An Iraqi Potemkin Village: Justin Raimondo
Semper Fraud, Senator Roberts: Scott Ritter
Oil and the Coming War With Iran: Klare/Engelhardt
UN Security Council Expansion Thrown into Disarray – Again: Thalif Deen

No war is inevitable until it breaks out.
A. J. P. Taylor
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Updated April 13, 2005 - 11:04 PM EDT

Rumsfeld: No Exit Strategy for Iraq

Rumsfeld Warns Iraqi Govt Not to Purge US Allies

Negroponte: No More Deceptive Intel

Lebanon Govt Talks Fail, Pro-Syria PM Resigns

Sharon Dismisses Bush Warning on Settlements

Bolton 'Abused and Threatened His Staff'
Oil and the Coming War With Iran
by Michael T. Klare and Tom Engelhardt

Bush Will Eventually Have to Get Serious With Sharon
by Bronwen Maddox

Bush Is Right to Hold Sharon's Feet to the Fire by Shawn Macomber
Let Them Eat Bombs by Terry Jones
A Palestinian Prison State?
by Jeff Halper
On to Iran? by Carlton Meyer

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Secret Service Visits Art Show, Demands Names, Numbers of Artists

Chinese Govt Censors Anti-Japan Protests

UN Security Council Expansion Thrown into Disarray Again

Auditors Questioned $212.3 Million in Charges From KBR

In Mosul, a Battle 'Beyond Ruthless'

Italian Journalist: US Lied


Polish Forces Will Leave Iraq by
End of Year

Iraq Today

Absent Allawi May Be Biding His Time

Rumsfeld Warns Iraq Govt Against Cronyism

Rumsfeld in Baghdad

Birth of a Nation: Kurdistan

Iraq Attacks

20 Iraqis Killed in US Air Attack in Western Iraq

Three Killed, Over 20 Injured in Samarra Car Bombing

Suicide Bombing Kills 10 in Mosul

Iraqi Militants Ambush Interior Minister's Convoy


In Surprise Win, Fatah Beats Hamas at University Student Council Vote

Hamas Claims Woman Slaughtered in 'Honor Killing,' Not Political Hit

Qureia Blasts Bush Over Settlements Remark


Israel Eyes Egypt for Help in Arab World

Israel Plays Down Dispute With US

Protests Continue Over Gaza Withdrawal

Israel Has Few Assurances for Gaza Settlers

Israeli FM Presents Mubarak With Peace Plan

Pullout Opponents Chain Shut 167 Israeli Schools

Israeli Police Commisioner on 'Secret' Visit to Jordan Wednesday

Middle East

Lebanese Officials: Syria to Complete Pullout Within 10 Days

Most of Iran's Troops in Lebanon Are Out, Western Officials Say

Iran Denies Buying Missiles From Ukraine

Sharon: Iran Being Allowed to Continue Nuclear Program

Turkey Aims for Better US Ties


Three Halliburton Employees Missing After Afghan Crash

Soldier Killed, Contractor Missing After Crash

US Mercenaries Spill Blood Over Afghan Opium

Afghan City Mourns Its Lost Children, Looks Back to Taliban

Racy Afghan TV Show Hits a Raw Nerve


Russian Gas to Flow to Europe Via Baltic Sea

Putin May Return to Power in 2012


Zimbabwe Opposition Takes Seats in Parliament

$4.5 Billion in Aid Pledged for Postwar Efforts in Sudan

US to Promise $1.7 Billion Aid for Sudan

East Asia

Report: China Using Anti-Terror Laws to Crack Down on Muslims

China Rejects Rights Groups' Charge of Muslim Repression

Ready! Aim! Fire at Enemies of the State

War at Home

Seattle Group Urges High Schools to Ban Military Recruiters

Harvard Deans Vow to Stop Antiwar Protests

George Clooney: Proudly Antiwar

Antiwar Activists Promote Tax Resistance as Direct Protest

Massachusetts Town Passes Antiwar Resolution

US Military

More US Troops Questioning Iraq Duty

Troops Off to War Treat Pets Like Iraqis

Introducing the 'Matrix' Laptop-Triggered Landmine

United States

Australian Man Seized at US Capitol to Be Deported

Clique and Dagger: Spy High Gets a New Principal

The Clandestine Chef

Homeland Security Spending Sparks Pork Squabbles

Bolton Hearings

Bolton Denies Pressuring Officials

US Senators Grill Bolton Over Taiwan

United Nations Spats

Japan and India Face New Hurdle in UN Fight

China Threatens Japan's UN Hopes

Chinese Premier Calls Tokyo Unfit for New Role on Security Council

Pakistan, Italy, Others Lobby Against More Permanent UN Seats


Three Britons Face US Charges of Plotting Terror Attacks

Cuban Exile Accused of Terrorist Acts Seeks Political Asylum in US

Wife Held for Falsely Accusing Husband of Terrorist Ties

European Union

Fears Grow That Dutch Voters Will Turn Down EU Treaty

Blair to Fight for 'Yes' Vote on EU

Chirac Toils to Stem Tide of 'No' Voters in EU Constitution Poll


Arrest Sharpens Ukraine Political Divide

NATO Commander Proposes Streamlining of Kosovo Force

UK: Muslim Protestors Pelt Pro-War MP With Eggs


'Talibanization' Fears in Pakistan

China Defends Nuclear Cooperation With Pakistan

US Consulate in Karachi Closed After Threat

Nuclear Scandal Threatens US-Pakistan Alliance

100 Opposition Activists Arrested in Lahore

Central Asia

The Next Act in Central Asia's Transition Drama

US to Build Bridge Between Afghanistan and Tajikistan

Southeast Asia

The Philippines' Nasty Little War

Philippine Diplomat Protests US Comments


An Iraqi Potemkin Village

Coexisting with a Rising China?

Laowai and Zibenren

Is Iran Next?

Nebojsa Malic
Reality Bites

Ilana Mercer
About a Boy

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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