

Halliburton Resolves Iraq Billing Dispute

Hunting for Cannon Fodder

Talking Up Arms, Duping Kids

Recruiters Shift Focus to Parents

Army Recruiting Falls Short Again


Rice: US Cautious on Gitmo Prisoners' Release

Two Iraqis Charged in Sweden With Sending Money to Zarqawi

Judge Frees Four Over Madrid Bombing

New UK Special Forces Unit Will Spy on Terrorists

Middle East

Arab World Struggles to Find the Route From Tyranny to Democracy

Arab Report Sees Little Reform, Faults US Action

UN Report Urges Arab Governments to Share Power

Saudi Forces Kill Top Militant in Fierce Gunbattle

Algeria, Iran Agree on Military Cooperation

China, Turkey Discuss Military Cooperation


US Troops to Widen Afghan Anti-Poppy Farmer Role

Afghan Women Attack Troops for Taking Photographs


Kashmiris Defy Bombs, Ride Bus

Divided Kashmir Families Look to Big Day

Bus Link Between Indian and Pakistani Kashmir to Resume Amid Militant Threats


Guarding Pakistan's Nuclear Estate

Pakistan, China Sign Friendship Treaty

Rice Sees Big Change in Pakistan Under Musharraf

South Asia

Indians Greet US Declaration of Strategic Relationship With Cynicism

Tamil Tigers 'Attack Navy Boat'


Kyrgyzstan: What if They Had a Resignation and Nobody Came?

Japan Faces Storm Over 'Rewriting' War History

Chechnya Clashes Leave Several Dead

Vatican Mulls Cutting Ties With Taiwan

China Premier's Asia Tour to Highlight India Ties

Japanese Schoolbooks Anger S. Korea, China

Thai Militants Turning Tech Savvy

In Other News

9/11: Why the Buildings Fell Down

Report: Fireproofing Blown Off Twin Towers

Zimbabwean Police Arrest Election Protesters

Florida Couple Invokes Geneva Conventions to Save Grapefruit Tree From State

Soviet and German War Dead Found 60 Years After Battle


Yushchenko's Gambit

About a Boy

Another Commission Recommends Bureaucratic Buffet to Fix U.S. Intelligence

Getting Withdrawal Done

Nebojsa Malic
Carnival of the Absurd

Sascha Matuszak
Bumpin' It in China

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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