Cashing in on the Bush Doctrine: Justin Raimondo
Who's the Real WMD Threat? Heather Wokusch
Paying the Price for Getting It Right: Ray McGovern
Support the Troops, Not Their Actions: Joshua Frank
Ukraine? What About UK Democracy? Rod Liddle

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Updated April 15, 2005 - 11:27 PM EDT

Rice: US May Ask UN to Stop Iran 'Nukes'

Compromise Candidate Named Lebanon PM
Iraq Rebels Threaten to Kill 60 Shi'ite Hostages

Rumsfeld Assured US Will Keep Kyrgyz Base

Gonzales: CIA Leak Probe Moving Forward
Though Toll Slows, US Deaths Go On

Intel Panel Approves Negroponte

Members of Congress Address Terrorists – Near White House

Support the Troops, Oppose Their Actions  by Joshua Frank
Forget Ukraine What About British Democracy?  by Rod Liddle
Wanted: Complete Jerk for UN Ambassador  by Jason Vest
Who's the Real WMD Threat?
by Heather Wokusch
Greetings From Mexistan
by Harold Meyerson
Red-State Rebellion
by Karyn Strickler

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Oil-For-Food Scandal Broadens With New Charges

Amid the Rubble of Fallujah: Iraqis Want Compensation, Military Out

Outgoing World Bank President to Be Mideast Envoy

US Lawmakers Condemn EU Arms Sales to China

EU Parliament Against Lifting China Arms Embargo

Bolton Faces New Allegations That He Tried to Fire Analysts


31 Killed in Iraq Car Bombings, Attacks

Violence Rages in Iraq

Fierce Clashes Erupt in Iraq

Car Bombings Kill at Least 18 in Baghdad

Iraq's Northern Capital Stalked by Suicide Bombers

Iraq Today

Iraqis Find Graves Thought to Hold Hussein's Victims

Iraqis, Lives Ruined by Cooperation With US, Must Stay and Be Part of Bush's Experiment

Insurgents Seek Political Role in Iraq

Italy, US Disagree Over Agent Shooting

Palestinian Politics

Hamas Poll Plan to Defeat Abbas

Abbas Orders Consolidation of Palestinian Security Services

Fatah Considers Delaying Legislative Elections

Hamas Leader: You Can't Get Rid of Us


Stock Exchange Thrives in Nablus

Six Israeli Troops, Six Palestinians Wounded in Riot Near Bethlehem

Arab Slain by Israeli Troops; Abbas Calls It Truce Violation

Strife Spurs Slow Exodus of West Bank Christians

Texans Convicted of Doing Business With Hamas


Settlers in Gaza Prepare for Last Stand

Hopes Rise for Settlers' Relocation

Israeli Army to Disarm Settlers Prior to Pullout


Israeli Army Will Take No Action Over Shooting of UK Journalist

Israeli Troops Shoot Militant in West Bank Raid

Hardliners Lose Trust in Sharon After Bush Talk

Middle East

EU Prepares to Send Election Monitors to Lebanon

Lebanon's Pro-Syrian Coalition in Disarray

US Doubts Iranian Nukes Are Imminent

US Sets Deadline for EU-Iran Nuclear Talks

Arab League Says Israel Ignored Bush on Settlements

Algeria Sends Conflicting Signals on Desire to Reform


Journalists Acquitted in Zimbabwe

Amnesty: Equatoguinean Coup Plotters Starving in Jail

Zoellick Signals US Policy Shift on Darfur


In Mexico, Mixed Signals on Presidential Candidate's Future

UN Peacekeeper From Philippines Killed in Haiti

Cuban Terror Suspect Sets Off Propaganda Battle

Venezuela: Citizen Reserves to Defend Against 'External Aggression'

UN: Human Rights Violations on Rise in Colombia

Colombia Poses Dilemma for US War on Terrorism

US/War at Home

NY Police Caught Doctoring Video of RNC Arrests

Guardsmen Lose Government Jobs While in Iraq

Bush Questions New Passport Rules

Commission Criticizes FBI, CIA Restructuring Plans

US Military

FBI: Muslim GI Wrote in Journal of Killing Comrades

USAF Jet Used for Ecstasy Shipping

Marine Seeks Swift Court-Martial on Murder Charge

Pentagon Faulted for Shortage of Critical War Supplies


DHS Arrests 57 Illegal Workers, Waves Terrorist Bogeyman

Special Guard Units Prepare for Domestic Terrorism

United Kingdom

More Backing for British Antiwar Mother

Al-Qaeda Household Poisons Sow Panic, Not Death

UK Poison Plot Turns Into Political Blame Game

UK Error Denies Thousands of Troops the Vote

Oil-for-Food Scandal

US Tycoon in Oil-for-Food Scandal

Briton Indicted by US Investigators Over Oil-for-Food Scandal

'Koreagate' Figure Tied to Oil-For-Food Scandal

Annan: US, UK Allowed Iraq Oil Smuggling to Reward Allies

United Nations

UN Approves Terrorism Treaty

UN Rights Body Keeps Pressure on Cuba

Argentina Opposes Brazil UN Security Council Seat Bid

China Backs Germany for Seat at UN Security Council

East Asia

North Korea's Booming Border Trade

North Korea Warns US Against Continuing Hostile Policy

China, Japan 'Tense Again' Over Drilling Rights

Koizumi Calls for Dialogue on Oil Dispute

Tokyo Calls for Security for Citizens in China

China Pushing and Scripting Japan Protests

Chinese Nationalism: Protests Carry a Risk

Students Translate Nuke Survivor Anthology Into English

South Asia

Nepal Army: 64 Maoists Killed in Gunbattles

Nepalese King Pledges Civic Elections in 2006

India, US Sign Open Skies Agreement

Musharraf: South Asia Peace 'Fairly Irreversible'


Asian Economic Ties Likely to Weather Political Strains

Indonesian Army to Up Aceh Troops


Referendums That Threaten to Undermine European Unity

Interpol Suspends Warrant for Ukrainian PM

Russian Lawmakers Seek to Honor Stalin


Cashing in on the Bush Doctrine

Bargains, Rumors, and Lies

Coexisting with a Rising China?

Laowai and Zibenren

Alan Bock
Is Iran Next?

Ilana Mercer
About a Boy

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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